Written by Matty1111

12 Jul 2013

I met molly at a bar. I was 52 and she was 23. Molly is 175cm, brunette with a hot body and stunning face. As we chatted she hit the wine pretty hard and after a few hours I suggested we go somewhere else. As we got in the car we kissed, her head dropping a little as our tongues lashed. Molly was abandoned by her parents and from what I was about to find out she wanted to be loved and she loved older men, she needed a Daddy.

As i kissed her neck sending tingles down her spine I slid a hand under her dress and to my surprise she had no panties on. She spread her legs as I slid a finger inside and she exploded with desire wanting more. We hopped into the back of the car and I slid her dress down to reveal some wonderful suculent pert young breasts. As I sucked her erect nipples she moaned. We kissed again as i fingered her tight little young cunt, her juices flowing freely now. Molly whispered to me "Daddy fuck me and control me" so I did. She spread her legs as I licked her soft smooth thighs rolling my tongue over her smooth bald cunt but not stopping, teasing her. Then my tongue stopped on her now throbbing little clit, fingers delving she writhed and moaned to her first orgasm as my mouth sucked her cunt she came all over my face.

I turned her over as she loved being fucked from behind so I did, my cock throbbing I slid my cock deep inside her from behind as she rolled her hot body into a ball scratching at the car as I pumper her hard and fast. She orgasmed a second time. I rolled over and demanded she suck my cock hard. She had certainly done that to someone before as her technique was amazing sucking my cock as her hands jerked me. As she did this I slid my hand down and started to finger her and she reacted by moaning loud as she sucked me off. I kept asking her if she loved daddy's cock and she moaned and gagged a yes out. I decided to go for it and slid a finger in her butt, she moaned more as I pumped her tight little cunt and her butt hole with the same hand. As she sucked me she came again.

She then placed her head between the front seats and i slid my cock in her again from behind and we fucked for ages my cock slamming inside her as she squealed loving every pump. I fingered her butt as I fucked her but this time I had two fingers in her butt as she moaned that she loved anal. As she moaned "daddy" I released my load deep inside her as I slumped over her hot little bald body.

I cant wait for the next meet and greet, anal is certainly on the order and it looks like Molly finally got her Daddy to love her.