15 Jan 2018

Well after taking a break from playing for 2 years em decided she was ready to start having some fun again and after a few drinks last sunday out of nowhere asks so reckon u could find someone to give me a massage.now its 930pm on a sunday where could i find someone at such short notice whos local enough to come over asap.i had been chatting to a guy off here for a little while and already had his number so fling him a text asking if he could pop over to massage the wife maybe a little play but not sure if she wants full sex,his reply was hell yes be there in 30.em asks whats he like n age and when i tell her his 25 she starts to q whether a guy that young would really find her sexy and with my reply of well his seen your pics and thinks your hot was enough for her to finish her drink and go find something sexy to wear for her massage meanwhile i grab some towels and oil pillows so at least things are ready if he turns up.right on time i get a text saying out front so i walk out and say hi come meet the wife.wow ems jaw hits the floor when she sees her young playmate for the night think i better have a strong drink is all she can say after a quick chat and a drink he takes her inside and lays her down takes off his shirt and shorts and when she sees his body shes gone from hot to holy fuck look at that body smooth all over 6 pack and 1 very nice size cock he starts to give her a nice slow body rub slowly working his way over her body.em by now is letting out small moans and is enjoying the massage she parts her legs and i now know hes slowly rubbing her through her knickers ber bum lifts into the air allowing better access for him well so much for just a massage i think knowing full well shes so worked up n horney he turns her over and she sees his body in the light and bites her bottom lip gives me a look of holy crap his hot as and proceseds to play with his body rubbinhg her hands over his smooth upper body.they kiss for the first time looking into each others eyes its so hot to watch my cock is bursting at the seams she slowly takes his nice 7" cock into her mouth and for the next 2 hours this hunk of a guy makes love to my wife making her cum over n over each time getting stronger with each one untill he can take no more and cums.the lust in her eyes is something i have not seen for a few years and over the next week we have sex more then ever.we meet up again friday night for more fun with him driving her crazy that all she can now think about is that body n cock of his cheers for reading first story ive ever written