Written by Meganfrank

4 Jan 2017

You enter my massage room in your white towelling robe and the black panties you have left on, the room is dimly lit by several aromatic candles, it is warm, and gentle music is playing subtly in the background, you let the robe fall off you just as I enter the room, I approach you taking the robe gently from your grasp and we kiss softly and briefly on the lips. I ask you to lie face down on the table. You choose lavender oil.

I scoop a generous amount of warmed oil into my right hand my left stays gently placed in the small of your back, at no stage during this experience will both of my hands leave your beautiful body, I will always be connected to you. From the small of your back using both hands I slide up the length of your spine to the nape of your neck, you exhale in pleasure as I repeat the action increasing slightly in pressure with every revolution, I start to include the top of your shoulders and shoulder blades. I move onto both your arms and hands, sliding the whole length of them, I massage each of your fingers gripping them individually, several times the back of your arm brushes accidentally against the small white towel the only thing covering me.

I move around to the end of the table where your feet lie, holding each ankle I part your legs placing your feet to the opposing edges of the table. Reaching up over the top of your legs I hold the sides of your panties and slowly peel them down, you lift your hips slightly to assist me, as they roll themselves inside out I notice a tiny moist patch in them, just as I receive the slightest aroma of your wetness. I slide them down to your ankles and with the slightest of kicks you flick them off where they fall to the ground.

Starting with each of your feet including all your cute little toes I continue caressing you with the oil, working gradually through your calves and hamstrings, then with my left and right hands on each of your legs I slide up from your ankles right through to your beautiful bottom, I let my thumbs slide onto the inside of your thighs and when at the top they enter the depth darkness and warmth

of your buttocks they just brush your moist lips ever so slightly, you moan softly and you move your hips as if trying to prevent my hands from leaving you. I repeat this action many times sliding into your buttocks and brushing you a little more intensely with each action eventually stopping with my hands on your hips, where, when I ask you softly to turn over onto your back for me, they are ready to assist you.

Now lying on your back, as I walk down to the other end of the table I let just one finger slide all the way from one shoulder down over your left breast, along your stomach then down the whole length of your leg to your left ankle, grasping your right ankle as well I repeat the process of opening your legs very slightly. I get more oil and spend several minutes massaging the whole length of your legs including the tops of your feet, when massaging upwards towards your bush I repeat the action of using both thumbs on the inside of your thighs each time I brush your pussy you seem to react a little more and I notice it starting to open, your bush glistens with the oil. I move to the centre of the table on your right side and after getting more oil start touching your stomach area, massaging in ever increasing circles until it is taking in both breasts and your shiny pubic hair which I notice appears to have been neatly trimmed.

I start to pay more attention to your breasts and your nipples are stiffened and shine beautifully in the candlelight. I pay one last visit to your ankles and lift them as I ask you to bend your knees and open your legs, I immediately notice your pussy’s openness and wetness, I inhale the same aroma as earlier but far stronger, I feel myself harden.

I return to the centre left hand side of the table bringing more oil with me in my right palm I pour it all into your belly button it spills out so I quickly put both hands to work my left pushing oil to your breasts and the right down past your pussy to your upper inner thighs and that fantastic part of any woman where it curves into the bottom cheeks towards the anal area. Heavenly.

I use both hands solely on your breasts now, kneading them rubbing over your nipples, I grip both your nipples in my fingertips so I can lift the weight of your breasts, I roll them between the tip of my finger and thumb. Leaving my left hand playing with your tits, I move my right hand down to your inner thighs cupping my hand through your thigh over your ass and upwards back over your vagina I repeat this many times, I leave your breasts and continue with both hands through your thighs over your ass, pausing occasionally to use a finger around its rim. Sensing that my arms are no longer a barrier you reach out to try and get at my cock but I back away stating “that’s for another day, today’s just about you” you seem to accept that and go back to enjoying my hands.

I stop circling with my left hand and place it statically on your bush placing some firm pressure downwards and upwards at the same time this lifts your pussy up and out a little as I drag three fingers slowly up through your wetness from lower down, you gasp in the pleasure of it as the central fingertip travels right over your clitoris. You are soaking wet and it has an amazing thickness to it the aroma of it now competing with the lavender. Again I repeat this movement many times.

Adjusting my left hand slightly downwards but still exerting the same pressure your clitoris exposes itself beautifully pink and swollen, I circle over it quite firmly with the tip of my index finger just as I slide two fingers from my other hand into you. Moans of delight come from you as I start to fuck you with my fingers, all the time sliding over your clit with my left hand finger, I increase the intensity and you start lifting your hips more and more to match the action of my pumping fingers, I notice your decolletage reddening so I know you are close, your breathing has become heavier, my fingers continue to fuck your pussy and stroke your clit then suddenly in an instant like you have been shot, your back arches upwards, as does your head and neck, your breathing stops and you cry “FUCK” “FUCK” “FUCK” as you cum. I stop my fingers from thrusting but leave them in as you release and arch your back several times, I feel your “pulsing” on my fingers your pussy gripping then releasing on them, slowly it disappears, you breathe deeply but slower as I remove my fingers. Slowly you gradually start to settle I rub both my hands gently and lightly over your stomach and breasts, I retreat to a corner of the room as you gather yourself after a few minutes I reach over to the console behind me and get a crisp clean white towel and proceed to towel down the front of your body. I place it over the length of you then bend over and kiss you gently and briefly as I had at the beginning.

You say “thank you” and I reply with “that’s ok, the pleasure was all mine.” I turn and leave the room.