Written by theGangbangGuy

15 Aug 2012

I turned and grinned at Lucy, knowing exactly what she was thinking underneath those sexy white-rimmed sunglasses she had purchased from the store earlier as we stopped for supplies. The dark tinted lenses, which had concealed her eyes as she tried them on within the shops semi-lit confines, now seemed a little less tinted ..... and her gaze was obvious.

Not to mention the infectious smile that began to creep over her face, and seemed to radiate in unison with the glorious sunshine spilling down from above. Oh, I had seen that look before. And I knew her answer would be yes.

The guy standing beside me had been in disbelief since we had come over the top of the sand-dunes, stopping in his tracks as we first caught sight of Lucy, on her knees beside the van performing oral sex on two of his mates for all the world to see. At first glance it was obvious what was happening .......... and I was certainly expecting something of the likes .......... however for this guy the reality of the situation took a few minutes to soak in. But it didn't take long.

Her lips still brushing against the tip of one of the guys, all eyes were on Lucy as she broke the silence that had filled the air for all of three seconds, looking up with that sensual smile and softly declaring,

"Yes ......... I want u all to fuck me."

I watched, her lips moving like in slow motion as she took the surfer in her mouth deeply once again, her long blonde hair falling over his stomach as his hardness disappeared inch by inch down her throat. Slowly and deliberately she engulfed him, as if to demonstrate her uncanny felatio abilties ...... and further emphasise her declaration to these guys we had only met less than an hour before.

And within moments, what began as a simple surfing trip down the coast had suddenly become something a little more special. And that something special was called Lucy.

I could feel myself growing hard instantly, just watching her give this guy a truly spectauclar blowjob, and gradually, one by one, each of the guys moved closer to her and began to caress her already naked body. The sight of all those hands, all over her, exploring her sexuality, only helped to consolidate my arousal at the situation ......... and suddenly, wearing my boardshorts became an option that seemed far too impracticle.

Standing there in the carpark, right out in the open with the warm sun beating down, I began to masturbate, watching as Lucy turned to one of the other guys, sinking to her knees slowly and taking him eagerly in her mouth. Completely naked, and completely hard, I stood mesmorized as she serviced him, my senses re-living the feel of her soft, wet lips sliding along my own length as they had done only hours before.

And then she was inhaling one of the other guys, her hand reaching up and gripping one of the available cocks being offered to her, stroking him furiously while she continued to give head. Through the tint on her sunglasses I could just make out her eyes, looking up at the guys momentarily before glancing over at me ....... and as her eyes locked with mine, I could tell right away she was soaking wet already.

A day out with Lucy is always fun, and sometimes fun can be found in the most unexpected places. As we had driven down the coast earlier in the day, the thought of her getting gangbanged by a bunch of surfers was quite possibly the furthest thing from my mind ....... but then again, the suggestion of this kind of behaviour is never submerged too far from the surface of my phsyche. Lets just say, I'm usually very open to suggestion.

And as we turned into the secluded carpark just over an hour before, pulling in next to the combi-van parked overlooking the shore, something told me that today was going to be a fun day .......... for everyone involved. The events to follow would be a mystery, but knowing Lucy, every mystery was guaranteed to culminate in a very happy ending.

I stood there in the sunlight masturbating, the hot bituman beneath my bare feet and watched as Lucy stood up grinning, surrounded by these guys with their hands still all over her naked body. She kissed one of the guys passionately, her tongue embracing his, her arms carelessly draped across his shoulders, and with her lips still pressed against his, the sound of her voice pulled me back from a near dream state,

"Fuck me ...... please."

The site of her climbing into the back of the combi-van forged a mental image that will forever adorn my memories. The blonde hair falling across her tanned skin, the glimpse of her sweet vagina as she crawled in like a sultry feline on her hands and knees. It was moments like these that always managed to leave me smiling for days afterwards.

On her back now, legs spread wide, the sound of her moaning softly as the first guy entered her was seemingly amplified by the vans hollow interior. Flashbacks of the feeling of her soaking wetness swept over me as I stood there listening, a sensory overload overcoming me and swallowing my erection at the exact same moment this guy slowly slid his hardness inside her. Oh yes, I could just imagine how hot she felt. I could close my eyes and just imagine it.

The sound of the van, with it's rusty old springs squeeking under the thrusts of the guy that was inside her played like a soundtrack within my head, and time just seemed to stand still ...... the mere fact we were in a public carpark, in full view, and anyone could drive in at any given moment just didn't seem to be of importance. The instinct was a given, and standing there with an erection, five other guys gathered at the back of the van watching this guy fuck Lucy, I masturbated openly to the sights and sounds of her promiscuity.

And then a second guy was inside her, filling her vagina only seconds after the first guy had slowly slid his glistening cock from within her hot, wet depths. The sound of his bare skin slapping against hers as he pounded her hard and fast. The springs on the van, squeeking to a much faster rhythm as he continued to fuck her just the way I know she likes it.

And as if from another room, I hear her voice again,

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard ....... yes ........ YES!"

The next hour slowly blended into two. And a few esky runs had left me feeling slightly tipsy, the guys no doubt plying me with more beer to ensure Lucy stayed around as long as possible.

I watched her in the back of the combi-van, the guys taking turns having sex with her in all kinds of positions, and sipped on the beer that they kept giving me. I savoured the taste, drinking slowly and grinning to myself as I listened, the sound of her lovemaking echoing out across across the vacant carpark and onto the beach down below. The whole scenerio just had me smiling ....... and I could have quite happily stayed all day long.

One by one Lucy slowly drained each guy of his testosterone. Her legs wrapping tightly round each of the surfers, as they exploded deep inside her soaking wet vagina. And as is her nature, with each guy she would let them love her passionately, her tongue embracing theirs as they ejaculate uncontrollably inside her, urging them to stay inside her until every last drop has been spilled.

And one by one the guys began heading back down to the beach to collect all of their things, each wearing that same grin I had been wearing all day long, and each of them with a new-found appreciation of a girl they know as Lucy Ryder. As the last guy finally came to orgasm, his seed disappearing forever inside her after a long fifteen minutes of passionate love-making, I began placing our things back into the car, smiling at Lucy as she climbed out of the combi-van looking completely bedragelled.

Her hair was messed up, she was still completely naked ...... except for her sunnies. And her grin was by far the biggest. There were a lot of happy campers that day, but Lucy was arguably the happiest.

As she walked over to our car, I opened up the passenger door, my hand on her bare shoulder briefly as I kissed her lips softly, telling her how sexy she looks and whispering gently in her ear,

"Mmmmm I can't wait to get you home baby."

Closing the door after her, I climbed in the driver's side and started the car's engine, my hand briefly drifting over and squeezing hers, her eyes looking up deep into mine, and the pair of us grinning from ear to ear.

And as we drove home with the sun slowly setting in the rear-view mirrors, my thoughts turned to that moment as we pulled into the carpark, and that feeling that today was going to be a fun day ...... for everyone involved. And glancing over at her in the passenger seat as she searched for tunes on the car stereo, I smiled to myself and thought,

"Damn ....... a day out with Lucy is ALWAYS fun."