Written by jodiodi

23 Jun 2012

Sam and I went to play football with some people from work one Saturday. There was a lot of drinking going on and as the day went on most of the wives/girlfriends became bored and decided to leave and go home but Sam stayed behind to drink some more with the guys and I and we all got to flirting with each other. This didn’t surprise me as she can be quite party girl. Anyway she decided to make a bet that she could kick the ball farther than each of the guys and that for every guy that beat her distance could feel her up. After checking with me that it was ok to be making this bet with my wife, the guys eagerly took up the challenge.

As it turns out they all kicked longer than her. She’s not a bad kick, but really she knew that she was going to lose, many times over. Each guy, after they took their kick, turned around with a massive grin and walked towards her and started to run their hands all over her body, over her curves, slowing down at her tits and one guy stopping all together when his hand was between her legs. I’m sure he would have felt dampness because i know her cunt would have been so wet. The look on her face told me she was enjoying every minute of it so i wasn’t surprised when she said that it would be easier for everyone and more enjoyable if they took off her clothes for her. Once again, after checking that this was ok with me they very quickly stripped her down naked and continued to run their hands over her with some slipping their fingers in her cunt and ass. I could hear her gasps and moans as this happened.

It didn’t take long before the guys guided her down and laid her on the ground in the middle of the oval. Two guys sat either side of her hips and started fucking her cunt with their fingers. Each guy had fingers from one hand in her cunt and a few fingers of the other hand in her ass. Another two guys were either side of her tits playing with them, pulling and sucking on her nipples while she was pulling their cocks and another guy was fucking her mouth.

There were about 20 guys there, so the other 15 were standing around her making a circle, watching the guys other guys finger fucking her and filling her hands up with cocks but it wasn’t too long before watching got all too much for one guy and he knelt down and pulled out his huge hard cock, opened her legs wide and fucked her deep and fast swapping from her cunt to her ass but he didn’t last long, he very quickly filled her cunt up with his cum. Sam was begging for more cock so his cock was quickly replaced by another but he also very quickly shot his cum inside her. As he was pulling his cock out of her cunt, I could see the cum dripping out of her and onto the grass beneath her. Anyway, someone got impatient at this point and sat down on the ground next to Sam and then picked her up and sat her down on his lap, gliding his very hard, throbbing cock into her ass. Another eager cock was then replaced in her cunt. Sam laid back on the guy underneath her and with cum dripping from her cunt from the previous guys, opened her legs wider and eagerly accepted the hard, fast and deep double fucking.

It didn’t take Sam long to cum herself from this fucking, and it must have been quite a thing to watch because the guys that were at her tits and the one fucking her mouth, they almost came simultaneously. The 3 of them shot their load of cum onto her face and tits and just after her ass and cunt was being filled again. The remaining guys turned Sam over and had her on all fours and some fucked her ass and cunt, 2 guys even had their cocks inside her cum soaked cunt at once, but cocks were rotated until each guy had fucked her ass and cunt or mouth and cum on her or in her at least once.

When they were all done, they guys all thanked Sam and left. We didn’t find her clothes so i wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the car and took her home. When we got in the house i saw that she was just covered in cum, like head to toe, cum stains across her face and body, covered in cum. It was such a turn on, my cock was hard again in an instance. Sam knew this so she let the blanket fall completely to the floor and stood with her legs apart so i could see the cum running from her cunt, down the insides of her thighs and i could see that her cunt was open and red from so many cocks fucking her. Her ass was the same. She could see that my cock was hard in my pants so she came over to me, took my pants off and took my cock in her mouth. She was sucking so hard and taking my cock deep in her throat, she wanted it so badly but all i wanted was to ram my cock in her cunt before all that cum dripped out so i laid down on the floor and had Sam straddle me. It wasn’t long before we both came, her cum mixed with mine and all the other guys dripped out of her cunt onto my still hard cock as she hovered over me. Like the good cum slut she is, licked every last drop of it from my cock.