Written by Udous

3 May 2013

My wife didn’t know when I asked her to pose with the local native youths that I had set up an afternoon of entertainment and pleasure for her. Innocently she lay face down on the ground posing in front of the youths who at that time still had their shorts covering their nakedness.

As she lay there in all her innocence I told her to lean up on her elbows and look straight ahead and not look around but to just focus on the scenic views of the surrounding forest while I got the three native boys to stand besides Brenda my wife

When Brenda tried to turn to look at the boys I told to hold that pose as I didn’t t want anyone to move to spoil the shot and when I did I nodded to the boys and they returned my acknowledgement with a smile.

That was the agreed signal and Sarba, Andrew and Alba all loosened their shorts and silently slid them down to their knees it was then even I got a shock for I had never seen exactly how large native West African cocks grew even if two of the boys were only teenagers and half erect they were impressive to say he least, with Sarbas being the slimmest cock and at least 14” long and fully erect

Brenda must have noticed the look of surprise on my face as I stared at the boy’s pricks and suddenly turned her head around to see what I was looking at.

“Oh my gosh” she screamed out at the top of her voice and I though I had ruined it that is until I saw the look of lust in her eyes.

“My god will you look at the size of them” she sounded delighted and I knew I would have no trouble convincing her to try them out so to speak

“Well sweetheart what do you think---would you like to try them out”

“Oh darling cans I, can I really---ah---you wouldn’t mind would you”

“Defiantly sweetheart do you want to spend time with them by yourself or would you like me to stay and be your interpreter, after all sweetheart you don’t know their language and you mightn’t know what they want to do although looking at their monster erections it is obvious what they are thinking, I’m sure words are not required for what they have in mind, so how do you feel being left alone with them if I leave now”

As I kept watching Brenda’s reactions I was amazed by the look of lust growing even more in her eyes eyeing the youth’s cocks just inches away

“Well darling what’s it to be should we go or would you like to stay with them for a while? After all is said and done they are still wild native boys even if they are missionary trained.

Brenda’s eyes darted between ogling the boy’s stiff cocks and me, a sort of pleading desire shone in her stare

“Well sweetheart if you would really like to stay with the boys I may as well duck into the village to get some supplies for the week” I said at the same time winking at the boys that it was ok!

Even though the boys could speak perfectly good English, which incidentally Brenda was not aware of; I spoke with them in their native tongue telling them it was alright if they wanted to take Brenda into the bush to show her the view by the lake, but defiantly not to hurt her in any way.

With broad grins that highlighted the brilliant whiteness of their teeth they thanked me for letting them borrow my wife and then Sarba leaned down and took Brenda’s hand hoisting her to her feet and the three boys with Brenda in tow headed off along the bush track that led to the shores of the lake about 400 metres away.

I told my wife that it was alright to go with the lads for they wanted to show her the beauty spot down by the lake that had magnificent views of the distant snow topped mountains and the lush green meadows surrounding the lake that I was sure she would love to see.

Deep down in my heart I knew that Brenda was more than anxious to view more intimately a lot more than just the scenery it was obvious that she seemed more interested not in the scenery but possibly what else the boys were going to show her for as she headed down the path with them her focus was on what the boys were packing between their legs that I hardly got a glance from her as she disappeared down the track with the jostling and laughing obvious horny young natives. Just before they disappeared into the bush I heard her giggle and looking up I saw one of the boys lean down and run his hand up the back of her thigh sliding it up to disappear beneath the hem of her loose dress.

To anybody who may have been watching when Brenda and the boys set off together it looked obvious that I started off towards the village 1 ½ km down the dusty road but as soon as I was far enough down the road not to be noticed I stepped off the road onto one of the many tracks that also led down to the lake.

I knew it would take me about 15 minutes to reach the predetermined spot I had arranged with the youths a few days prior I was only about twenty metres from the arranged spot and still very much hidden from them by the very dense scrub I knew that nobody in the clearing could see me but I could clearly see and hear the group who were only a few metres away.

What surprised me that another native, guy I didn’t know, had joined the group a mature man probably in his 30’s and right at this moment he seems to be taking control of the situation. Like the youths who led her into the scrub he also was naked with a solid body of rippling muscle and mygod his cock was thicker and bigger.

He was telling the boys what to do in their language and I was gobsmacked when he turned to my wife and with his African voice and with perfect English with a slight upper class British accent was questioning her as to why she was at the lakeside with three naked boys.

“Well miss I’m curious as to why you are in the middle of nowhere partially dressed with a group of randy naked boys as if I didn’t know”

He smiled down at my dear wife his formidable huge cock which was impressive enough half erect was rapidly filling out more as it began to expand into a monster of a cock swaying from side to side as he walked towards the group. Brenda stared at it in wonder as the man continued towards her and the boys

“Well dear”

He said taking her arm and guided her towards a well grassed area of soft lush buffalo grass.

“Why don’t we rest up here on this lovely soft area so we can all get better acquainted ,and the boys can let me know why they wanted you to join them down at the waters edge and how come you came with them”

With that Brenda sat demurely on the carpet of grass her thin dress had ridden up her thighs revealing her tanned long thighs with just a glimpse of her bikini panties, as the man and the three boys surrounded her there was no fear or panic in her eyes as they loomed above her and from where I was concealed all I could detect was a look of desire and lust as she stared at the four throbbing monster cocks just inches from her face.

“My you have such lovely pretty strong looking thighs my dear mind if I feel them to see how firm they are”.

Brenda didn’t reply but with her eyes glued to his now fully erect penis she gave a slight nod of her head and sucked in a deep breath as his warm palm squeezed her upper thigh and gently began rubbing her thigh up and down each stroke moving higher and higher then suddenly he extended his middle finger to stroke her mound between her thighs Brenda let out a gasp but didn’t try to stop the invading finger.

“My oh my we are quite damp down there aren’t we dear, I suppose looking at these randy young boys has really turned you on------------oh yes feeling your naked pussy under your panties lets me know that you would like to try these lads big cocks inside your pussy wouldn’t you, that’s right just raise your arms and wiggle your bottom so I can free you of this constricting frock ah that’s right and look at that no bra well I can see now why you wouldn’t want to constrict suck lovely boobs now lay back on the soft grass and I can relieve you of these flimsy panties. Ahhh such a flawless body and your pussy all shaved as well your look so turned on dear I don’t think we need any foreplay to get you going I think, so spread thoughts lovely thighs so the boys can get a good look at your wet cunt and I’ll tell the boys you’re ready for them to fuck you”

“Oh yes, yes sir I’m very ready for this” Brenda answered breathlessly

These were the first words that Brenda had spoken, with that the stranger turned to the boys and in their native language, even though the boys knew and spoke English, ahh I thought he must have eves dropped on my conversation with the boys and was also keeping up the pretence that the didn’t speak English.

“Well boys the lady would love to be fucked----so whose going to be first, I think Sarba with his nice very long slender cock, what is it 12—13” ah well doesn’t matter you definitely should be the first to climb aboard this ladies gorgeous body then you other two can sort it out between you both but do not crowd the lady and only take her one at a time and by then she will be ready for a real mans cock up her”. Telling them in their native language

Brenda couldn’t understand any of what was said but smiled understanding the universal language when Sarba moved forward and knelt between her legs as she kept eyeing the large cock lustfully as she was about to submit to her first really black cock .

A look of uncertaintey came over Brenda as she looked up at Sarba as he leant forward balancing himself with his left arm next to her head while his right hand had hold of his magnificent tool pointing it towards my wife’s cunt between her widely spread thighs. Sarba thrust his hips down and then up and forward and from where I was hidden I could clearly see as the tip of his cock entered and slid in about 4” into my wife.

Brenda let out a loud scream and a look of pain crossed her beautiful face as Sarba gave another push in and another 4” easily entered her love tunnel. By now I could see Brenda was uncomfortable with the youths cock pushing into her, she let out another loud scream of pain as Sarba pushed further in and bottomed out into my wife’s cunt

“Oh no no your too big,----- take it out oh please take it out------ your hurting me too much oh pleeeaaaseee stop oh no no no no” her head moving from side to side in pain

But Sarba, kept up the pretence that he didn’t understand what she was saying and didn’t pay any heed to Brenda’s cries to stop he just lay still on top of my wife letting her get used to his large cock and enjoying the feeling of her tight hot cunt squeezing his humongous cock now firmly imbedded in her throbbing pussy.

The two boys and man stood back looking down at the petite white lady in awe as the tall youth and my wife remained glued together laying together he on top nearly obscuring her small frame resting on the lush grass. Every thing seemed to stop for a few moments, as they got their breaths back with the only sound coming from my wife as she feebley protested that the huge cock was too big and was hurting her.

After a few minutes, no doubt, Sarba was letting Brenda get used to the feeling of his large cock involuntary moving as it throbbed stretching he cunt. Then as we all watched the rooting couple Brenda seemed to relax and a look of bliss came over her it was then Sarba began to gently raise his hips pulling his cock back nearly all the way then with a grunt, just as gently pushed into her again as he continued to do this and began to slowly fuck her in a slow steady rhythm.

Soon I was watching the beginning of my wife’s first gang bang, from my hiding place in the scrub only metres from where it was happening, I could almost smell the sex. The pace of her fucking had heated up and by now Brenda was screaming out but not from pain it was obvious that she was now in extreme passion it was music to my ears.

“oh ----don’t stop, please don’t stop-----ohhhhh yea just keep on doing me with that beautiful cock of yours-----this is lovely---- oh I could take this all day------ just don’t stop, oh pleeeeeaaaasee---oh fucking don’t stop” calling out not aware that the boys fully understood every word she was screaming out

That’s how the rest of the day progressed I knew that from the day I married Brenda that she loved having sex so much so that I couldn’t keep it up to her, I had taken her to dogging venues back home and had watched her letting strangers fuck her but wow now was I getting more turned on watching her performance over the following two hours.

My own cock was throbbing in my pants so much so that I had to unzip my flies and fumble in the opening to release my stiff cock from my undies all the time not taking my eyes off the erotic copulation my wife was getting from Sarba who by this time was nearing his orgasm as I watched his black bare arse now desperately thrusting in and out of her gripping pussy.

Spell bound I listened to the continuous grunting coming from Sarba and the shrieks my wife was screaming out as then with three final shoves of his arse Sarba held his cock firmly embedded the cheeks of his arse clenched tight as I watched him shuddering as he released at least four large squirts of thick spunk into Brenda accommodating cunt the cheeks of his arse taught as he unloaded his nectar into Brenda’s straining body each time he shoved his cock hard into her groin.

They both stayed motionless straining against each others body for a few moments savouring the thrill of their mutual orgasm before Sarba collapsed puffing onto Brenda both trying to regain their breaths----then ever so slowly Sarba pulled back easing his deflating still half erect cock out from her pulsating pussy and slowly raised himself off Brenda and rolled over to lay next to her trying to get his breath back after their really energetic screw.

But Brenda didn’t even have time to catch her breath before Andrew quickly and eagerly replaced Sarba between Brenda’s parted thighs and without hesitation quickly pushed his thicker shorter prick letting out a pleasurable sigh as he slid his cock in.

Brenda let out a little yelp of discomfort as the thicker shorter cock entered her very, very wet cunt but it didn’t take long because of the added lubrication of her own juices combined with Sarbas generous discharge, before she was again pushing her hips up to meet Andrew’s slowly thrusting groin as he steadily fucked her.

By now her audience of two very randy males were impatiently waiting their turn with my wife, urging their mate to hurry up it was obvious how turned on they were as they stood there looking at the couple copulating. The older guy was breathing hard his huge cock was throbbing and moving up and down without his even touching it, while the younger one slowly stroke his erection back and watching Andrews bubble but moving up and down on top of Brenda, as Sarba lay on his back next to her also watching his friend slowly and sensuously fuck her.

As his friend fucked my wife Sarba reached across and began to fondle her wobbling breast squeezing their firmness while running his thumb back and forth over her protruding nipple

This went on continuously for the next ten minutes till finally when it looked like he was going to fuck Brenda all afternoon he had to give way to his primal urges and he too shot his load up my wife’s cunt.

Before Andrew even had time to rest up and regain his breath Alba excitedly lifted him up and off Brenda’s panting body then quickly knelt between her spread thighs and with one swift jab speared his rigid cock into her then began to fuck her at a rapid pace

The stranger looked on with lust in his eyes savouring the fact that he would soon be able to give this white woman the screwing of her life for he knew her husband didn’t have a penis near the size of his and already he had witnessed her total enjoyment of the three boys bigger than average size pricks and he knew that Alba wouldn’t last long and this white lady was really, really hot.

Sure as if the stranger willed it Alba began to shudder on top of my wife and by the look of the flexing muscles of his arse cheeks he too was delivering his load into Brenda.

The stranger smiled down at Brenda and she knowingly returned his smile as the young lad lay still panting on top of Brenda, she asked him.

“Would you like your turn now sir” still puffing from her exertion with young Alba, smiling at the man who obviously wanted to screw her, when she asked

“Yes most certainly dear lady but I’m no randy young teenager eager to fuck any available woman who is obviously on heat comes along, I much prefer a more comfortable and civilised surroundings, when I fuck my women till there screaming for more. I have a very comfortable bungalow not far from here, which I share with a couple of friends whom I sure you would love to meet so if you would like to join me and come along and meet my friends I can assure you of a completely enjoyable afternoon in comfort, so would you like to join me my dear?”

It only took a few minutes for Brenda to make up her mind and she smiled up at the stranger and nodded her acceptance to accompany him. The man leant down reached out his hand to gently take Brenda’s hand lifting her up off the ground and threw his arms around her naked body giving her a hug as he lowered his mouth to hers in a deep passionate kiss.

I kept watching my diminutive wife as she firmly hugged and tongue kissed the large black man till they broke away Brenda breathless with excitement, staring up at the man smiling for she could no doubt feel his large cock throbbing against her tits as she pressed herself against him.

“Come little lady there is no need to get dressed, why hide such a beautiful body, as it is not far to my humble home and besides if we see anybody they will not be surprised as most people in my village usually go without clothing”

“Oh by the way I also happen to know that your wimpy husband has been spying on you while you let the randy boys fuck the arse off you, and he seemed to be enjoying it if the way he was pulling on his stiff cock was any indication”

Shit I had been sprung but what the big native said next eased my worries

“But don’t worry little missy I don’t think he was upset by what he saw I think he liked what he saw, as a matter of fact he was smiling before he left you to it and headed back towards town so I don’t think you are going to have any problems with him at all” he said looking directly towards where I was concealed and winked at me, then gathering up her cloths he reached out and took her hand and headed towards the hut that was not that far away.

I followed my naked wife and the guy who would soon be fucking her at a safe distance that she wouldn’t know I was following them

(to be continued???)