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A Female's touch pt 3

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2 min
Published 3 years ago
As her cum runs down over my tongue and her legs, her body is quivering and shaking. I stood up and started kissing her lips with the taste of her cum on them. "see how amazing you taste" i smiled at her "mmm your so good at that" she replied i grabed her by the hand walked her into my bedroom. I grabbed a blindfold from my top dresser draw and cover her eyes and gently laid her back on my bed. I start kissing her neck and running my tongue over her errect nipples as she squirms slightly on the bed breathing heavy. I removed my clothes and I grabbed a glass dildo from my draw and touched it on her stomach she giggles " ooh that feels cold" i whispered in her ear " oh just you wait it will be warm shortly" i leaned down between her legs and push them futher apart so i could clearly see how wet she was. I teased her opening with the dildo just slightly touching and then pulling away then rubbed it over her clit as she starts moaning slighlty in anticipation of whats about to come. I slide the dildo all the way in slowly to see if she could handle the length and girth of it and she moans louder so i worked it back n forth getting faster with it. i knew she was just about to climax as she started arching her back, i pressed on her pelvis and she let out a scream of delight as she squirt her cum all over the dildo and my hand. " oh my fucking god ive never squirted in my life" she said breathlessly i giggled at her enjoyment and that i could do this for her i started kissing her lips as i was still fucking her with the dildo her hands leaned out to feel my nakid body pressed against her she removed the blindfold and looked me in the eyes as she was about to cum again " cum for me you little cum slut" i said as i pushed it deeper and harder she bite her bottom lip and squirted her cum again " good girl" i smiled at her. Her body was shaking from the orgasm i told her to lay there a moment i walked to my kitchen and grabbed some ice and water i brought it back to her. " here you best have a drink you will dehydrated if you keep squirting like that" i laughed she smiled and took a drink grabbing the ice in her mouth she started kissing me again swapping it from her mouth to mine and back again until it melted. Part 4 to come ....

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