31 Jul 2019

I have played golf since I was 14. I love it; when I can do it; which is rarely. I play off 18 handicap and have, for over 30 years. My mum's best friend is an avid partaker; at one of the local courses, near my base camp town. We (Mum, I and her) had often talked about getting out there for a hit. Mum would walk and enjoy the view. She (Paula) and I would play. Paula was very competitive. I bring up the rear, when challenged. The day finally came. We were to play. Mum was coming too.

That morning. Mum called me. "Sorry Ade. I can't get there. But you still go please. Paula will be so disappointed if you don't play". Ok; I guess. I was looking forward to the banter, with the three of us. My mum; at 73; was still young at heart. So was Paula, for that matter. Paula had been a model in her younger years. I went and arrived at the allotted time. Paula was already there, in the nets, warming up. I never warm up. I just rock n roll.

"Hi Ade. You ready for a thrashing?" "Yep". We walk to the 10th. The first nine was closed. The 10th was a long par 4; with a river on the left hand side and a left dog leg into the green. About 400 metres. Being a man; I teed off first. I smashed it, but it faded onto the next fairway. Not too bad. Should be easy to make the green from there. Paula snaked hers low but bang up the middle. "You old fox. What are we going to put on it?" Paula "How about a joke we have never heard" "Done". She really was a trouper. At 72; she had a great figure. Good genes. I knew (from mum) that she had been inactive for years because Brett (Husband) had a stroke, some time ago.

Paula hit her second. Another snake. "Fuck it! Why can't I get it up?" I hit an 8 iron perfectly onto the green, with a nice amount of backspin. It held. "Fuck you, smart arse." I held my reaction. Paula chipped her third onto the green, just. We got up to putt. Paula had a 35 footer. The greens were lightning fast; like glass table tops. She over-putted by 10 feet. Mine was a 20 footer. I put him within a few feet and finished with a par 4. Paula's second putt fell short. She tapped in for a 6. Nice start Ade!!!! Fuck you Paula!!!!

The second was a par 3. I drove my 7 iron to the front. Paula drove her 5 wood to the left down a hill. I chipped to within a few feet. Paula over-shot the green; then chipped back to 15 feet. Paula took two putts for a 5. I got my par 3. "Fucking smart arse." "Want to change the wager?" "NO"

It kept on. I was having a great day. Paula wasn't. By the time we got to the 7th hole, it was over. I was so far in front; Paula had lost her spark. "What am I doing wrong?" "Do you really want me to say anything?" "Yes please" So I showed her. Her next drive went nearly 200 meters, right up the guts. She ran over to me and jumped into my arms; wrapping her legs around me "Wow. Ade. You are a magician" Then it was like time stopped. She was still in my arms, with her face not a whisker from mine. I could feel her wrapped around me. My arms were holding her.

We kissed. Softly at first. Then (mainly from her) the intensity of sexual need surfaced. "I want you, now" "Where?" "I don't care" I looked around. The curator shed was not far away. I put her down; grabbed her hand and led her. The shed was not locked. There was no one around. We went inside. There were hay bales in one area. I ripped open a few of them and made a nice comfy pile (bed) for us. "I have thought about this for a long time" ... her. I said nothing. Once I was happy with the hay, I turned and started undressing her. Oh wow. She had awesome boobs. I could see her younger self emanating; like she was re-born. She undressed me. When I am with a woman of many older years; I always see a wealth and history. So much experience. So sexy and mysterious.

She took my cock into her hands. "Oh Ade. Such a nice fella you have there." "All yours for the taking darling." She got on her knees and did just that. What an expert. Her tongue rimmed my cock end. She took most of me down her throat without gagging. I was fucking so close to orgasm. She knew it too. She grabbed my cock in her right hand and squeezed really hard. "You will not come yet." That was an order. I knew I was in experienced company.

After a few seconds. She released me and lay on the hay. "Come on. Show me what you can do." I needed little convincing. I knelt between her legs; moved her thighs apart and went down. She was hairy. I guess a woman of her generation wasn't much into Brazilian. Her smell was a mixture of sweat, perfume and fresh vaginal. I kissed her clit. I took my tongue and massaged her clit. It grew. Very quickly. "Ooooohhhh. It's been soooo long. Please keep going." I did. She came. She came. She came.

My cock was so hard; he felt like he was going to explode. "I am going to fuck you now. How do you want me to do that?" "In doggie." She got on her hands and knees; with her butt sticking up in the air and her back arched. Her boobs were hanging straight down. Her nipples were hard and pointing to the ground. I positioned myself behind her. I grabbed my cock in my right hand and guided him to her puss hole. She was wet. He penetrated. I started fucking her. She pushed back against me. "OOOoohhh Ffffuuuccckkk yyyeeeessss." She had plenty of room for me to negotiate. I fucked her as hard as I could. I was pushing her along the floor with each thrust. I had to keep moving myself forward as she relocated. I kept on and on and on.

Was she ever going to come???? Without the girl getting off; I don't get off. So I kept fucking and fucking and fucking. After what felt like an eternity, I noticed a grunt from her; deep in her throat. Then a moan. Then she started. "OOOooohhhh yyyeeessss. Go harder....HARDER". Fuck. I was jamming her that hard, I was worried I was going to puncture her. I honored her request and found some extra. That was what she needed. A HUGE squirt. I mean massive. A tidal wave erupted from her pussy. This released mine. There was no orgasm for me. Just a tumultuous release of sperm that smashed against the flesh wall of her uterus; filling her vagina with my seed.

We collapsed on the hay. We laid there for at least 5 minutes; not saying anything. "You are good." "Thank you. So are you." We finally stood and dressed. The air between us was good. She, no doubt, had been liberated for most of her life. It was like we had shared a very special and personal gift to each other. Not to be spoken about again.

Well. Not until the next game of golf!!!!!