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a gift....

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Published 10 years ago
They sat on the couch next to each other not touching. But close enough to touch if either of them moved. He looked at her as he leaned forward. She smiled a little. She reached over and touched his cheek. He turned fully around and pulled her towards him. They did not kiss. He traced her jaw line with his finger and brushed back her long hair. He gazed into her eyes and his hands ran down her shoulders and down the length of her arms. She shivered all over. He pulled her legs over his as he bent to kiss her small pouty mouth. She closed her eyes and his tongue pushed past her lips and into her moist mouth his tongue massaging hers his hands running up the length of her thigh, her hands roving over his back pulling at his t shirt. She felt him harden under her. He tugged the straps of her top over her shoulders and his mouth left hers kissing a trail down her neck to her shoulder and her collarbone. Her eyes closed as she moaned softly. She leaned her head back exposing her neck even more. He pushed the top down over her full breasts and she whimpered softly as the cool air from the fan touched her bare skin. His kisses went further down as his hands moved over her hips and a couple of fingers slipped under her panties teasing her. She pulled back pulling his t shirt over his head her hands ran over his chest. She looked as his head moved towards her breasts. He took a nipple in his mouth and she felt her self shudder. He licked and nipped softly she moved restlessly on his lap. He picked her up and moved her so she was straddling him. He was straining against his jeans she reached down and pulled the zipper down. He was released from the tight confine of his pants and she could not resist and touched him. Her hand wrapped around his thick length. He pulled back and moaned loudly he roughly pulled her top over her head and pushed her skirt up over her hips. He lifted her as he ripped off her panties then lowered her as he guided himself into her so slowly, filling her completely. She groaned at the feeling of him in her…he cupped her face and pulled her to him meshing his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss he slowly rocked her back and forth on his lap. Pushing he hips up so she felt all of him. She moved he body in time with him as they rocked faster and harder. She felt the climax warming her his hands tracing her back and ass, his mouth left hers and took a dark nipple in to his mouth. Flicking lightly and sucking softly, making her moan in delight. Her hair flowed down her back as threw her head back in ecstasy both bodies tensed up as her muscles clenched him in pure pleasure of climax. He came as he pushed one last time hard into her warm tight pussy. Resting her chin on his shoulder they stayed together until the last waves of pleasure washed over them. As they relaxed he lifted her off him and held her against his chest. She felt great. She gathered enough strength to get off his lap and pulled down her skirt picked up her top and pulled it over her head. She looked over at him and he was too pulling his t-shirt over his head. His phone rang. Hello? Pause Yeah honey. I’ll be home in 20 minutes. I’m at a mate’s place. Pause Okay I’ll grab some milk on the way home. See you soon He hangs up. She looks at him and smiled a little. The thought running through her head was not jealousy or anger at him, but pity towards the other girl. He walked over to her. No words were spoken as he held her in a hug resting his chin on her head. She pulled away as he did and he got into the car… Until next time babe. I’m already looking forward to it. He drove off waving as he left. She sighed as she walked back into the house. She picked up the phone and dialed a number. Hi honey! Just thought I’d give you a call. Pause Miss you too! Pause. How’s New York? When are you coming home?

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