7 Mar 2015

you wake to a soft knock on your door, its just loud enough to wake you from your sleep.... your confused as to who and why and get up a bit annoyed at being woken open the door and find you have to look to the floor to see who has woken you..... you see me there in white lingerie, on my knees with a silk sash tied around my eyes .... my lingerie barely covers my breasts, you see nipples poking thro the sheer fabric and feel your cock stir...... you order me into your room, i stand and walk in the direction of your bed and await your command...... "on the bed" you bark...... i feel my way around to the side of your bed and am about to get on it until i feel your hand grip my shoulder ... you spin me around and take my lips hard in a lustful kiss, you nip my lip hard causing me to moan into your mouth. you kiss along my jaw to my ear and whisper "I want you to feel with your mouth what you do to me".... with that you push me to my knees takes your cock in your hand and rub it over my lips.... i feel your pre cum moisten my lips and instantly lick them tasting your desire......i open my mouth and stick my tongue out and feel you knob as it brushes back and forth other my tongue.......... slowly you feed your cock into my mouth and i moan as i feel you fill me... i bob up and down i feeling my lips being coated with out juices... i hear it too each time you thrust into me fucking my mouth.... you pull back and bend me over the bed slapping my ass hard as my top half lays across your bed my back arched so you can take me..... you slide your cock into me easily, my pussy so wet for you........ you lean down and plant kisses along my back.... my body is on fire... your touch and smell so much more intense without my sight... i feel my orgasm building fast... you sense it knowing my body and thrust into me hard one... two.... three times then you pull out roughly turn me over pull me to the edge of the bed push my legs back into me and thrust your cock deep into my gaping pussy......... within a few thrusts you feel my legs quiver and know my orgasm has started... you thrust steadily and watch my face as i cum, my hips shaking and then you still and feel my lips clamp around your cock... you stay this away for a few seconds and enjoy the feel of my pussy milking your cock.. you too releasing some juices into my pussy... then you lose it and fuck me hard, thrusting deeper .... harder ...... deeper you dont relent you fuck me like this till you feel your orgasm build till exploding point you lean into me and kisses me hard, biting my lip then cum... our bodies rock together as you empty your seed into my already soaked pussy..... you let my legs fall to the bed and lay against me your cock still twitching, i wrap you in my arms and you pull the blindfold from my eyes and smile down at me....... i look back at you and speak my first words "i so like the way you fuck me"... you laugh, hold onto me tighter and we kiss passionately......................