12 May 2015

You are sitting directly across from me on the couch. Glaring at me as the last thing I say tips you over the edge. "Stop it", you say. I glare at you back our eyes locked. You get up off the sofa and march over to me. You roughly grab my wrists and shove my hands above my head. You lean your face into mine... you roughly kiss me, tongue forcing into my mouth. You push your body into mine and I feel your hard cock against me. You pull my top off...I'm not wearing a bra. "Get down on your hands and knees", you bark at me. As I get up, you pull me towards you, pull my pants and panties down and throw them across the room. I get on my hands and knees. Head down. I feel you stand over the top of me. You take your jumper off...and then hear you undo your belt and pull down the zip. You take your trousers off and I can hear the belt buckle as you pick up the belt. "Time you learnt your lesson," you quietly say.

Everything goes quiet and then whack as the belt connects with my ass. I groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Whack again...and a third time. I cry out.  You put the belt down and put both hands on my ass. Massaging it, teasing it. Then you slap both ass cheeks hard. I squeal but want more. Slap again...then three more quick slaps. It hurts but it feels good. I'm breathing hard. I start to turn my head slowly to look behind at you. Slap again..."no", you say. I turn my head back, head down.

You pull away. I hear you get something off the table. It's lube. Then I feel the plug slowly enter my ass. It's my favourite one and I smile. Still on my hands and knees, all of a sudden your cock rams into my pussy. I scream in pleasure as you start to fuck me hard. In, out, in and out. Relentless fucking. You grab my hair and pull hard as you fuck me. You are grunting and I yell out that I'm about to cum. You continue to fuck me with the plug in my ass. I cum hard and scream out your name. The orgasm continues for a while. My whole body is shaking. You pull out and you also pull out the plug. I then feel your cock slide into my ass. Filling me. I groan loudly and you start to fuck my ass as hard as my pussy. As you fuck me, you slap my ass. Hard. It's relentless and I'm screaming...and screaming for more. Your hand moves to my clit as you fuck me and it sends me over the edge.

As my orgasm subsides you pull out and stand up. You grab my arms, pull me up and take me to the couch. I lie on my back and you enter my pussy once more. Fucking me mercilessly until I cum three more times in quick succession...then you cum hard. Moaning loudly as you do. As you begin to recover, you move your face down towards my soaking pussy and lick it, sucking on my lips, taking in all the juices. Your tongue flicks against my clit and then you stay concentrated on my clit. Lapping at my clit and pussy until I cum one last time.

You collapse on to me and we lie together breathing hard. You look at me, happy that I have that look of satisfaction on my face. "Hope you learned your lesson..." you whisper as I close my eyes.