Written by devine45

4 Mar 2011

Another hot summers evening, time for a picnic at the beach. The food is packed, something cold to drink and a blanket for the ground. Bathers and towels for both of us and we are set to go. We timed it perfectly, the family folk taking the tired little ones home leaving the beach to the child free.

We manage to grab a table pour a drink each, inhale and relax as we drink and let the stress of the week slip by. I decide I’d like a quick dip before darkness settles in, so slip off to the change rooms to put my bathers on while you were glad you wore yours.

The water is so cool on the skin, so refreshing and lovely and enervating, we splash and swim before I swim up to you and wrap my arms around your neck and lean in for a wonderfully cold kiss. I love how you taste, how you feel and I deepen the kiss, meshing tongues while you lift my hips and wrap my legs around your waist. I feel you hands on my bottom snuggling me in against you so intimately. We break the kiss and smile at each other, just starting to stir and enjoying our bodies.

The cold water and the kissing have made my nipples peak and harden, you slip my bathers aside and gently rub it, smiling at me as you feel me press closer with my hips. This is so unfair, I decide to do the same to you, my fingers find your nipple and I pinch it gently while watching your face, we both smile as we realise its time for game playing.

I love how your eyes light up as I lean back slightly an expose both nipples, telling you to lick the salt from them, this nestles me in against your hardening cock and I slip a hand down to rub against the fabric of your boardies and feel you swell for me. You push my hand out of the way and say not yet baby.

Your hand moves from mine to the leg of my bathers, circling around and back and over my pussy to the other leg where you do exactly the same, you love my impatience, and just keep repeating these moves while my pussy starts to rock harder and faster wanting to feel your fingers on me, you finally give in and slip your hand under my bathers and feel that warm wetness I have for you. You have made me deliciously slick and as your fingers graze over me I feel myself open up to you, your finger slides inside me quickly before coming out to rub up and down, inciting me. I lift up and press as tightly as I can against you, rubbing my nipples over yours and asking you to touch and tease my clit. You like hearing me ask, your eyes smile at me before you start to rub and gently pinch my clit. You know exactly how much I like this and before I know it I’m hanging onto your shoulders and gasping for breath as one hand fingers my clit and the and the other pinches my nipple. As I start to cum you slip one finger back into me and rub my clit with your thumb saying yes baby that’s it let go for me now. I spasm around your finger and bite into your shoulders to muffle my moans while you hold me close and let me come back to earth slowly before slapping me on the arse and saying time for dinner then my desert ……