Written by unsatisfied

24 Jan 2014

A couple of days ago I wrote about a crappy first meeting.

This is what I wish had of happened lol. Hey a girl can dream can't she?

I put an ad on sh and got a response almost instantly from a guy wanting to meet me that night. I knew it was now or never so I said yes and gave him my phone number. He texted back.

We ended up texting on and off all afternoon. Ooh it was getting me more and more excited. 

We decided on you arriving at midnight.  I gave you directions to my house and put the kids to bed.  I had a very long shower shaving my legs and pussy.   

By 10pm I was wet with anticipation.  I lay down for a quick nap expecting to be up all night.

 11.45 you text me to see if it was still ok to come over.  I say "yes.  I can't wait!"

You arrive about 5 minutes later.  I am wearing a loose singlet top that goes to just below my bum. No undies no bra (we'd discussed it previously - that's what you wanted me to wear) 

You walk in and kiss me. No words are spoken. We are full of passion and don't want to waste this moment with words.

Your hands go straight for my arse. Gripping it and squeezing it with your hands. I press against you feeling your rock hard cock against my belly.

 I take your hand and lead you down to the bedroom.  We kiss some more and I take off your shirt. You then take off mine.

I am extremely nervous standing naked in front of you. But you drink in the sight of me like I am the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. I gogo to undo your pants but you stop me and turn me around with my back to you.  

You bend me over and insert a couple of fingers in.  I was sooooo wet by now and so excited that I almost come then and there.  You push your fingers in deeper while stimulating my g spot and I say "oh god I'm gonna cum!" You say "cum for me baby - let yourself go"  

I cum and squirt a little bit on your hand. You turn me around and undo your pants pushing me down softly. I don't need to be asked twice. I've been dying to do this from the first time we met.  I take your entire length in my mouth and I suck up and down for a little while feeling you grow twice your size.  I move my mouth to your balls. But keep my hand stroking your cock.

I take your balls in my mouth. You start making a bit of noise so I know I am doing well.

 I move back up to your cock and started suckling up and down squeezing your balls with my hand gently.  You say that you're going to cum so I keep going.  You come in my mouth. I gag a bit because there is so much but I swallow it all.

You help me up off my knees and onto the bed. You lay me down on my back and run your tongue from my belly button up to my neck.  I'm way ticklish so my neck is extremely sensitive.

My pussy quivers with delight with each movement you make.

You kiss me deeply and massage my breasts while playing with my nipples.

I feel so amazingly sexy. I run my hands over your head, down your back and try to pull you upwards so that you'll insert your cock in me. You look up at me and grin. You know exactly what I want but you aren't giving in to temptation just yet.

 You kiss your way down from my breast,  down my belly,  all the way to my throbbing pussy. You run your tongue up the inside of my lips and circle my clit. I cry out as you do that.

 Oh my god it feels amazing.  You keep at it for a little while as I get closer and closer to orgasam. Just as I'm almost there you stop.  I cry out with frustration and you grin and put two fingers inside me.  You curl your fingers up and tickle my g spot. I cry out again as you lean down and smother my pussy with your lips and tongue.

 Oh my fucking God!  I almost go into convulsions with pleasure.  I let go of all my inhibitions and let my body do it's thing. With a primal scream I begin an amazing orgasam.  It comes in waves and as each wave gets stronger and stronger I feel it building up. Oh fuck I start squirting on your face. With each wave a new gush comes out.  As my orgasam subsides I float back down to earth.  I grab your face and guide you up to kiss me.

 I can taste my juices in your kiss.  We lay beside each other just talking about random crap.

Your hand drawing patterns on my belly. I start stroking your thigh.  

Ooh excellent! You are getting hard again...