Written by slowhandeztouch

13 Dec 2013

With massage, as with many things in life, the journey is better than the destination if done properly. I would love to tease you, and part of this would involve suggesting that you keep your panties on at the start of the massage and beginning the massage by relaxing you by focusing on your neck and shoulders with you lying on your stomach. I would then move into a position where I'm standing with my crotch in front of your head and do longer and longer strokes from your shoulders down towards your bottom, until I'm slipping the tips of my fingers into the top of your panties. I would move to your side to focus on the small of your back, once again, suggestively brushing my fingertips under your panties. I would move onto your legs, massage your feet and calf muscles, before paying some attention to your thighs and particularly inner thighs. The developing bulge in my pants would pulsate as I notice you opening up your legs subtly in anticipation of my strokes. You would be breathing heavier at this point and I would note a wet patch developing on your panties. I would slide my whole hands under your panties to massage your bottom, with strokes going from your bottom to inner thighs, suggestively brushing against your pussy lips which are thoroughly wet by this point. I would then remove your panties...