31 Jul 2019

It was my annual check up at the GP. I don't go to the same clinic every time, due to my nomadic lifestyle. I made an appointment at the clinic in the town I was in at the time. I don't care which doctor I see. They are all trained and screened. Anyway; I know enough about medicine to see through any medical misdemeanors. My appointment was at 2.30

As is customary, I waited until after 3 before I was called. Down the corridor to room 7. It was Doctor Hijab. She greeted me at the door and directed me to sit on the chair next to her desk. She was no doubt Middle Eastern. She wore a full length gown and a thing around her head (sorry; I don't know the correct terminology). I could see her face though. She had dark brown eyes. So clear and bottomless. There was an old soul quality to her gaze that was difficult to ignore. Her skin was perfect; as though it had never seen the sun. She had a chiseled face shape; with high pronounced cheek bones and full lips. She spoke with an accent. Although her body was completely covered; when she moved, I could see contours. She was athletic. She had boobs. I would say she was mid thirties. No rings.

"Adrian. What can I do for you?" "I need scripts and my bloods done, please". "What medicines are you on?" I handed her a summary. She went to work. "When do you take the Metformin?" "One in the morning" "It is better if you take a second at night with a meal" "Oh, ok" and so on. With splendid routine, she progressed through my resume and printed the scripts and a page for Melbourne Pathology. "Oh, sorry. Can you include STDs please". She looked at me quizzically. "Is there a reason why you want those tests? Do you have discharges?" "No. Nothing like that. It is just what I do every time; to be certain" "Oh, ok". She adds that and re-prints.

"I need to check your blood pressure". She does that. It is fine. "Is there anything else?" "Actually, I have been told I have a growth on my back. I always try to remember to get it looked at; but usually forget" "No problem. Take your shirt off and turn around". I did that. By the way; I have a gym fit muscly body, that is fully waxed. I turned my chair around. She put both hands on my generous shoulders. Her touch was a little more familiar than one would expect in that situation. At that point, I confirmed my suspicion that she was sexually interested. Didn't mean anything would happen; but what the hell. I love seduction.

As she was checking my back, I asked another question. "Have you ever heard of a program called Phalogenics?" "No. What is it?" "A set of techniques to increase the blood flow to the penis. I have been doing it for a while now and it seems to be working." She stopped and paused. "Really. How does it work?" I turned my chair around. "Every second day; in the shower; I warm up my penis in the water. Then I do the exercises for 150 sets. Then I warm it down the same way. It is all natural" I had gained her interest. "And what has been the result?" "I have gone from 6 inches to 7 1/2 in four weeks. I am harder and thicker and I last longer". That got her attention. "Really?"

She leaned back on her chair and stared at me. I noticed her nipples had hardened, as they were visible through the front of her gown thing. Her lips were slightly parted and her breath had quickened slightly. "Would you like to see?" She nodded her head saying nothing. I stood up and locked the door to her surgery. I turned around and dropped my pants. I wore no jocks. My cock was already 3/4 hard; standing straight out. I moved closer to her until I was in reach. "Please give me an examination. I want to make sure I haven't done any harm". She didn't need any convincing.

Her touch was gentle at first and professional. She felt me up and down, including my balls. Within a minute, I was steel hard; enjoying her attentions. "Hmmmm.... you seem to be very healthy Adrian". Her nipples had grown. Now they were the prominent feature under her clothing. "I think there may be something I can do for you" "Really. What would that be?" I placed my hands on her boobs and tweaked both nipples between thumbs and index fingers. She didn't stop me. Her hand tightened around my penis. Amazing! Her nipples were like metal thimbles. 3/4 inch long and hard as steel. Her breath quickened.

"Stand up" I instructed. She obeyed. "Lift your arms up. She obeyed. I slid her gown thing over her head. She was completely naked underneath! I was right. She had the body of a gymnast. Her pussy had neatly manicured dark pubic hair. There were signs of vaginal fluid droplets. I moved close to her. She grabbed me now with both hands. I placed my hands on her arse and kissed her deeply. Her mouth engulfed mine. Our tongues joined in symbiosis. She moved the head of my penis to touch her clitoris. In reflex I started slow thrusts. My penis felt her fluids building. An urgency commenced in her movements. Her hands were gripping my cock and using him as a dildo to masturbate her clitoris. Her first orgasm had her entire body convulsing. I had to hold her up.

My cock was ready to explode. I took over his management and directed his head to the opening of her vagina. I slid him in slowly; bending my knees to gain position. He slid in. I started thrusting slowly. "Oooohhhh Adrian". I had both hands on her hips. She had hers around my back. We looked into each others eyes, as my cock went deeper. I felt her cervix. I went deeper; until I hit the fleshy wall at the back of her vagina. I started pumping; harder and harder. "Yyyeeeeessssss". A knock at the door. A garbled "Is everything ok in there?" We ignored it. I pumped harder. She started having chain orgasms. This brought mine on. Mine was like a nuclear explosion.

We stood breathing heavily in each others arms. We were both dripping with sweat. Another few minutes. Her demeanor changed. The GP returned. No words spoken. Back on with the gown thing and the head thing. Sits down at her desk. "There is nothing wrong with you Adrian. When your test results come in, I will check them and we will contact you if need be".

Thank you Doctor.