Written by Happaydazz

21 Mar 2017

A rambling B&B in the mountains for a quiet weekend away on your own, just to unwind a little.

Tucked away in a bush setting at the end of a long winding driveway, a federation style homestead that had been converted into three unit accommodation.

Unpacked and strolling the grounds, immersed in your own thoughts, the stillness of the afternoon air was broken by the sound of a car approaching down the gravel driveway.

Partly obscured you could just make out the occupants taking their luggage from the boot.

A very plain couple, she, with thick rimmed glasses wore a plain skirt and a top that was buttoned right up to the neckline. Her plainness confirmed as she did not appear to wear makeup.

A glimpse of him revealed he was wearing a white collar. A Vicar. A quiet weekend, perfect.

Manners dictated a brief introduction. They were somewhat awkward, but pleasant enough, although as you would expect, conservative.

In the afternoon you followed one of the many walking trails that meandered though the bush, becoming accustomed to the natural beauty of the environment.

The following morning a chance encounter with the reverend and his wife ended with an agreement to join up for a walk along one of the more mountainous trails in the afternoon.

It took longer than anyone had anticipated; the walk was occasionally interrupted by general banter reflecting the couple’s bland existence.

After an hour or so it was decided to head back, the sky had darkened as a summer storm enveloped the mountain peaks.

However the timing of the return was way out and everyone got thoroughly drenched.

It was about 6 in the evening and dark when you all stumbled into the summer house, about 4 kilometers from the B&B only to find there was no power connected...

It took a moment or two to become accustomed to the darkened rooms.

Sitting on an old couch shivering in the now chilly air, prompted you the say it was far too cold to stay in the wet clothes and you undressed and hung them over the back of the chair, relying on the darkness to preserve your modesty.

After some minutes the Vicar’s wife, somewhat sheepishly, undressed and did the same,

The Vicar followed suit without a word being spoken.

The uncomfortable silence was broken when he mentioned that sometimes these mountain huts are stocked with food.

A quick search located a small pantry or larder. Being so dark the three managed to feel their way into the confined space, and by touch, began to feel across the shelves for anything that may resemble a can or can opener.

Without any room to manoeuvre, the Vicar’s wife squeezed past you in the dark, the feel of the front of her body brushing against your back, although brief, the sensation sent a slight shiver through you.

A moment later she came back and this time she lingered for just a few seconds. Maria may have been, a plain dresser, but her dress hid the perfect physical example of a woman.

You could feel her belly taught and flat, the muscles in her lower belly against your back.

Her nipples, now very erect, were tiny sharp protrusions slowly being rubbed across your shoulder blades.

In the stillness of the night, the air was filled with the unmistakable scent of females being aroused.

The Vicar was immediately aware, in the dark his penis starting to engorge.

Without warning, Maria moved out of the pantry and went back into the sitting room and peered out the window at the pouring rain.

Some tinned food was found along with an opener. Supper was served in the half-light of the room.

A discussion followed on whether to make a run for it back to the main house or spend the night in the summer house, but the prospect of getting through the storm was found to be too daunting at this late hour of the day.

A quick look located one blanket, and only one bed. So what to do? A discussion on three mature adults sharing the bed unclothed was held and due to the necessity of being able to stay warm, everyone climbed onto the bed and under the blanket. The Vicar, Paul then Maria and you.

By the time you were all in bed it was after 10. The three of you lay there listening to the rain.

After a time, it was hard to determine how long, the air began to again fill with the physical result of two women becoming aroused.

Paul got out of bed to rummage around for a glass of water.

Maria had turned to face your back her nipples were hard against you, her belly up against your cheeks.

This time her hand was slowly moving along your hip and upper thigh.

After a minute or so you turned to face her, her breath on your face as her breathing became a little deeper.

Paul stood there in the dark listening to the breathing of both of you become more rapid

Your faces drew closer to the point where your lips touched, tiny gentle pecks at first, then more meaningful and longer.

You were conscious of Paul sliding into bed behind you, although he did not touch you, he lay on his back staring up at the ceiling listening to what was happening beside him.

You kissed Maria with a deep passionate kiss on the beginning of a journey to somewhere she had never been before.

You circled her nipples with the tips of your fingers, felt her breath deepen to become a tiny moan.

With one hand you ran the tips of your fingers down the length of her belly stopping just short of her pubic hair.

You placed your mouth over her breast and teased to sharp erect nipple with the tip of your tongue.

Her moaning now was quite audible and she raised her hips beckoning your fingers.

When at last you let your fingers find her she was soaking in her own oil.

Your fingers slowly moved between her lips and found the outline of her clitoris, now incredibly swollen and covered in her smooth juice. Your fingers glided through her wetness between her lips and gently found their way inside her. You moved in and out carefully feeling her body rise and fall in time with your strokes.

You were now conscious of Paul have turned and was stroking you back.

You let his fingers trace your body outline down you back, over your cheeks and up again.

Each time, he went a little lower. Then his fingers found that area that was now also covered in your own soft warm oil.

As his hand went up again across your lower back you felt the sensation of something else against your now very wet lips.

As your fingers moved inside Maria, you felt the pressure of the head of his Penis against you and slowly your vagina gave way and the head of his cock entered you.

He held himself there for a moment and then eased himself forward again, this time the entire length of him slid inside.

He remained motionless for a moment before he began his slow rhythmic movement in an out of you.

Your fingers now were more rapid inside Maria and your tongue was rapidly flicking the tips of her nipples.

Her scream seemed to come from nowhere accompanied by a violent thrusting of her hips against your hand, then long shallow breaths as she came down from a height that she had never achieved before.

The sound of his wife’s climax brought an equal reaction from Paul. His whole body stiffened and when he groaned you could feel his hard cock begin to convulse inside you, with each convulsion came a flood of thick white semen. God knows how many convulsions, but the amount of cum was such that it flowed out of you onto the sheets.

Silence came back to the summer house as you lay there soaked in each other.

Eventually, you got up, searching for the glass of water, as you walked toward the pantry, you felt the warm thick drops of cum on your inner thighs.

I was midnight, and the three of you had awoken a deep passion and lust that had yet to be completely satisfied.