Written by theGangbangGuy

17 Aug 2012

I glanced across the table at her, her finger tracing slowly up and down the side of her wine glass, grinning back at me cheekily in the half-filled restaurant, and happily obeying this weekends "no panties" rule. So far she had been a very good girl, and I was duly appreciative ..... eventhough I had a pretty good idea all along that she would be. She knew the rules, and she totally understood them.

And, anticipating her impeccable behaviour, a just reward had been carefully prepared to show my appreciation of her sublime virtues. A reward which was, at that very same moment, and completely unbeknownst to her, slowly unfolding in our motel room eleven floors above.

Riding in the elevator only minutes later, I tasted the sweet wine on her lips, my tongue dancing with hers as my hand slid up the inside of her quivering thigh, teasing her bare essentials as I had been longing to since before we entered the restaurant. I kissed her passionately, her leg lifting slightly to wrap around me, instinctively craving my manhood inside her ..... but other ideas had already been conjured, fragments of which she would soon gradually begin to discover.

Reaching into my pocket, I slowly pulled out the black satin blindfold we had purchased only weeks before. The concept had excited her, smiling broadly that first time we had played with it, completely shut off from her every visual stimualtion as I slowly brought her to orgasm with my tongue again and again. We had played with it on several occasions already ...... but this was to be the first time she would wear it outside of the seclusion and privacy of our own, far less public, environment.

I tied it gently, being careful not to entangle her hair as I had almost done three nights before, turning her back around to make sure her eyes were completely covered. The sound of the elevator, a single sharp "bing" indicating we had arrived at our floor startled her slightly, a grin creeping across her face as I took her hand reassuringly and reminded myself that the coast would be clear.

As we walked the short hallway, my hand gently on her shoulder guiding her, I could feel my heart racing. Despite all my efforts to ensure our discretion, it was still such a rush being somewhere public like this .......... with her ......... happily obeying the rules. And opening the door to our room I paused briefly to kiss her again, my lips against hers, telling her how sexy she is as I traced my fingertips slowly down her arm, feeling the soft skin of her palm as her fingers so naturally entangled with mine.

Leading her by the hand over to a glass sliding door, and out onto the motel room's private balcony overlooking the city lights, I guided her down onto the chair I had meticulously placed there earlier, my hand brushing across the inside of her thigh to encourage her legs to again be slightly parted. Only this time, I ran my hand up a lil further, slowly pushing the fabric of her skirt upwards to reveal her already soaking wet vagina.

Sitting there on the balcony, completely declined of her visual senses, I wanted her to enjoy the sounds and atmosphere of the nightlife down below. I leaned in close to her, my lips moving slowly as I softly whispered in her ear,

"Don't speak baby, just sit back, relax ...... and enjoy."

Standing inside only moments later, I watched as one of the guys that had been silently waiting walked slowly out onto the balcony. With the city lights stretching off into the distance in the background, I could just make out her silhouette, her hair gently blowing in the warm night air, the luminous blue of her loose-fitting blouse ..... and her breasts heaving upwards as his tongue suddenly flickered across the lips of her vagina.

It was not the first time I had watched her being lovingly pleasured by another man, but the simple fact of knowing that at this moment her mind must be racing, completely unaware of the identity of this silent stranger caressing her innermost senses, made it so much more erotic. Through the glass I watched, standing in the dimly lit room with the other two guys as they eagerly awaited their opportunity to reward her, the sweet taste of her wine still like a faint childhood memory on my lips.

For long minutes he pleasured her, her hand guiding him as his tongue darted against her in a fashion that had her quivering and shaking with his every touch ....... eventually allowing her to explode into orgasm, her legs clasping tightly round her secret lover as she tried her hardest to maintain her unspoken promise of silence.

She knew the rules, and was obeying them dutifully. And moments later, her rewards were again forthcoming, feeling the gentle touch of another unfamiliar presence with his tongue softly caressing her clitoris in a way that reminded her of someone, so long ago, on a hot summers night in her youth.

Her hand drifted down slowly, her fingers running through his hair as he lovingly explored her soaking wetness, his lips caressing her as she sighed with the sense of nothing except sheer pleasure. And several minutes later, her legs again clasped tightly around her mystery lover, I could hear her ever so faintly as she fought desperately against the temptation to scream out loud ..... cumming her brains out as he continued to pleasure her. I could tell she was having fun, and couldn't wait to join her, and then only seconds later she was being greeted by her third silent companion.

Out on the balcony, in the warm summer breeze, the sounds of the cars and the people down in the street below, he crouched between her outstretched thighs and proceeded to indulge in her sweetness. His tongue teasing her clitoris again just as her previous two lovers before him .......... but again in it's own unique and mysterious way, sending her mind racing yet another time as to who her new lover may be.

I watched from inside, the silhouette of another man graciously tasting her mouthwatering nectar, longing for the moment when I would finally embrace her, my lust connecting with hers in the way God had so obviously intended. I couldn't wait to be inside her, and feel the spoils of her good deeds, the soft feel of her femininity gripping tightly round me as she oragasms over and over again in explosions of heated passion.

And at that moment, I could see her once again, her long legs tightly clasping around her third secret lover, his tongue teasing her clitoris to the point of no return as she climaxed at his tender and delicate touch. I could see her breathing heavily, running her fingers desperately through his hair as he continued to pleasure her into submission, shaking visibly in exstacy as she came in waves that sent her sense of sensibilties completely crashing down.

I loved seeing her cum, and as her third mysterious companion quietly exited, pulling the door gently behind him as he disappeared into the hallway, finally I stood on the balcony before her, her smile glowing like an aurora in the semi-darkness. I could see the pure happiness in her being, the heightened radiance in the darkest corners of her mind .......... oh yes, she knew the rules, and she totally understood them.

My tongue brushing ever so softly against her clitoris, I feel her hand sliding down, her fingers through my hair, and I begin to pleasure her. Without any conscious sign, I know right away she knows that it's me. The way she moans oh so softly, her fingers massaging my scalp intently as she sighs deeply. Blinfolded and still completely deprived of all visual senses, I slowly bring her to the point of orgasm, feeling her shaking uncontrollably as my tongue randomly hits all those familiar buttons she has climaxed to so many times before since that night we first met.

And as I feel her senses welling over and her incredible sexual energy preparing for yet another overpowering release, I slide upwards, my hardness suddenly against her shuddering entrance, hearing her gasp softly as her hands instinctively glide down to my hips, craving me deep inside her. And slowly I slide further upwards, feeling her soaking wet vagina pulsating around me as I so gratefully enter her one inch at a time, my lips brushing against hers as I fill the void she has been so desperately craving.

My hand running through her long soft hair, I kiss her neck passionately, feeling her cum hard at the sensation of my manhood deep inside her, and carefully reach round to untie her black satin blindfold. She had obeyed the rules, not that I ever doubted she would, and her rewards were so rightfully granted. My eyes finally meeting with hers, connecting for the first time since that tender moment over an hour before in the elevator as we had hastily embraced ....... and her smile.

We made love out there on the balcony just soaking up the atmosphere of the city lights. The voices down below in the street reminding us both of a world we had temporarily shut out, eventhough at the height of her pleasures she had on numerous times fixated on the apparition of being on public display. And as I eventually came in a surge of pure testosterone, we kissed passionately, the warm summer breeze blowing through her hair as I climaxed uncontrollably deep inside her. Oh there was no doubt in my mind she was having fun. No doubt at all.

And of course, she knew the rules ......... and she totally understood them.