29 Jun 2019

I do a love cock pic as we chat on messenger.

You ask me to do a video of me stroking my shaft.

I start by thinking of the best sensation I get when fucking Adriana's arse and you pulling my soaked cock from her dripping cunt.

Licking and sucking it. mmmmmmmmm

I look down at you, your eyes wide and staring back at me in total submission. You let it slide all the way down your throat, your eyes begin to water as you start gagging. Regaining control of your gagging you plunge your head violently downward. Down swallowing every inch of my cock that you've grown to yearn for, even ache for the feel of in all your Slutty sexy holes.

I feel my rock hard cock, with its engorged knob, veins throbbing against your tongue.

The feel of your mouth and your tongue as you bob your head vigorously up and down, knowing how your teasing my knob, getting me so close.

You feel a big pulsing throb run right down the length of my cock and you know that sensation. You look at me and see the intense look of pleasure in my eyes, mixed with relief due to almost coming , you spit it out, right back into a Adriana's waiting, gaping, ACHING FOR RELEASE ARSE.

Her Juicy Wet Cunt is starting to twitch and open, you see her lips swell and open, shiny and wet they open even more before my cock even touches her.

You delve into her folds with the tip of your tongue, inhaling het scent, swirling your tongue around collecting her sweet honey knowing I will reward you if you share it with me.

Repeatedly you do this sharing every precious drop with me. You see her puffy, swollen with pleasure, outer lips start opening and closing as if beckoning my cock to defy me, his master, Her Masters wishes, of finishing off deep in Adrianna's arse.

Again you clamp my cock between your lips as I start slowly fucking my sweet little anal sub. Your spit, her juices and now my come are to much of a sight before me .

In total disbelief you feel that first deep throb, the one that you've learnt that it means i'm so close there's going to be cum. Cum shooting from the end of my cock.

I erupt as hard as I've ever have, stream after stream shoot deep into the depths of Adriana's orgasming ass.

Pulling my now dripping with cunt, arse and throat juice cock, still spurting cum from her arse. More streams race thru the air opaque slightly white slightly salty but very tasty man juice, it streak across her pussy, across your face and into your waiting mouth.

I ram my cock str8 down your throat, into what feels like your stomach. I feel it slide str8 past your tonsils!

Your eyes water. Str8 past your esophagus!

Your gagging.

You struggle trying to get my cock out from deep in your throat.

I smile, knowing just what this is

doing to your cunt, that sweet, juicy, horny slit dripping with lust aching for release.

I see the hunger in your eyes, that glow that fire!.......... to be continued