12 Jul 2019

I pull up for fuel. It is getting dark. Fuck. No swagging tonight. Fill the tank and go in to pay. Behind the counter is that usual girl. I pay and so on... no receipt thanks. She gives me the look. She is about 40; a tad over weight, hair not well kept. Basically very plain. I look at her hands. No ring. No ring mark. She notices me looking. "I'm single" She says. Wow. Not very often I get a chat up like that. "So?". I reply. " Well?" She responds. .... I think for a minute. Where do I have to go tonight? OK. Here is fine. "I'm free if you are?" She replies "I knock off in two hours." She yawned. I took that as her playing me. Ok. I think. I can kill two hours. I have heaps of admin to do. So I park nearby and work.

After the two hours, I go back. She is waiting out the back. "What took you, I'm freezing?" "Hop in". She gets into my car. I had done something I almost never do. Turned up the heater. "Where?". "I don't care" She says. Hmmm. What to do. My car is too small for sex. It is my work horse. I'm too close to the end of pay to get a room. So I head to the river. She asks me where we are going. I tell her we are going to camp. That quiets her. That was then I realized she was not with me. She had passed out. Was the car too hot? Oh shit. What to do now. I don't normally do this, but I called the cops. I told them everything. They said I was on my own, They didn't give a fuck. Shit. What to do now?

I set my camp up. She is still non-compass in my car. SHIT. So I lift her carefully to my swag and tuck her in. My swag is very comfy. I eat and do what I do for a few hours. Then I'm ready to go to bed. FUCK. She is still in there. What do I do? I can't sleep out here. It is too cold, even for me. FUCK..... I have no options. My hands are starting to stiffen with the cold. I go to my car to get my big woolen blanky. Maybe he will be enough. I lay next to my swag and curl up with my blanky. Too cold.... Fuck this. So I unzip the swag and crawl in next to her.

It gets warms after that. She is still asleep. I feel guilty, to use her body heat. I stay still and eventually go to sleep. The night moves on. I'm feeling a little stressed. Not sure what to do. I wait. 6am, the birds are singing. I'm wide awake. She is still asleep. I get up and get coffee and do what I do. FUCK she is still in my swag. The cops told me I was on my own. I wait and drink coffee and smoke. I start working. I have a shower and get into my work stuff. Still no movement. I'm now thinking about how I can offload her and get my stuff back.

Then she moves. Slowly at first. Then she sits up and looks at me.


"Sorry" She says. I say nothing. "I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong". That got my attention. "What do you mean?" I ask. "I just split with my husband. I haven't slept in two days until now. Thank you for rescuing me". Being a bit of a rescuer from my past, I let her in to my thoughts. "Come here please" She beckoned. I obey, climbing next to her. "You must be freezing". She says as she wraps her arms around me. I never go near girls in re-bound. Way too complex. No choice this time. Bullshit Adrian. There's always a choice.

Hmmm. Lovely and warm. We are both fully dressed. She is incredibly horny, touching me all over. I'm not hard yet. "What's wrong?" She asks. "Nothing". ....... I actually don't know myself. I'm just not getting there, which was a (sober) first. She was cool. It must have been the unknown about her. I ask "Why did you fight with your hub?". "He has been cheating on me for years. I finally confronted him". That helped. "I haven't had sex for over 5 years". She shocks me. I lay still, abstaining. Thinking. She had stopped touching me. "Ok. I don't mind if you want to touch me. Go ahead".

She puts her hand inside my shirt and feels my chest which is clean shaven and all muscle. Off comes the shirt. She kisses my nips and moves lower. Off come the pants. I'm getting hard. There is an urgency about her, that is new to me. Fuck. 5 years. I had no idea. She takes my cock in both hands and studies him. It was like she was a virgin. I let her go. She inspects him, then my balls. This is really turning me on. I take her boobs in both hands. Hmmmm. No bra. Wow. They were full and perky. She removes her top. Oh nice, nice. Nipples hard and pointing above the horizontal. This chick was charged with testosterone. I take one into my mouth. I feel it stiffen. It is like a sharp button in my mouth. I can smell her now. A lovely floral, animal like scent. My right hand moves in between her legs. She is hairy down there. I push her knickers down, enough to get purchase. OMG. She is sopping wet. I find her clit, which is huge and just as sharp as her nipples. She moans and opens her legs for me.

Down come her pants and knickers. "Please go inside me...please". Not even a Mack truck at 100 clicks, could have stopped me. I climb on and shaft her. She is tight. She felt like a glove. Exactly like an older chick, that had never had kids. I start to fuck her, slowly. She wraps her legs around me and squeezes hard. Her arms are around me. Her hands holding my head to her face. She engulfs my mouth in hers and sucks my tongue really hard. My movements are restricted by her steely embrace. I try to fuck freely, but she just wants to merge me into her. Ok, I suppose.

This continues for 15 to 20 minutes. Neither of us coming. Just moving, sliding and being. A very different experience to anything I had felt before. It was like we had merged together as one body. I relaxed and stopped moving, letting her use me. I fell asleep on top of her.


Later, I woke. She was between my legs sucking me. My cock was stone hard. There was sperm on her face. I didn't even remember coming. She takes all of me down into her throat. Hmmmm... Not bad. I pull her up to embrace position. "Sorry, I fell asleep." "Ha ha. Yes. But I helped myself." I decide it is her turn, so I turn her over onto her back and move down. Haven't seen an unshaved girl for a very long time. It was horny. She had hair everywhere, from belly button to arsehole. When I spread her open, I thanked nature that her labs were free of hair. Such a lovely taste. She was huge. A real mouthful. I had a feast on her. Her whole body started convulsing in orgasm. This spurred me on and on. I sucked as hard as I could. "Ooooooohhhhhhh mmmmyyyyy". She screamed. I knew it was the perfect time to fuck her.

I got her on her side and slid my boy into her. I started fucking, not slow this time. With purpose. She almost cried with emotion. "Oh, oh, oh". Lovely, lovely orgasms, over and over. I felt my own rising. I moved her into missionary and dived in again. I love this position because our faces are front on and I can watch her as she comes. I love that look they get when my cock is well past the cervix thrusting hard against the muscle wall behind. There is a G called "deep spot". A cluster of nerves behind the cervix. If one can harness this, combined with the normal G's, it enables a stream of orgasms. I see I am close to this with her. This realization motivates me to go harder. I get her there in a few minutes. Yep. She rewards me with that hormonal look. That brings me on. I go harder. I feel my cock stiffening. Everything down there merges into one pleasure zone. I can't feel anything except a hot region of pure feeling. Then it starts. We are looking into each other's eyes. She knows mine has started. She pushes her hips against mine. It builds and builds. Then I get a full body cramp. Not painful. On the contrary. I'm no longer in control of my movements. Nature has taken over. We were like cave dwellers. When I finally explode inside her, she has me permanently clamped to her, absorbing me. Spent, we lay together.

"Thank you so much.." She offers. I'm too fucked to respond. I just cuddle her and fall asleep.