Written by mrgstring

10 May 2012

You are on a cruise ship

It is a warm night and a gentle breeze is blowing as you stand on deck gazing out into the moonlit ocean.

You inhale deeply drinking in the beautiful view

You have been partying on deck but there is no one special around

You close your eyes listening the mild drone of the music playing inside and the rush of the ocean as it hits the cruise ship.

While your eyes are closed you sense someone is near. Your eyes remain closed but you sense someone approaching.

Suddenly you can feel his breath against your neck but you dare not open your eyes.

The stranger nibbles the back of your neck and ears.

He whispers "Don't open your eyes." His voice is somewhat enticing and sensual and you comply.

He undoes your flimsy halter neck dress and your pert breasts are exposed freely to the salty air.

He cups your breasts from behind, his fingers gently kneading your superbly erect nipples.

You gasp and let out a little moan of pleasure from the nether regions of your body as he does this.

Your dress falls to the floor and you realise you had deliberately made the decision not to wear panties.

He gently pushes you toward the deck railings and u hold onto it, lean forward and raise your ass in anticipation.

He slides a finger along your ass and then deep into your pulsating pussy.

You gasp as his fingers expertly find your clit

He rubs your clit gently then bends down, sliding his tongue deep into the folds of your pussy

Your breathing becomes rapid as he licks and sucks hungrily.

You raise your cute ass in the air and he is poised behind you.

He inserts his turgid cock inch by inch and u gasp in anticipation with each deliberate push.

His slow thrusts become more urgent as he begins to pound your pussy, his cum-filled balls slapping against your ass.

He grips your hips trying to get deeper inside you and you know that you are both close.

He gives one final deep and powerful thrust and explodes inside you.

You scream with the ferocity of his explosion and cum hard as well, mixing your juices.

You collapse with exhaustion and turn to gaze at your secret love but he is gone!