Written by Permabone

19 Sep 2011

I pick you up at 8 as agreed. You wear a new white top, the one with the elasticized bodice which accentuated the curve of your amazing breasts. Your tight jeans hug your peachy bum and show off your sleek legs.

You smile at me, lean forward and kiss me. "I'm wearing no underwear as you requested you whisper." My cock pulsed at the thought and I kiss you deeply, slipping my tongue over your teeth and deep into your mouth.

It's a lovely hot summers evening and we decide to take a shortcut to the restaurant, cutting through the park.

The park is full of people also enjoying the evening, friends and lovers fill the seats, whilst runners and cyclists the paths. There is a party atmosphere as we walk hand in hand, kissing along the way. I can barely keep my hands of you!

The restaurant isn't busy and we get a window table. As we approach the table, a guy stands and leaves the next table, leaving a woman behind. We sit, you with your back to back with the woman and we order a couple of drinks, a cold beer for me and a champers for you and examine the menu.

I lean forward and tell you how beautiful you look and that the thought of you wearing no underwear was making me as horny as fuck. "I want to eat your pussy" I whisper, "take you in the park and fuck you. Preferably for dessert."

I pause as the drinks arrive and as we take a sip, I notice that the woman behind you appears to be a little closer, sitting more upright. She has long red hair which she wears loose.

I look deep into your eyes, "I am going to take you in the park, a little way back of the main track, but not too far. We will find a tall tree and I will ask you to lean against it with your hands high up the trunk so that you lean forward, your legs spread apart. I will then slip your top down to expose your firm breasts to the warm evening air."

There is a gasp from the woman behind you and she adjusts herself in the chair to cover it up. Her actions bring a new dimension to our conversation and my cock is rock hard as I continue, "I'm going to place my fingers in your mouth so you can suck them, licking between them. I will then play with your nipples, letting your saliva wet them, making them sensitive to the evening air. Gently pinching them and squeezing your breasts. I am going to suck on them, making you moan out loud; but you have a dilemma, there are people all around us, so how loud can you be? I will run my hand up the back of your jeans, caressing your legs and breasts at the same time, sliding your zipper down and exposing your naked pussy to the air."

There is a moan from the woman behind you and this time she makes no attempt to cover it. I search the half empty restaurant but no one else seems to notice what's happening.

I spot the waitress making her way to the table and we order in a hurry.

I look back at you, "Tracy, are you wet?” I ask.

"God yes," you say.

"I want to taste you, I want to taste your pussy juice, run my tongue along your silky pussy lips." I say.

You look unsure and motion towards the woman behind you.

I smile, "She won't mind, I think she is getting off on this as well," I whisper.

"Tracy, I want you to finger your pussy for me, now. I want you to get your fingers smothered in your wetness so that I can taste you."

You arrange yourself a little then slip your hand beneath the table. You hold my eye as you begin to finger your very wet cunt. You run your tongue over your lips and your eyes take on a misty look.

My cock is fit to burst by now and I arrange it a little to make it more comfortable. I can feel the pre-cum on the tip as I do so.

"How feel?" I ask.

"Hot, very hot and wet.” you respond.

"Leave your finger deep in there, imagine it's my cock and rub your clit for me." I whisper.

You do as I ask and I can smell your sex. Behind you I can see the red headed woman and judging from her movements, she too is teasing her pussy, the smell of sex is heady and I want to fuck so much but I refrain and continue my talking.

"In the park I am going to peel your jeans down to your ankles, kneel behind your naked ass and slide my tongue along the length of your silky legs. I am going to push your buttocks wide apart and I am going to run my tongue around your back door, sliding down to your other hole. And whilst I do that, I am going to finger your pussy, paying special attention to your G spot, making you squirm and cry out."

Your eyes are closed now, the vision in your head playing out as you tease your clit and finger your pussy, your heightened breathing matching that of the woman behind you. This is such a turn on.

I quickly glimpse in the direction of the other woman and it’s clear she is near the edge. I am fit to bursting, cock ready to explode.

I spot the waitress getting ready to bring our food over and I cough loudly. You open your eyes and I motion in her direction with my eyes. The woman behind must have noticed the change and it looks like she has returned to reading her book, from behind it also looks like she is licking her fingers one by one.

You stand, lean forward and kiss me, before placing your fingers in my mouth. I lap and suck your juices greedily from your fingers; you pull back and head for the bathroom leaving me aching with lust.

A minute passes and then the woman at the other table follows you.

The waitress delivers the food and I order us a bottle of wine and several moments later she returns with it and I pour us a glass. I sip at mine, wondering if you are ok.

You return several minutes later and you are accompanied by the red head. I can see her pretty face now and her trim figure. She looks about 35 and is dressed in a sexy little floral dress that shows of her silky legs.

"This is Becky." You say.

"Hi, how are you." I ask.

"Very fucking wet and very horny, thank you." She replies with a predatory smile.

I give her a knowing smirk, my cock responding to the thought.

"Becky is going to join us." You explain. "Her date wasn't what she expected and he left. She was giving him 5 minutes to leave and she was going to go too, but she overheard us and got so turned on, that she now wants to join us in the park."

"And you have agreed to this I asked?"

"I'm so turned on right now and I thought you might want to show me off." you said smiling.

I was surprised at you agreeing and that I didn't shoot my load right there and then. I leaned across and kissed you, "I am ok with it on one condition and that Becky, you agree to do what I tell you, when I tell you. Do you agree?"

Becky didn't hesitate, "Yes." She said.

We started our meal, Becky just having a drink and the discussion focused on sex, when after about 5 minutes I said, "Ok Becky, I want you open Tracy's legs, slide down her zipper and finger her pussy for me."

Becky dipped her fingers into her wine and slid them under the table, tracing a wet line along your thighs to your pussy. It was not your first time with another woman and her touch was electric as you looked lustfully into my eyes and sighed.

Becky moved in close and kissed you as she slipped her finger into your wet cunt, your eyes closing in response.

I continue the story as I watch Becky play with your pussy. "I'm going to remove your dress, so you are naked, you pert breasts and shaved pussy open to the air. I will put my finger in your pussy and work your G spot, first with 1 finger, and building to 2."

As I spoke Becky slid down the chair and under the table, I was stunned that no one spotted her move.

"When you are dripping wet, I am going to lick your pussy, drinking your juices and licking around my fingers."

As I spoke I heard you gasp as Becky drew her tongue up your pussy lips, your jeans now bundled around your ankles. I continued.

"I am going to slide between your naked thighs and I am going to suck you clit. I am going to hold it between my lips and keeping the suction on, I am going to pulse it in and out like it's a tiny cock, holding your buttocks as you thrust against the suction."

As I spoke, Becky took your clit and sucked it hard into her mouth, your body shaking, and it was clear she was oblivious to the others in the restaurant.

As I speak, I feel Becky's hand on my thick cock; I am so hard I know I won't last long. I release my pre cum covered erection and feel Becky's hand slide along the tip, thumbing the pre-cum across the head. I moan deeply.

"Tracy, I want to cum in your mouth."

"I am going to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your face whilst you finger your naked dripping cunt."

You gasped as the vision and Becky's pumping fingers push you over the edge.

As I watch you cum, I reached under the table and grabbed Becky by the hair and push my cock into her mouth, cum spurting over and over, Becky milking both of us dry.

Becky slowly made her way back to her seat, leaning into you as the two of you share a cum filled French kiss. And I know then that I need to fuck you both.

We are all buzzing and I quickly pay the bill. I take the two of you under each arm and we head out the restaurant and head for the park...................