Written by UberFun_21

28 Mar 2014

I met Nicky and Trent on the Saturday Down at Sawnbourne beach.They where on holiday and were spending some time in Perth doing some business as well. I new that they were well seasoned swingers from past encounters and in fact could not make the previous nights invite as I was invited to do some catching up with some of their core rompers.

Both Nicky and Trent in their early forties still had good physics.

I walked up to there dome shade tent placed well away from the rest on the beach.

As i approached, Nicky lying naked reading a book Trent sitting at the back of the shade tent legs spread wide holding a sports mag on his knees and his massive tanned cock resting on the towel.

Greeting them both and happy to see each other i knelt into the shade of the tent. While catching up and chatting i could not help notice that Nickys anal lips were exposed framed by her firm olive skinned butt cheeks. I couldn't help my self any longer and ran my finger gently across the length of them making the comment ' Gee Nicky it looks like Trent's been busy in there ... Trent winked Nicky looked at me with a massive grin and biting the tip of her tongue.

Trent exclaimed ... Mate she was wild last night that hole got pounded by 5 guys ..... " i recon its still FULL.

Full ... Full of what? I asked ... Trent " cum you clown he added ..... Shit thats hot. Nicky grinned and remarked its one hungry hole. They proceeded to go into detail of the previous evenings events , i clearly missed out but none the less i was about to have an evening to remember.

We chatted away and all the talk was getting Trent horny his big penis Stirred and hovered over the towel his forskin slowly peeling back under the developing growth of his member. Nicky exclaimed .....'' Aah babe all this talk is making you hard !!! He smiled and said i want this thing, pointing to his dick, so far up your ass right now babe.She exclaimed aaah so you can stir the honey pot ..... At this point i started to undress she moved the book to the side and i made sure i was covering the open flap Trent's cock was raging now standing up right.

Nicky got up in the shade tent crouching over being height restricted turned and sat between Trent's legs.His legs bent at the knees bracing her.I lent back spreading my legs and started to massage my cock for Trent and Nicky to see.Nicky was lying back against Trent " i still haven't had and any cum dumps from last night/ early morning" sorry i replied she explains that she had 5 loads still up her deep rectum area as none had purged out gee they must be deep i replied " Trent did you Deliver and they both replied No he just watched nicky lent back kissing Trent's neck baby you two boys can sort that out cant you. With that Nicky lifted her pelvis up using Trent's knees to lift herself ,spread her legs as wide as she could and looking at her face could see that she was pushing to try and squirt out the cum up her ass. Her anal lips had flared open glistening with some clear liquid but no sign of the evenings fun.

She stopped pushing took a breath and then said ..... Shit nothing is coming out she slowly pushed again the anal lips swelling and looking fuller twisted open some more clear liquid appeared and some foamy clear bubbles formed at the gaping lips ... Trent cupped his hand under her bulging anal lips and with two finger started massaging his way up there they disappeared quikly she was loose from the fucking ,his fingers were swirling in big circles.

I moved onto my stomach my face just inches away from Trent's cock i grabbed the base of his cock and worked my mouth around his steaming head he groaned ...... Nicky sighed oh babe it looks so hot i slowly lubed up his dick and cocked my head right back to dab my tongue in and out of her puckering asshole i could taste cum i worked my way up to her red swollen cunt it smelt musty but yet really inviting she was gasping and started to lower herself down i guided Trent's penis head into the ready bum hole Nicky let out a sigh and slowly slid down his wet shaft slowing as she reached the base her right hand slapping at her clit she rocked in this position for a while, she started riding his pole groaning softly then started pumping down his shaft she was whimpering baby fuck my ass ...fuck my ass fuck the cum back inside awe .....fuuuck me!! and with that she bore down on his cock shaft pushing her pelvis forward her mouth hung open and the veins in her head started to pulse her mouth was wide open now cocking her head there was a muffled farting sound and the cum gates opens i shot forward to catch the stream with my tongue and the cum just streamed out all over Trent's balls around the base of his cock and running between his legs ,..she squirted a bit then lifted off his cock and presented her dripping wet bum hole to me and some cum pumped out again over my tongue and chin.

She flopped down between us and looked up at Trent's and said sorry honey you still haven't cum.

Trent and i looked at each other she looked at me with that naughty panting look reaching out stroking my ass saying how she remembered Trent's first male ass encounter was with me and we hit it off so well that he was my first bare back ..... I turned around ass in the air Nicky sat up as she was between Trent and i with a quick motion she spat at my hole and drove her thumb up my ass. Honey I'll work his hole for please boys i want to watch you fuck.I heard Trent rustle up on to his knees putting one hand on my right butt cheeck . Nicky rolled to the side slightly framing my rear with her left arm over my lower back clamping both my butt cheecks in her hands and spreading me wide Trent shuffled into position and i could feel him rubbing the tip of his cock against my lips we lined up and with some slow pushing his pole broke the tension and passed into the cum canal i lowered myself all the way down feeling the bulging head open me up i had to rest for a while as his huge cock bottomed out it took my a breath and I sighed as i took in the last 3 inches to the base .....,,

Trent picked up the pace pumping me harder and faster my mouth was open wide almost to release the pressure building up.My body temperature was rising and exclaimed .....,, fuck that cock is big Trent he reached over grabbed my shoulder and pushed past his base the pain was pleasurable and i could feel the head of his cock slipping past the hilt Trent "oh ye thats my spot pop it deep i muffled ... My eyes squeezed shut and i just let out a whimpering ...ooooh as my balls tingled and my cock ejaculated a stream of watery semen i battled to get the words out to him but replied thats where I wanted him to empty his seed ....oooh buddy this ass is sweet.as he enjoyed taking the long strokes.

I felt the twinge in his cock and dropped my head down Nicky was massaging Trent's balls and i could see her working her other hand into Trent's ass she was giving his little wall nut a rub , he was loving it and have out a quite moan of pleasure it was at this point Trent said i am done here comes my load ... Three big thrusts of his pole hit me hard and his balls exploded i felt the liquid pump in me deep against the hilt his cock stirring his cum in my man hole he dug his hands into my butt check pulled his dick out and i was left gaping i could feel my opening getting aired Trent rammed his cock in the hole again a loud fart pop came from my hole it was squelchy with liquid sound.

He was spent and pulled his long shaft out of me his cum followed as my gaping hole puckered open Nicky sucked off his cock them attended to drain my open hole she lapped at it cleaning Trent's goo working her fingers in and out.

My ass was still hungry for cock and one shafting wouldn't cut it, i mentioned it and Nicky said to pace myself as her and Trent were arranging another night of phornication she mentioned if my hole wanted some meat that there was plenty turning up but i can get you a little ready now proceeding to add more and more fingers to my hole i could feel her trying to work the her thumb in I turned and told her to add some lube Trent reached over and squirted some hot stuff on her hand and with some pushing and wriggling the hand moved passed that difficult section my hole had opened to accept her in , she dived into me slowly clenching her fist ....... Aaaahhh fuuuck !!!! ...my ass didn't know what to do my abbs started contracting a long stream of cum shot from my dick Nicky moved into a better position so she could pump me with her fist .... There was a fare bit of rocking back and forth until I could get use to the filling then the pumping started it took a couple of minutes and i pushed back hard on her my cock hardens like a steel rod my balls expanded my anal ring clumped down on her wrist and i orgasimed a jet of cum spouted from my cock and i was weakened and flopped to the towel her hand still in my ass my anal passage convulsed as she slid her hand out Which was covered in Trent's cum.

Mmmm thats had set us up for tonight exclaimed Nicky .... TBC