31 Jan 2019

Everyone else has gone for the day, but this report needs to be completed. The place is in darkness apart from your desk lamp, silence your companion. Focusing on the report, you don’t hear a car pull up, the door closing or the footsteps approaching. It is only when you hear the door knob turn that you look up from your work.

I enter the warmth of your office, you can see I am wrapped in my long winter coat, a scarf hides my throat, a smile upon my lips as I enter and lock the door behind me.

I walk around to where you fit and bend my head to yours, my lips meeting yours, our tongues entwined in an intimate embrace.

I step back and take off my scarf....a black halter neck becomes obvious.....

I invite you to undo the buttons of my stand and approach me, our lips meet again as you unbutton my coat....your hands delving inside my coat, finding my nipple ensconced in stretch lace, beginning to poke through as it hardens under your touch. You lips leave mine as you step back and push my coat from my shoulders, my bodysuit now visible to your eyes...

I ask you to sit back at your desk and you do....I sit on your desk, a foot on each side of your legs, my butterfly on view.....

You place a hand on each of my thighs... pushing my thighs further apart....your mouth replaces your hand, your lips beginning a trail up my pause and look up at me, your hand reaching towards my breast as your other hand fleeting touches my butterfly wings....that fleeting touch wets your finger, you now know that I am wet with wanting.....your eyes leave my face and focus on my butterfly....a gentle stroke of my lips, watching the colour deepen as I become more aroused.....a single finger slides between my butterfly wings, opening see my wetness as a moan escapes my lips, my hips pushing forward...but you are not in any continue to explore...opening my butterfly wings so my cunt is truly open to you.....your finger slides in and out of me, your finger glistening with my raise it to your lips to again dip your finger, this time standing and presenting to my lips to taste myself....while standing you press against me so I can feel your cock, now hard and wanting...our lips meet...tasting my juices upon both our lips...your hands now st my breast, teasing my nipples into hardness so that they poke through the fabric of my bodysuit...your head dips to taste..your tongue flicking, my moans grow your fingers return to my butterfly, this time sliding two within me....your hand moves slowly back and forth, fucking me with your fingers....occasionally your thumb grazes my can feel my cunt grow wetter and wetter and resume your seat do you can see what you do to increase your hear me catch my breath and know that I am about to watch your fingers fucking me, see my clit harden, see my juices flow and feel my cunt muscles spasm around your fingers as my juices gush, wetting your hand, your give me a moment for my orgasm to subside, your fingers still wrapped in my velvet folds. You want to taste me, want my juices to fill your mouth, you bend your head, your tongue taking possession of my clit, sliding down to taste my butterfly wings, your fingers still within begin to fuck me again. Ever so slowly you replace your fingers with your tongue, your tongue inside me tasting me, fucking me as your thumb stokes my clit. You hear and feel my body change, my fluids fill your mouth as I cum against your mouth, your face.

As my body subsided I look down st you, urging you to stand. Our lips meet as your hand finds my breast, my fingers tracing the outline of your glorious cock, now straining against the fabric of your trousers.

My fingers nimble as they undo your belt, your fly, your cock springs forth into my eager hand, precum lubricating the glans. I turn you until your butt is perched on the edge of the desk...I open your shirt buttons as I kiss my way down to your gorgeous cock. I stop and admire him, his beauty, his hardness, my tongue flicking your gland, tasting I kiss my way down to your gorgeous cock. I stop and admire him, his beauty, his hardness, my tongue flicking your gland, tasting you.....without warning I take him in my mouth, my lips envelope your hard length, my tongue caressing.... my fingers stroking your balls....I take my time, enjoying your moans of pleasure, listening to your breathing...licking, sucking you until you tell me to stand me up...we are kissing again as you turn me around and put me back on the desk....gently you move me until I am laying back on your desk, one foot on your chair, the other hooked on a drawer, my butterfly is open wide, welcoming your cock. You stand between my legs, gazing at my butterfly, slowly stroking your move closer, you lay your cock on my butterfly, your glans upon my begin to move....coating your cock in my juices, teasing my increase your movements until my back arches as I cum over your gush visible to your watching eyes. As my orgasm subsided your glans finds my waiting cunt...watching, you slide the glans inside me as you hear me moan with desire. My hands reach for you, wanting to pull you closer, wanting you to fill me, but you evade my hands, asking me what it is I want. ‘Fill me, fuck me’ is my response. Smiling you watch your cock disappear inside me, my butterfly wings wrapping around your cock. Slowly you push into me until you are completely inside me, not moving, feeling the wet hot tightness of my cunt wrap around your cock. Not moving, your thumb strokes my clit, faster and faster until I cum, my cunt squeezing your cock, pulling you into me. Slowly you begin to move, long slow full depth strokes, you watch your cock sliding in and out of me, your cock shiny and wet, you continue fucking me, making me cum again and again.

‘Fuck me from behind’, I pull out, I stand, I put one foot up on your chair and bend forward, exposing my cunt as well as my ass. You kneel behind me, tasting me, your tongue flicking my rosebud, wet from my juices...’Yes, yes’ you hear me moan. Standing, you grip my hips, pushing into me, hard and deep. Your hips continue to move back and forth, faster and faster, your hands tighten on my hips, pulling me back towards you harder and faster until your balls lift as your cock spasms deep inside me, filling me with your beautiful cock cream. Feeling your cock spasm pushes me into my next orgasm, my pussy pulling you deeper. Staying inside me, I stand, turning my head our lips meet, long deep kisses, our breath mingling. ‘Let me taste’ I hear you whisper....I feel you kneel behind me, bending forward allowing your mouth access to my butterfly....your tongue begins it’s quest, licking, sucking, your mouth filling with our mixed continue until you make me cum again, filling your mouth with our juices, you immediately rise to kiss me and share our juices........we continue to kiss and lick at each other...tongues entwined, our breath mingles, we drink of each other. We continue kissing, caressing, touching.

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