8 Mar 2018

There will be an envelope at reception for you, go to the room and follow the instructions. That's what the message he left on my phone said. Hesitantly I walked up to the counter and said I was expecting something to be left there for me. After giving my name the young girl handed over a room key and envelope. I walked over to the elevators to head up to the room unaware that I was already been watched.

After I entered I sat down on the bed gazing around the room. Pretty standard with a large double bed, bathroom and mini bar. I poured myself a small drink to help calm my nerves and proceeded to open the envelope. Inside there was a blindfold and a piece of paper with instructions. It read lean your phone up against the mirror with a view of the bed. Take off your clothes down to your bra and panties and have the blindfold ready. When the phone rings push accept, put the blindfold on and lay back on the bed leaning up on the pillows.

Feeling nervous still but now intrigued I took off my clothes set up the phone and waited with the blindfold in my hand. I didn't have to wait long. The phone rang, I pushed accept and slid the blindfold down over my eyes then moved back onto the bed. And then I heard the reassuring sound of his voice. You look beautiful I heard him say. I am very nervous and shy and awkward and tell him so. Just listen to my voice he says and let your hands do as I say. I didn't know it but he was already downstairs sitting in a quiet corner of the hotel bar with his lap top open. He watched me arrive earlier recognising me from the pic I had sent and now he was looking straight into my room as I lay on the bed. A smile appeared on his face as he said take of your bra, slowly....

.........You recognise me as soon as I walk into the foyer of the Hotel. Looking elegant with blonde shoulder length hair framing my face. Sitting at a corner table your gaze takes in my walk and curvy figure beneath my business attire. You can tell I am a little hesitant glancing around as I pick up the envelope from reception and make my way to the elevators. You think to yourself that all is in readiness and if I follow your instructions you will soon be focusing on the pleasure that awaits. On cue a few minutes later I answer your video call . I've already taken off my jacket blouse and skirt and my white lace panties covering a my luscious mound draw in your eyes as I lounge on the bed. The velvet blindfold is in place as I slowly unclip the white lace bra releasing my very voluptuous breasts. You see me shyly covering myself with my free hand. Take your hands away, I want to see you I hear you say. I breathe in noticeably with glossy lips staying slightly apart. My legs are bent knees together modestly. Lie back for me and let me see your beautiful lace panties. I move back leaning my back and shoulders on the pillows behind me. The soft light in the room highlights my breasts and the curve of my hips . As I open my legs you see the white lace covering the mound of my sex and can make out the soft folds of my pussy. I want you to touch yourself for me but leave your panties on. I start shyly, innocently, awkwardly at first - softly touching myself with my index finger. Yes that's it touch your beautiful panties for me. You hear my breathing slowly start to quicken as my touching becomes more deliberate and firm and I gasp slightly as my index finger traces the fold of my pussy lips down the crotch of my white lace panties. Leave them on, I want you to make them wet for me. "yes" you hear me say as the fingers of my right hand begin to mark out a slow rhythmic circle on my panties above my clit in time with my breathing. Now, touch your nipples with your free hand. You can see the wetness on the white lace - as I pull aside my panties there is glimpse of my deep pink lips and glistening pussy. Your cock is throbbing straining to escape from your trousers as you take it all in....watching my hand and as my breathing quickens, my panties are pulled aside and fingers start to swirl into a hot wet pussy. I have something for you I hear you say and as I slow my stroking, my eyes straining beneath the blindfold and my senses heightened. You hear me inhale as the door to the adjoining suite clicks open and the smell of musk cologne lets me know I'm no longer alone. You watch as the surprise you arranged quietly slips into the room, and walking to the bed acknowledges you on the camera phone. They both then turn to take in the beautiful view ................