Written by juangarianojuan

13 Jul 2012


Albert lives a century or two in our future, in a little town called Busselton in Western Australia, and has decided to explore an abandoned nuclear shelter that has somehow escaped looting. He has already hiked across the land for some weeks to the distant Porongorup mountains and has found the ruins of the abandoned roadhouse marked on his map as the beginning of the trail to the Shelter.

The Story.

As he approached he saw a clump of bright green trees, not at all native to the region, that stood out from the fawns and greys of the open forest with unusual clarity, such trees usually living on after the settlement which had planted them had died out. These did in fact shelter an old concrete service station and several mounds of grass-covered ruins from which peeped sheets of old plaster, shards of glass, and a scattering of bricks, lying in all directions over the uneven surfaces.

Now the task became delicate. Surprisingly enough, Albert found the trail with little difficulty for it was still quite visible and even appeared to be in human use.

The next day the sun shone on the wet hills and Albert made his way up the track into the mountains, anxiously looking about him for any signs of life, but finding the bush empty of all creatures, natural or supernatural, human or animal, except for a few magpies, singing querulously from the higher trees. Nothing else interrupted the peaceful nature of his walk and before midday Albert stood on a great horizontal slab of rock at the base of a small cliff. On closer inspection the rock turned out to be concrete, and there in the cliff was a massive iron door set into the rock face. Embossed on this door were the familiar words "Personnel and Equipment Shelter 57". That it should all prove so easy was beyond all expectation and it was almost without surprise that, when he tried the door, he found it swung smoothly inward.

At this stage any prudent person would have hesitated and asked themselves if perhaps the Shelter was as abandoned as they had assumed it to be, but Albert was not prudent, otherwise of course he would never have come on this quest. So it was that he pushed his way in and found himself in a long tunnel cut from the living rock and lined with small glowing lights.

At this point, from far away, came the tramp of feet and the sound of voices. Albert stood still, his heart pounding. Ghosts? Robot guardians? Other plunderers?

His treatment as a prisoner was, however, of a most benevolent kind and after a few hours in a small, well-furnished room, he was taken before the Administrator, as the woman in charge of this underground community was called. She was a tall rangy woman, not much past fifty, but extremely fit for her age and she wore a strange grey jump suit, gathered at ankles and wrists. Her hair was long and lustrous, and dark brown, and showed no sign of grey. She had high cheek bones and grey eyes that seemed to twinkle as she spoke to him. She explained that he had stumbled on a group of people who had survived the holocaust of WWIII, and that he was welcome to stay with them (again that tinkle in her eyes), but he would nou doubt understand, seeing their isolation, that they would have to give him a brief medical examination. He nodded and noted how thin the fabric of the jump suit seemed to be. One could easily see the rather lush lines of the woman's body. The woman smiled at him openly now.

"Revealing, isn't it?" she said, running a hand over one of her breasts and pressing the thin cloth close, so that he could see her nipple. He suddenly felt uncomfortable as his tool began to swell. She glanced down at his crutch in a thoughtful way. "You see, we have a little problem here. One of the casualties of this enclosed existence is the male libido, which is near to being non-existent here, so we try to dress to interest our men."

He said nothing, so she motioned him to a padded table in the corner. Two other, younger women, nurses? doctors? also in the revealing grey jump suits, helped him up on the table, drew a screen around him and began to undress him, in spite of his protests. The little brunette with the dark eyes and the pert nose, who seemed to be the one in charge, placed a hand on his shoulder and told him to just calm down and everything would be all right. Her being so close however made him even longer, and he was ashamed to be exposed to total strangers like this. None the less, the women had their way and pulled off his long loose trousers and stout hemp shirt, his sandals and, pulling off his underpants, revealed his erection. It was now pulsing to his heart beat and jerking up regularly from his belly. Rather than being shocked, they seemed instead to find the sight very satisfying. They now checked his pulse, his blood pressure, took a blood sample, and took a swab from the end of his penis, which was now fully erect, for Albert found this treatment rather exciting. The tall blond, whose tits beneath the garment appeared to hang quite low, now frankly took hold of his member and began squeezing it.

"You're quite excited there, aren't you?" she said with a smile. "So you won't mind if we milk some of your semen? For breeding purposes?"

Albert swallowed nervously. "How, er..."

"Oh it's all right. You just have to lie there and think dirty thoughts and I'll do the rest," she said with a smile.

So saying she unzipped her suit to the waist and revealed her two dugs long and pendulous, with large aureoles and thick nipples, hanging down to her belly button. "We find it helps you spend more copiously if you have a bit of inspiration," she added, reaching for a bottle of aromatic oil and pouring a little on her hand. She now dribbled this onto his tool, then grabbed it eagerly and began pumping, making her breasts jerk up and down in a most exciting way. Albert glanced over at the other nurse, who had shed her garment entirely and was standing with bent legs and knees apart, fingering her large hairy cunt. She was staring at the other's hand pumping relentlessly up and down the man's tool with a vacant look in her eyes and her mouth half open, obviously in extreme arousal.

Just then the Administrator slipped in past the curtains and stood a while looking on. She began holding both her breasts and squeezing them through the thin cloth of her suit, then gave a grunt of impatience.

"Here!" she said. "You have the suction pump. You can draw it out of a vagina if you need to. Let him spend in one of us, or in all three, since I think he's ready for it. We'll get more that way anyway, and in any case, it's been too long since I had a good hard man in me!"

The blond stopped tugging on Albert's member and stepped back, knowing who was to go first, and the Administrator quickly unzipped her jump suit, stepped out of her slippers, and, quite naked,took the bemused Albert by the arm and helped him down, then she bent forward, folded her arms on the table , rested her head on her arms and allowed her copious brown hair to spread out around her. Her big tits swung below her and her firm buttocks quivered as she shuffled back and presented to him, thrusting her bum out, her piss lips gaping and wet.

He played with her slit till she began to lubricate fully then slid in. There was a moment of resistance as he pushed in, and she grunted in pain, but then he was moving in and out easily and quickly and soon spurted his barbarian seed deep into her civilised womb. The woman climbed immediately onto the table and the blond now took a long pump, inserted its point in her superior's cunt and began to pull carefully back on the plunger. Sure enough, the clear chamber was soon filled with Albert's white spunk, but he did not have time to contemplate this, for the little brunette now stopped frigging herself and led him into the main office, where she lay on the carpet, spread her plump legs and waited as he lay on her and entered her delightfully muscular little love hole. She too was helped up on the table when Albert had finished his longer tupping of her (bringing her twice to noisy climax), and emptied of her treasure. Then it was the turn of the blond, but she whispered something to the Administrator and then explained that they all thought he would have fully recharged his weapon by this evening and so she was going to wait till then.

That evening she came to his little underground flat just as he was stepping out of the shower, so he wrapped a large towel about his waist and opened to her. She stepped in and shut the door then she walked over to him and embraced him, crushing her long dugs between them. She stepped back.

"You won't need this," she said quietly, and pulled the towel from his body. Then she quickly undressed and stood against him again, his tip stabbing her ample belly. "Let's get on with it, eh?" she said, grinning in anticipation and reached for a tube in her jump-suit pocket. "This'll make you last longer, and cum more. Also it's more fun like that."

After she had smeared the white cream copiously on his dick and balls he was rock hard and wondered if he could hold out as long as she thought, but he need not have worried, for they made love fast, then slow, then fast again, for almost an hour before he finally shot his load.

As they lay there, still joined, his body lying between her legs, feeling totally drained, she reached down, grabbed his buttocks and gently squeezed.

"I hope you don't mind, but I invited a friend along for afters..." After that there was no more talk of seringes and conserving his seed, but rather simply of good hard fucking.

And so began one of the most enjoyable times in Albert's life, as he serviced all twenty odd women in the little underground settlement again and again, making most of them gravid and being hailed as their hero. It was two or three months by the time he had accomplished this task, and by then he had become familiar also with the men of the group, who stood somewhat in awe of him. In the end it was decided to arrange for selected groups of women, in twos and threes, to go out with Albert to his little town and to lie with as many men as they could, then to return, fertilised, to the underground community.

In the end Albert solved the problem of introducing these often ravishing creatures to the men of his world, by letting it be known that they were distant relatives staying with him and his aunt in the old motel, and by encouraging male visits. In return the grateful women handed over to Albert some of the wonderful inventions of that distant past and he soon became the de facto ruler of Busselton. Through his descendents (through his aunt and cousin, whom he kept as his concubines, and through many of the children of the underground women, who sometimes opted to live with their genitor), he also founded a whole little civilisation where the ravages of the last war were reversed and humanity again climbed to heights of technological excellence and power that were its heritage.

And so, a century later when the Tharg, a hideous and wart-encrusted race of amphibians with a green skin and big poppy eyes, came from a distant star system and tried to invade the Earth, we were able to repulse them. This was fortunate for the Tharg wanted to enslave the entire human population and to turn them into cattle, to be used in a big galactic chain of fast food outlets called Tharg Burgers Inc. Thanks however to Albert and his prodigious libido, this did not happen.