Written by juangarianojuan

24 Jun 2012

It was mid morning in the abandoned service station and motel where Albert lived. He had just moved there a month before to stay with the woman who owned it and the only other guest, a girl of some twenty summers who got occasional work in town and who was at the moment between jobs. Neither of the women seemed to find him very likeable. He was therefore lonely and frustrated. He had decided to do something about it.

Albert was a magician, or at least would have liked to have been one. Unfortunately there were few places in the twenty-first century where you could study that sort of thing. All the old universities were closed, people lived in small hamlets, in the shells of the old concrete buildings, and they spent their time cultivating their gardens or lying around in hammocks. So Albert had been forced to learn all his magic from old books and, apart from a few strange but doubtful experiences in a graveyard, his practice of the black art had been singularly unsuccessful.

"Damn," he said quietly to himself on noting the failure of his fourteenth attempt to conjure up and mate with a succubus. The preparations had begun well enough. He had chanted the incantations with the proper sonority and the flash of the magic powder when it hit the brazier was impressive, then when the thick cloud of black smoke smelling of something strange drifted away, he saw the woman. She was about thirty and stark naked, with long black hair reaching to her bum, long pointed goat tits with dark nipples the size of thumbs, a full belly and broad hips, a thick glossy mat of pubic hair. She had dark eyes and full red lips and her skin was quite brown. Seeing him, she gave a little start, then she swayed over and touched him lightly on the groin and he was immmediately and painfully erect, and with her musky, animal scent in his nostrils he quickly pulled off shirt and thin cotton trousers and allowed her to lead him to the bed by his cock. Once he was lying there on his back she knelt beside him and leant over, her wonderful tits swaying in the dim light and with her long, strong fingers she took hold of his manhood and looking into his eyes with a grin on her face, puckered her full lips and drooled copiously on his tip. Then she gave a little shudder of anticipation and began to pump his erection quickly and surely, her tits jerking furiously now, and he noticed to his surprise and excitement that she had started to lactate, little white drops flying off into the air. Suddenly he felt his buttocks clench and his back arch and he knew he was about to come. He moaned a feeble "No, no" and tried to stop her milking his spunk like this, for he wanted to spend in her wonderful body...

Then there was a feeling of static electricity, a spitting sound and she disappeared. Albert got unsteadily up, still hard and jutting and frustrated, and pulled on his loose trousers and shirt, then pulled back the Hessian sheet that did service as a door. The sunlight streamed in and he walked out into the courtyard, breathed in clean air (laced with that pungent tang that only a wet refuse heap can give) and stretched jerkily. He nodded to the mistress of the motel and to the young woman who now glared at him from the two opposite doorways, identical pictures of stocky female discontent, each towsled of hair, bare of foot and wearing an old dressing gown. Then Albert caught the younger woman's eye. She was staring hungrily from beneath her almost neanderthal brows at the way his pants jutted out and when she caught his gaze she smiled a mocking smile, then stepped back into her doorway, holding the curtain to one side, where the older woman could not see her. Slowly she pulled aside the gown she had been holding across her body and revealed her ripe belly with its thick mat of pubic hair, and her two heavy dugs, gave a little pout of frustation, and then she turned and disappeard behind her door curtain. He knew she had not had a man for some weeks and must be feeling needy. The older woman glared at him one more time in a suspicious way, as though she guessed what was going on and disappeared into her own doorway.. He waited till he was sure she had gone then padded in his bare feet across to the other guest's door and pulled aside the curtain, entered. His eyes took a moment to adjust, but when they did he saw that, as he had hoped, she was quite naked and stretched out on the rustic bed, fingering her thick nipples and her fleshy wet slit. Her long brown hair was spread out in a fan on the pillow and her heavy breasts hung down on either side of her full body. Her grey green eyes looked steadily at him. She was a muscular lass, though with heavy features but he found her very attractive now, and frantic to relieve himself in her nubile flesh. She said nothing but spread her heavy thighs and grinned in anticipation as he dropped his trousers and removed his shirt. She gave a little shudder when she saw his thick, hard member, then closed her eyes as he climbed on the bed and lay quite naked on her, his tool pressed against her stomach. He kissed her, tongued her mouth then, impatient as they both were, he raised his buttocks, she grabbed his member with a calloused hand, and he thrust as she guided his erection into her waiting cavity. She gave a little grunt of pleasure as he pounded into her, then, because he did not want to stop, could not stop, he rammed in and came in spurt after spurt, filling her ample womb.

They may have lain there for some time, resting, but were suddenly aware of a movement in the corner. "Oh shit," said the girl, a look of annoyance on her sated features. Albert turned and saw the owner standing there just inside the door, her gown open at the front, her large horny feet bare, her big freckled boobs hanging down with the huge aureoles and nipples like thumbs, her sagging belly, and her thatch of pubic hair. This and the mane of untidy grey hair on her head, the lined, strong features, suddenly made Albert want her so strongly that he was hard again. He quickly pulled out of his previous fuck and stood up by the bed, embarrassed.

"Don't you think you could share some of that with your old friend?" said the woman to girl, who now also rolled off the bed, without comment, and grabbed up a short length of dark polished wood, rounded on the end, from a shelf. She sat on a wooden stool, leant against the wall, spread her legs and began with great concentration and practised expertise to move her large homemade dildo in and out, in an out of her slopping love slit, making her big tits quiver, panting now but staring for all her worth at what the other was doing. The older woman, on her part, slipped off the old gown and let it drop to the floor, then padded over quite naked and grabbed Albert's tool as he stood by the bed. Suddenly he was standing against her, pressing against her big tits, pushing his hips against hers and kissing her, their tongues entwining. She pushed him away. "Just fuck me" she grunted and got down on all fours on the old concrete floor, presenting her broad hips and wet slit to him. He fell to his knees and held onto her bum as he fed his tool into her. It slid in easily at first, for she was big and slack and very wet from having already watched the younger couple make love, but as he began pumping he felt to his surprise her cunt walls close about him and then begin to spasm and grip him as the woman started to shudder and go into orgasm. "Oh yes!" he cried, completely carried away and shot his warm load into her willing cunt.

Though Albert never did conjure up a successful succubus, he did not mind so much now, for he spent most of his time and all of his semen, keeping the two women content and getting them both to fall pregnant. Later of course there were other adventures but that is another story.