15 Sep 2015

Clare and Shane had been friends of mine for years. Clare was a great looking girl and had dated a few of my mates even giving me a good head job on one drunken occasion. She married Shane and settled down but there was always chat she was into the swinging scene. I lived nearby and would catchup regularly, sometimes at the local pub when they had a childminder for their young kids. I called over one day and Clare was just saying goodbye to a cute young brunette who I later found out was the daughter of their neighbours and now their regular childminder. Clare mentioned that Amy had just turned 18 and was spending a fair bit of time at their house and they got on very well. I said she was cute but joked that being about 10 years younger probably too young for me. Clare laughed and said that Amy was a virgin and had been chatting a lot recently quizzing Clare about sex and Clare had been divulging some of her awesome sex life with Shane.

A few weeks later I was dropping off some dvd’s for Shane and Clare said that Amy was due over and that she was going to show her how to masturbate and orgasm. Clare was always happy to talk about sex but I was a little surprised she was telling me this. I told her Amy was lucky to have such a good teacher and that she was no doubt in good hands. As I was about to leave the door bell rang and there was Amy looking very hot in a short skirt and tight fighting top, unbuttoned to show some good cleavage. Clare introduced us, I smiled looking deeply into Amy’s dark brown eyes thinking to myself how lucky a girl she was. Amy smiled back and I said “have a great day” with a cheeky nod which likely gave away that I knew what was about to happen. I purposely called over the next day when Shane was out, Clare smiled and quickly said that she knew I was there to hear how things had gone the day before.

Amy had asked Clare about orgasms and Clare had asked if Amy had ever had one. She thought she had but Clare soon realised that what Amy thought was an orgasm was far from it and after some further chat agreed to show Amy how to masturbate. On the agreed day Clare opened a bottle of wine and after a few glasses to relax Amy she said they should get down to business, while Shane was out with the kids. She grabbed Amy’s hand and brought her upstairs to the bedroom. Telling Amy to remove her skirt and pants Amy was a little embarrassed and Clare removed hers and helped Amy with hers. Clare told Amy to watch as she began to rub her pussy and massage her clit, ocassionally darting a few fingers inside her. Clare told Amy to copy her and Amy began to rub her lovely virgin pussy, complete with a small wisp of light pubic hair. Clare began to increase the momentum and moaning as she got closer to orgasm. Both girls lying on the bed fingering themselves must have been an amazing sight. After about 5 minutes Clare moaned loudly as she orgasmed and looked over at Amy who wasn’t having much success. Clare asked if she wanted her to help and Amy shyly agreed. Amy gasped as Clare found her clit and began to rub it inserting a finger into her pussy to find her g-spot. Amy blushed slightly and began to moan as Clare worked her expert fingers. Amy cried out ‘don’t stop’ as Clare stopped to adjust her fingers. After a few minutes Amy was moaning louder, her breathing intermittent and then suddenly her body shuddered as she experienced her first orgasm. Amy lay back for a few seconds breathing heavily and taking in what had just happened. Clare asked Amy how she felt and she responded saying it was amazing and she wished she had discovered orgasms before then. Amy asked Clare to do it again and for the next hour Clare showed Amy her collection of vibrators, each playing with them Clare and agreed to lend one to Amy while she also got Amy to bring her to orgasm using her fingers and expert tuition from Clare and agreed that she would teach her more over the coming weeks.

On their next session Amy experienced her first woman with Clare going down on Amy and showing her expertly how to use the vibrator she’d lent her and with Clare explaining in detail how to go down on a woman. The two were having great fun one teaching the other learning and no doubt Clare was thoroughly enjoying her new found role. Amy was beginning to ask more about what it was like to have a cock inside her and was bold enough to ask how big Shane was and get Clare to talk in greater detail about her sex life. It was obvious that Amy was wanting to experience sex herself and typically Clare had a plan.

A crowd of us were in the pub one evening including Clare and Shane, I asked Clare how Amy was getting on and she told me the story of her first orgasm and ongoing teaching. Clare asked me if I liked Amy and I said that I did. As we had a few more drinks Clare asked me if I would like to be Amy’s first and excitedly I said I would. I asked if Shane knew and she said she always told him everything and that he’d agreed I would likely be keen when she suggested it. A few nights later Clare and Shane had invited me over for dinner, the kids were at her mothers and when I arrived there was Amy, glass of wine in hand sat in a tight fitting black dress which hugged her slim figure and looking stunning. I handed Shane a bottle of wine I’d brought and kissed Amy on both cheeks telling her it was great to see her again. Clare winked at me and mouthed “tonight”. We enjoyed a meal Clare had prepared and the wine flowed. The chat turned to Amy with Clare saying how much Amy had come on since she had begun teaching her about the female body. I said I doubted there was a better teacher and Amy agreed, giggling. After a few more drinks Clare asked Amy if she was ‘ready’ to which she nodded with a slight blush. Clare took Amy by the hand and we headed upstairs to the bedroom and Clare then told Amy to take off her dress ‘to let the men see her beautiful body’. Amy removed her dress to reveal a stunning body, ample c cups and no pants. Shane and I nodded and agreed with Clare. Shane removed Clare’s top and bra and Clare told Amy to show us her masturbating skills to which she happily complied. My cock was soon hard just watching this cute 18 year old playing with her sweet pussy and the thought of popping her cherry, Clare then asked Amy if she was ready. Clare looked at me and said you will be Amy’s first, they’d discussed this over previous days and Amy had agreed she was attracted to me and would like me to be the first.

I took off my shirt, unbuttoned my jeans and removed my boxers to reveal my hard cock. Clare said “oh Amy look at that hard cock, you’ll enjoy having that inside you”. Amy asked if she could touch it, I nodded and she pulled on it wanking me slightly and pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of my hard cock. I then pushed Amy gently up the bed and parted her legs so that I could taste her sweet virgin pussy, she was quite wet already. Amy moaned as a licked up and down her pussy and after a few minuted of sucking on her clit I said ok I think it’s time. I massaged the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips and she moaned. Clare said “right come on I think she’s more than ready”, no doubt Clare was getting off on all of this. I entered Amy gently aware that it would likely hurt the first time. I gradually pushed further in and she gasped hard, her body stiffening. She relaxed and I began to ease in and out and after the initial shock a look of joy came over Amy’s face. I increased the tempo and thought to myself how lucky I was to be fucking this sweet young virgin with her tight young pussy. I kissed Amy and she responded, I explored her mouth with my tongue and her breathing increased. I pushed her legs up around her and enjoyed watching my cock buried in her tight young hole. I withdrew and said I though Amy should experience doggy style to which Amy agreed. By this stage Clare and Shane, clearly turned on by what was happening were both naked and Clare was giving Shane a blow job as they both watched the two of us.

I turned Amy around and she pushed her cute little ass up in the air ready for more. I licked her pussy up and down and let my tongue caress her ass which sent a spasm up her body, I then parted her cheeks and slowly eased into her from behind. She tried to move in rhythm with my thrusts but was a little out of sync. I held her and brought her into sync as I thrust harder and harder into her. I massaged her nipples which were now hard. Reaching around I rubbed her clit and brought her closer to orgasm. She let out a scream as the orgasm hit her and I could feel her orgasm warm on my cock. We continued a while longer as her orgasm passed before pulling out and emptying a large load over her back. Clare smiled and asked Amy how her first time was. Amy smiled with great enthusiasm and agreed it was more than she could have expected, Clare then asked her if she was ready for a second cock.

Shane smiled and Amy turned over and lay on her back. Shane then entered Amy and began to thrust into her grinning and quite obviously enjoying the fruits of his wifes handy work. Clare then moved over and began to rub Amy’s clit as I watched on. Shane tried a few different positions with Clare’s instruction and Amy moaned in pleasure, what a sight to behold. After about 15 minutes Shane said he was ready to cum, he pulled out and Clare took him in her mouth swallowing his full load. Amy lay on the bed looking exhausted but satisfied. I cleaned myself up and asked Amy how she was, she smiled and thanked me, I replied “anytime” and that I’d really enjoyed myself, I gave her a long kiss darting my tongue into her mouth and left the others to the remaining wine and a few more hours of fun no doubt.

The lessons with Clare didn’t end there and I was lucky enough to see Amy on a number of occasions taking her out and her calling over to my house, she was enjoying experimenting with things Clare was teaching her and I was happy to facilitate all the time under the guise that she was child minding for Clare. But that’s another story for another time.