Written by Williamc38

1 Dec 2015

black fur coat and the shower


Photography – beach sunset

Return home to have shower

Finish with massage.

Vanessa had responded to the offer of a photographic session weeks ago it was now the night before and feeling excited and nervous for the unknown.

This would be her first time.

Browsing for lingerie and purchasing a few which were laid out on the bed. Vanessa pondered how to decide which one to wear, the gorgeous black babydoll or the Black Stretch Lace Garter Dress. The latter looked great but was definitely for a special occasion.

The full moon was out, so Vanessa had been soaking in the bath decided that the candle going out was time to finish and get out of the bath. The bubbles glided down her body as she stepped out onto the black bath matt and reaching for the black bath towel. Drying her hair and then down along the lines of her body finishing with her toes. The droplets glistened thought disappeared with the towel soaking up and taking the bubbles away.

Vanessa lit another candle as she walked into her bedroom… The vanilla scent was so gorgeous to sleep and cleanse the mind as the dreams raced through the evening.

The day was seemed to take forever as the excitement and anticipation was building all day.

Vanessa put on her black babydoll, heels and the Black Fur Coat to finish the outfit, as the doorbell rang. Grabbing her lipstick and keys and putting them in her bag as she confidently walked to the door to answer.

The trip was short to the beach with the cliff and great sounds of the ocean caressing the sand and rocks.

Walking down the steps to the beach and viewing the horizon with the clouds and the orange sunset just beginning. The colours were amazing and certainly going to be a setting that would capture the moment and the senses.

The moment that Vanessa stood on the landing the first photo was captured with her beauty showing. Each step down was captured… her life was about to be a treasure to enjoy and relive again and again in memory and being able to view her beauty.

Vanessa’s legs slipped through the Black Fur coat and the sexuality was one that was just amazing.

A wave crashed on the rocks and birds flew everywhere to escape. Snapping her neck around to view the water splashing everywhere… The coat gaped open revealing her black babydoll as the photo was captured and smiling as the air raised it up as well… Knickers and heels and her arse captured…

Vanessa blushed as she looked as she reached the last step.

It was time to remove the heels as these were not easy to walk over the sand but would look great for the rest of the pics taken as being easy to put on and take off, a great accessory.

Walking across the sand and feeling the cool sand between the toes. Reaching the wet sand it was easier to walk along as the footprints showed the path that was leading and the future excitement that was ahead…

As the sun was setting the colours were changing rapidly and the cliffs shone as a gorgeous background for Vanessa to stand in front and indulge with showing her sexuality… Vanessa removed her Black Fur coat and put her heels back on. Standing, bending over, leaning against the cliff and looking to the horizon. The eroticism of the moment was captured and beginning to remove all barriers that in her mind as they were truly gone from all the pictures.

Vanessa decided to sit and stretch her legs out as more moments were captured as the sun was disappearing. As Vanessa ran her fingers up along her leg and along her thigh till reaching her pussy where she glided fingers in and out but without any hesitation motioned her fingers for the camera to come closer…

It was at that moment that the camera was just still on the tripod taking pics every 15 seconds… Todd had moved closer and moved slowly along her legs until reaching the treasure and beginning to slowly and delicately glide the tongue over the clit… Vanessa breathed deeply… pushing her into the rocks though realising the pressure as deep within her she breathed out… Leaning back and parting her legs the senses were alight with fire… The desire was there and she wanted to be taken as the sun disappeared.

A wave crashed into the rocks with a spray of water wafting toward the cliffs. The droplets falling over Vanessa and bringing her temperature down.

Vanessa stood and looked down at the camera sending it a kiss, as she strode along the sand. The water caressed how toes as she walked along. Turning and kicking the water in the air she just felt so alive and that her life was an adventure that she could do and make as she wanted.

Todd continued to capture the free spirit that was released with the water spraying in the air as washed against her legs.

The darkness had set in with the ambience of the sunset dissolved into the blackness with stars beginning to shine. Though the whiteness as the waves crashed and night had begun as Vanessa walked towards the steps.

Reaching the steps Vanessa slipped on the first heel and then the second as she began to saunter up the steps. Looking back to the cliffs and smiling.

Slipping her Black Fur coat on and walking towards the car and stepping in. A quick trip home. Licking her lips and the taste of salt.

Turning into the driveway, Vanessa’s mind wondered what was about to happen.

Locking the car Vanessa then opened the front door. Todd said “Go and have a shower and take as long as you want.” Smiling as he carried in two black bags, closing the door behind him.

Vanessa turned the hot water on. Stepping back she took her Black Fur coat off and twirl as she dropped it, smiling. Slipping off her heels and tossing them to the corner. The camera was there capturing her every move, so she slipped into the shower and slowly turned around as the water cascaded over her and the babydoll clung to her body. Bending down and leaning to the camera… smiling…

Vanessa took the babydoll let it slip to the floor as the water flowed. Reaching down for her bodywash and began to wash all over her body. The scent, touch and water was invigorating her body and mind. Curiosity was beginning to get the better of her as she finished washing her legs.

Turning the water off and getting her black towel, dried her face and just a quick rub over her head leaving her hair with the wet look.

Vanessa wrapped the dressing gown and walked into her bedroom where she found candles and the lavender scent wafting through the house.

The bedroom had been set up with cameras and lighting to capture all that was going to happen and Vanessa stood still taking all in that her mind would grapple with as darkness was sudden as a blindfold was placed over her eyes.

Vanessa knew this room and was very comfortable though Todd led her out to the main room where a table had been transformed to look like a worshipping to the ancients gods was about to occur. The candles burned with flickering flames through the room. The bonds at the corner of each leg of the table. The toys laid out on the bench next to the chair on the red couch.

Todd walked Vanessa up to the table and the dressing gown dropped to the floor and then placed her hands on the table and stretched them forward and linked them to the restraints on the table.

Slowly Todd dripped oil across the cheeks watching it trickle down, though not going far before caressing the skin as it soaked the oil. The arse was certainly smooth and with each droplet of oil Vanessa will breathe deeply, anticipating the touch on her skin. As each drop of oil was released the length of the massage on the skin would extend down the leg and back up the inner thigh. Slowly, as it was the senses that needed to be allowed to experience all as this was certainly something that Vanessa had never done.