Written by ErotiqueMael

24 Oct 2009

At a small table tucked in the back of the quaint coffee shop, the world came crashing down on the auburn haired beauty as she came to the disturbing conclusion that she really didn't know a damn thing about issues of the world. Sure she knew things, but the farther she got into the book, 'The World Uncensored', the more she realized she didn't know half of what she should know. When one has to stop every so often and search the Internet for half the people listed in the book, it tends to make you realize that there may be a bit more in the world than you have been exposed to.

In mid-sentence, Ashlee, named after an exotic beauty of the 60's, sat staring blankly at the chapter 3. The little observation about politics soon blossomed into more complicated. What else had she been missing out on? What else had she denied herself, whether knowingly or unknowingly? Was she afraid of what it might bring?

`Hello there.' A deep masculine voice interrupted her unnerving contemplation.

She looked up a little annoyed at having been disturbed. A pair of eyes you would swear were black met hers. The tan face broke into a charming smile. `Hi.'

The stranger sat down without being asked. He flipped his shoulder-length black hair away from his face as he settled himself in the seat. A waitress appeared with a cup of coffee as if on cue. `Ah. I love the smell of espresso.' He commented as he took a sip.

`Uh. Do I know you?' Ashlee asked straightforward.

`Not yet. My name is Phillip.' He reached out a hand; a half crest ring gleamed from his finger.

`Ashlee.' She stuck her hand out.

He captured it and turned it over palm up. He bent and kissed the inside of her wrist. The unexpected kiss sent butterflies to her stomach and warning bells to her head. She silently debated with herself trying to decide which one she should listen to. Her head or her stomach?

She gently pulled her hand away. `Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?'

`Oh no no, Ashlee. It is not what you can do for me; it is what can I do for you?' Phillip looked deep into her eyes.

`Ummm well considering I don't know you, there is nothing you can do for me.' Ashlee stated, growing aggravated at the stranger, a darkly handsome stranger she admitted, but still a stranger.

`Oh, Ashlee, don't be so sure of that. I have plenty to offer you. I can show you a whole other world, if you are willing.' Phillip said in low hypnotic tones.

Ashlee jerked her head up. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously on him. How could he have known though? Unless he could read minds, she laughed at that. `I like my world, thank you.'

`Ah.' He said simply. He didn't say anything else, just kept his eyes transfixed on hers.

`Well, I do!' Ashlee defended herself when he didn't comment.

`I am sure you do, Ashlee. However, I can show you another part of this world and, I guarantee you will also love this one as well.' He stated it like it was a fact. Like there was no possible way she would hate whatever he was going to show her. He saw her look down at her book and he remained silent for a moment.

`What is this you are trying to show me?' Ashlee looked back into his eyes.

`I couldn't begin to justify it with words, but I promise you this, it is nothing that will harm you in anyway. I am just simply trying to give people a new perspective on life. A new undiscovered way to live and experience life.'

As he spoke in those soft, confident tones, Ashlee felt herself believing every word he said. 'What would it hurt if I had a look at what he was talking about?' She asked herself. She was tired life passing her by. She silently made a vow not to let opportunities pass her by anymore!

`Nothing that will harm me?'

`I Promise, Ashlee.' He stood up and offered his hand.

She looked up in his eyes and placed her hand in his. She smiled and walked away from the table, the book still open to chapter 3. She kept her eyes glued to him as they picked their way through the tables. He held the door open for her and she finally broke his stare. A black limo pulled up in front of the coffee shop. A handsome black man held the door open for her as he smiled.

Ashlee stepped into the spacious limo and sat on the seat at the back. Phillip slid in beside her. `Now your journey begins.' He smiled mysteriously.

The promise held in that sentence sent shivers down Ashlee's body. She watched him pour her and him a glass of champagne. `To new experiences. May they enhance our minds and enrich our lives.' He held his glass up.

Ashlee downed the drink her eyes bore into his. He chuckled. `Does it meet your approval?'

The taste was sweet with only a hint of a bitterness, which she couldn't quite place. `It's wonderful.' Ashlee felt the drink spread her way through her body. Her body started heating. Powerful champagne!

`Open the box beside you.'

Ashlee looked down, surprised that she hadn't seen the box before now. She untied the red bow and lifted the lid. A long slink black dress lay in the box, if you could call it a dress that is! It was open all the way to the waist with only 3 thin pieces of material holding the dress over the breasts. She pulled it out. She noticed that the sides were also completely open with those same 3 thin strips of material at the hips and underneath her arm. The lower part of the dress was cut right down the center on both the back and front, resembling long flaps. At least she got a black thong to help cover the exposed areas! Black stiletto heels sat in the bottom of the box.

`Do you like it?' Phillip ran a finger over her collarbone as he whispered seductively in her ear.

`It's umm'¦ revealing!' She exclaimed.

`You will look great in it. Put it on.' He commanded.

Ashlee looked at him. `HERE?!'

Phillip looked deep in her eyes. `Yes, Ashlee. Here!.'

In the back of her head, she knew she should have said, `Ok. Stop the car. I am out of here!' Yet the command and the look in his eyes caused a hot throbbing between her legs and she knew she would do anything he asked as long as he kept looking at her like that.

`Go ahead. Remove your clothes and put on the dress.' He told her.

Her fingers shook as they reached up and started unbuttoning her shirt. She shrugged it off and let it hit the seat. She kept her eyes on his as she unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. She braced herself against the back of the seat as she lifted her hips to slide the jeans down her legs. Her body was reacting to just his look, for he did nothing but stare into her eyes, yet her body felt like his hands were sliding over her. She could feel her g string grow wet as her juices made their presence known.

`What are you feeling, Ashlee? Tell me.' The softly spoken command floated to her ears.

`I uh'¦' she didn't know how to explain this. He hadn't even touched her but she could feel her nipples harden and push against her bra in protest. `My body feels like it is on fire.'

`Mmmmmm do you want to touch yourself, Ashlee?'

`Y-yes.' She whispered finally breaking his gaze.

`Take your bra and panties off now, Ashlee.' Phillip let his eyes slide down to watch her hands reach behind her and release her bra. She slid it down her arms, leaving her tits standing proudly. Her nipples were large and hard. He could tell they wanted a mouth around them. His eyes followed her hands as they slide slowly down her body to grab the waistband of her g string.

`Do it, Ashlee.' He ordered when he saw her hesitate. Her hips lifted again and her panties met her jeans on the floor. `Sit on the seat facing me, Ashlee.'

She quickly did as she was told. Her legs fell open on their own accord. She didn't know what was going on with her. The thought crossed her mind fleetingly that she had been drugged. Yet the pressures of her body drove out that thought as soon as it entered.

`Grab your nipples.'

Her fingers flew to pinch her nipples. She bit her lip to stop the moan.

Phillip watched her with her head back against the seat as she rubbed and tugged on her nipples. `No, Ashlee. Open your eyes. You will never see the new experiences if your eyes are closed against them.' Ashlee's stunning, desire filled eyes flew open to his.

`Open your legs wide for me.' Phillip commanded. His eyes flew to her pussy as she spread her legs open as wide as she could. Her clit was pulsating. `You are close.'

`Yes.' Ashlee breathed.

`Stick one finger deep inside you, Ashlee.' He heard her cry out as she obeyed. `NO! Don't fuck yourself yet, Ashlee!'

Ashlee whimpered but stilled her hand. She looked down at her hand as one finger was buried deep inside her. She could feel her walls throbbing hard.

`Rub your thumb against your clit, Ashlee. Continue to do so until I tell you to stop.' He watched, satisfied when she immediately started rubbing her clit back and forth. He noticed how her hips started moving back and forth a little involuntarily with each rub.

Phillip unzipped his pants and let his large, hard cock stand proudly out from the black pants.


Her eyes went to him. Her eyes widened as she took in his hard cock. OMG how she wanted that. Her mouth watered. She had to taste that. She had to have it in her mouth. Her finger started sliding in and out of her pussy a little.

`Ashlee!' He reached forward. `When I give you an order, you better listen to me! Do NOT fuck yourself or I will be forced to make you stop all together!'

`Sorry! Forgive me, Phillip! Please! I just,' she begged.

`Silence! Do you want my dick, Ashlee?'

`Fuck yes.' She cried out.

Phillip grinned. She was ready. `Do you want me to cum on you, Ashlee? Do you want to feel my hot cum sliding down your body?'

Ashlee's body shuddered. She let out a moan and shook her head repeatedly yes. `Please, Phillip.'

`If I honor you by cumming on you, you will be mine.' He warned.

His? What does that mean? The thought penetrated her brain.

`Ashlee, do you want to become mine? Do you want me to fuck my hand as I stand over you? Do you want to feel my cum hit your face, slide down to your nipples? Do you want me to suck my cum off your nipples?'

`YES! Yes!!! I am yours!!' All thoughts vanished. Her body needed release.

`Start fucking yourself hard, Ashlee.' He watched 2 of her fingers drive deep inside her pussy. He watched as the walls sucked at them not wanting them to leave and then accept them as they returned. `Keep rubbing your clit, Ashlee.'

When he saw her pussy quivering, he stood up. `Are you mine, Ashlee?'

She nodded.

`Ashlee, look into my eyes. Are you mine ?'

She started up into his eyes. `I am yours, Phillip.'

He grinned an evil grin. `Cum when you feel my cum hit your face, Ashlee.' He started jerking off above her. Within minutes he was ready to cum. `Look in my eyes, Ashlee.' When she did as he ordered, he let his cum shoot all over her face.

Ashlee saw him cum and then felt the hot liquid slide down her face, she fucked herself faster as she felt herself cum hard all over her hands.

Phillip watched his cum slide down her face to catch her nipples. Phillip proceeded to suck his cum off her nipples.

`Clean yourself up.'

He watched her mouth suck greedily at what was left of his cum. When she got the last of it, he told her, `Get dressed now, Ashlee. We are almost there.'

Ashlee quickly slid on the black thong and black dress. The dressed seemed as if it were made specifically for her. It clung to curves in all the right places. Ashlee settled back into the seat.

They rode in silence. The car came to a tall gate. It slowly opened and as they pulled through Ashlee pressed up against the glass. `Where are we?'

Phillip smiled. `My house.' Which was an understatement. This was no `house'. It was huge. Judging by the windows, Ashlee could count 16 rooms on just the front part of the house alone! The driveway wound its way through well-sculptured landscapes. A fountain stood in the center of the circular driveway of a young woman naked with just a sheet barely covering her nipples and crotch. One arm was outstretched as if she welcomed you personally.

The handsome driver opened the car door again and he offered his hand to help her out of the car. `Ma'am.'

`Thank you.' She stepped out of the vehicle a little unsurely. She wasn't use to wearing stilettos.

Phillip followed her and grabbed her by the elbow. `Come and I will show you everything I promised.'

A beautiful, tall exotic looking woman opened the door as they neared the entrance. `Welcome home, master, I am Claire she said gently taking Ashlee' s hand and tracing one finger down from her neck to the tip of her middle finger'¦.Clair whispered under her breath, in her deep sexy tones, we will show you your uncensored self tonight'¦..As Claire strolled away Ashlee could not take her eye of Claire's deliciously sensual body walking seductively like a big cat in heat'

'Master?! What the hell?' Ashlee's brain finally started working again. `Um, Phillip. What's this all about?'

Phillip slid his arm down to her lower back and he pulled her in closer. `Shh, Ashlee. All questions will be answered momentarily.'

`But-' She started to protest, but the opening of the second door silenced her. Only thing that filled the great room was a table'¦ surrounded by 20 beautiful women all ranging in color, race, and body type. All wore dresses similar to Ashlee's and there was not one woman there that a man would have turned away. They all looked up expectedly.

Phillip pushed her forward. `This is Ashlee. She is new to the house.' He walked her over to sit at seat nearest him at the head of the table.

3 women came to immediately start filling plates and the wine glasses. They never looked up, just went about their business. After making sure every plate was filled with delectable fruits and wine in ever glass, they left as quietly as they entered.

Phillip held his glass up. `To you, my sweet Libertines.'

They all smiled raised their glass and drank their wine in one swallow. Ashlee looked around. A little curious at what all was going on. Everyone was acting so strangely.

`Drink your wine, Ashlee.' Phillip's dark eyes were on her.

Ashlee looked at him and almost refused. But whatever she was about to see, it would be better if she had some alcohol in her. She drank it all.

Food was all eaten and the wine all gone. Ashlee's face felt flushed. She didn't feel drunk, but her mind was foggy and her body was heated again. She felt her pussy starting to throb again. She drank the last of her wine and she suddenly realized. The wine. It was drugged! She threw an accusing look at Phillip.

`It is only to free your mind. People have pre-set ideas of what is acceptable and what is not. They deny themselves experiences they might enjoy just because they think they are 'wrong'.' He explained without being asked.

It made sense to her. Or at least, it made sense to her drug-filled mind.

Phillip looked around and saw the flushes on all his women. They began licking their lips and squirming in their seats. Ahhhh. He loved his ladies. They were all so incredible. All so very sexy. `Ladies. Follow me.'

Phillip rose walked to the back of the room to a 'hidden' door. He pushed on the wall and it opened. He stepped inside. He turned to grab Ashlee's hand.

Ashlee's eyes grew wide. The room itself looked like it took up a quarter of the house, it was so large. It was done up to resemble a huge garden. A pool with a trickling waterfall lined one of the walls. Benches, trees, beds, flowers, grass, and waterfalls filled the magnificent room. The women including Claire all filed behind Phillip and Ashlee.

Phillip looked into Ashlee's eyes. `This is my world. These are my Libertines. And you, my horny femme, are my newest Libertine.'

`No.' Ashlee shook her head. She was trying to break through the fog filling her mind.

`You already promised your service to me, Ashlee.'

`Never!' She cried as she started backing away. Three women grabbed her and held her hostage.

`I am afraid so, Ashlee. Remember in the car? When I came on you?' Phillip's eyes bore into hers.

'YES!! Yes!!! I am yours!' the words came hauntingly back to her. `Please. I didn't want this.' She begged.

Phillip laughed. `I think you do. You wanted to see another part of the world. This is my part of it.' He motioned for all the women but the ones holding Ashlee to stand before him.

`You will love the freedom my world gives you.' Phillip told her. He turned to his other women. `Remove your clothes, my little sluts.'

They all did as they were told and soon all the women stood naked, waiting for the next instructions. `Claire, remove Ashlee's clothes.'

The tall exotic Claire stepped forward. Ashlee cried out. `Noo! Please don't do this! I don't want to be anyone's sex toy!' She tried pulling away from them. It was no use. Claire ripped the front of her dress as she pulled the pieces covering her tits. The material fell open to reveal Ashlee's hard nipples.

`Ah see, Ashlee. You are aroused.' Phillip felt his cock harden as he watched Claire rip apart Ashlee's dress. He loved this part. He loved the fight almost as much as the surrender. `Claire, do you want to taste Ashlee's beautiful nipples?'

Claire looked back, pleasure in her deep brown eyes. `Please, may I suck them? They look so delicious.'

Phillip smiled. `Taste them, Marney.' Phillip motioned for half the remaining women to undress him. He noticed the other half had already started their games. He saw three women kissing and rubbing each other as they watched Marney.

`No.' Ashlee whispered as she tried to twist her body to dodge Marney's mouth. Ashlee felt a soft tongue flick against her nipple and then a mouth suck her left nipple. `Please'¦ don't.' She tried again.

Marney paid her no mind. She had to taste the sweet flesh laid out before her. Marney sucked hard on Ashlee's left nipple until she felt it throbbing in her mouth.

The two women on Ashlee's side leaned over to rub their own tits against Ashlee as they licked up and down each side of her neck. They somehow managed to take off their clothes while still holding Ashlee prisoner.

Ashlee threw her head back. She felt the one behind her, rubbing her hands inside the flaps of Ashlee's dress. She felt a finger slide in her thong and disappear between her cheeks. Ashlee felt Marney switch nipples and she sucked on the right one. Her fingers came to twist the left nipple.

`Remove the rest of her clothes.' The order was given.

Ashlee's eyes flew to Phillip's. `Please don't do this to me, Phillip.'

The women all looked up.

Phillip walked over to stand in front of Ashlee, his eyes dark and fathomless. `You address me only as Master now.' He ripped the clothes the rest of the way off her body, leaving her as naked as everyone else.

`Restrain her.' Phillip ordered as he turned away.

Ashlee was taken to the center of the room and made to lay down on a platform with arm and leg restraints. They strapped her spread-eagle and stood back.

Phillip appeared between her legs. He seemed so tall as he stood there looking down at her. His large cock stood erect from his body. He saw her hungry eyes roaming over his cock. `Mmmm. You want this in you, don't you, Ashlee?' A woman's hand appeared to run it up and down his shaft.

Ashlee could only watch, wishing that she could taste it.

`You want to taste it, don't you?' He said and two tongues appeared to lick its way up and down his cock. Hands grabbed at his balls, massaging them. Phillip closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feel of Shiloh and Claire tonguing him.

Ashlee looked around the room. Women were paired up, caressing, touching, licking, and fucking each other. Some women held dildos in their hands as they knelt between the others legs, fucking them. The sight caused Ashlee's pussy to start peculating. Her eyes went back to Phillip's, which were now open.

`Yes, Phillip. I want your cock in me.'

Phillip ordered Colleen and Kobe to move closer so Ashlee could observe, the erotic beauty these two stunning women were creating as they were flicking, licking and slapping each other's clits. Momentarily, in turn, they each arched backwards, moaning as they let an orgasm take over their luscious bodies. Ashlee was mesmerized as Colleen and Kobe challenged each other, driving their bodies to new sexual peaks, each body quivering orgasm, stronger than the one before.

Ashlee's body screamed for its release!

Phillip sighed. `You still don't know my name. And for that you will be denied what you want.'

Three women came to stand in front of Phillip Claire Shiloh & Kobe. They looked down at Ashlee's body with an evil grin. All three had long dark hair, breasts and nipples hard, and each looked like they wanted to fuck Ashlee all night.

`No. Please, you. You fuck me.' Ashlee moaned, but her cries fell on deaf ears.

Phillip got to his knees. He grabbed Shiloh and threw her to the ground in front of him at the feet of Ashlee. He grabbed her thighs and forced them apart.

One of the women got to her knees between Ashlee's legs. Her fingers trailed up and down Ashlee's thighs. She could tell the helpless woman was turned on. She could feel her juices sliding down her thighs. The blond lifted her wet fingers and sucked them off.

Ashlee saw Phillip feasting on Shiloh's pussy. His mouth sucked at her juices. Ashlee closed her eyes and pictured him between her legs.

Kobe was suddenly at Ashlee's side. `Your eyes must remain open.'

Ashlee's eyes opened. Her body shot up as the blond between her legs started tongue fucking her. `OH MY GOD!' Her clit throbbed against the strangers face.

Kobe smiled and started biting on Ashlee's right nipple as her partner's hand pulled on the other. Kobe looked at the girl and winked. She slid her fingers deep inside the other and started finger fucking her.

Ashlee pumped her hips against the girl's face. Trying to get her to go farther into her soaking wet hole. `Please, Master.' She begged as the girl's finger came to rub her clit as she fucked her unmercifully with her tongue.

Phillip's head flew up at the word Master. He got to his knees and rose behind the girl eating Ashlee out. `Yes. That is it, Ashlee.' He looked down and his cock felt ready to explode. He loved seeing his women pleasuring each other. He grabbed the woman's ass as she was bent over Ashlee. The sound of Ashlee's moans filled his mind and he drove his cock hard inside the stunning dark pussy.

Claire cried out as she sucked on Ashlee's clit. She slid two fingers deep inside Ashlee and felt her walls gripping her fingers. She pumped her fingers faster and harder keeping in rhythm with Phillip as he fucked her pussy from behind.

Ashlee pulled at her restraints. She felt her pussy quivering. She was about to cum. She clinched her walls around the woman's fingers and looked down and saw Kobe sucking greedily at her throbbing nipples.

Phillip called out to Ashlee. `Ashlee, on the count of three, I want you to cum with me. Keep your eyes on mine.'

Ashlee fucked her hips faster against the woman's mouth. She saw Phillip pick up the pace as he drove harder, faster and deeper into the Claire's pussy.

`One. Are you my Libertines, Ashlee ?'.

`YES!!' She cried.

`Two. Are you mine?' He asked.

`I am yours, Phillip.'

`Three! Cum with me, Ashlee!' He commanded as he drove deep into Claire in front of him, letting her walls wrap around his cock.

Ashlee's body convulsed as she came. She didn't feel the girl leave from in between her thighs, nor did she feel Phillip's strong hands remove her restraints and lift her. Her head began to clear as Phillip submerged himself in a heated pool.

He settled her in his lap. `You belong in my world now, Ashlee.' He whispered against her mouth as he began kissing her.

The loud sound of dishes crashing to the floor startled Ashlee awake. She was breathing heavy and she could tell she was soaking wet. She looked around trying to figure out where she was. Oh. The coffee shop. It was a dream? She unfolded her hands and saw the book she had been reading. `The World Uncensored. Chapter 3.'

Ashlee grabbed her book and purse and walked quickly outside. She needed some air. Where had THAT dream come from? As Ashlee settled back against the wall of the coffee shop, she closed her eyes, trying to compose herself before she walked home.

`Remember, Ashlee, you now belong to a new world. My world.' A voice told her.

Her eyes flew open. She looked around and saw no one.

`Who said that?' She whispered. She turned around and only saw her reflection in the window.

`Sounds like someone still hasn't learned my name.'