Written by lickandsuck123

4 Jan 2013

At the Gym

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I was feeling lazy and unfit when the telephone rang, it was the local fitness club.

The club was on a recruitment drive looking for new members.

The sexy female voice on the other end of the phone line, informed me that if I sign up this week for a year’s membership they could offer me the membership at half their normal price.

Plus I would have full use of all the club’s facilities at no extra charge for one year.

As I mentioned I was feeling lazy and thought what the hell maybe this is what I need.

I wasn’t fat; just out of shape and lacked energy.

Of course the sound of this sexy female voice purring in my ear, telling me all about the benefits of the club, did stimulate my interest.

The woman spoke about, how she would be conducting a free fitness appraisal class tomorrow and I should come down check out the club.

I was hooked; I was dying to see if her body matched her yummy voice. I could feel my dick stirring in my pants as she spoke so sweetly to me.

Maybe I was, thinking with my dick, instead of with my brain when I agreed with her about doing the fitness appraisal.

I hung up the phone; I had all sorts of excuses running through my head, about why I shouldn’t join this club but once I Looked at myself in the mirror, I realised; ok do it.

The sexy female voice turned out to be every bit as desirable as I imagined her to be, toned and so hot with a pleasant manner. My god I was in love for sure; ok maybe she was out of my league but I could dream couldn’t I.

I ran my eyes over her trim body as we introduced ourselves; she wore a fitted stretchy tracksuit that fitted tight to every sensual curve of her sexy body.

The zipper on her jacket was down quite low revealing most of her large rounded breasts. I could clearly see the lace of her bra and the dark edge of one of her nipples; as I glanced down. Those full breasts were bursting out of her track suit top; as I struggled to keep my eyes focused on her face

Of course she noticed me looking at her tities; it didn’t seem to bother her that I was staring at her chest.

I heard her voice and looked up as she spoke.

“I see that you have met my boobies.” Oops busted.

I am glad you like them.

I didn’t say anything I was too embarrassed.

Giggling she leaned further forward over the desk allowing her track top to open a little more; those lovely shaped melons were only inches from my face. We exchanged looks she could see the lust in my eyes and I could tell by her expression that she was felling comfortable with me.

Smiling seductively the woman showed me the application form. The smell of her perfume was making my heart race as I willingly signed up for a year.

Once my bank card was swiped in the machine I was all hers. The woman leaned back in her chair causing her track top to cover up most of her ample bosom. The sales pitch was done she had another horny male trapped in her web.

The next thing was for her to write me out a fitness schedule and show me around the gym. The tour was a blur as my whole attention was on that lovely peach shaped bottom as we strolled around the gym. I was introduced to a few of the regulars; no way was I going to remember their names.

That was the easy part; I was now a member of my local gym. I guess the hard part was now for me to find the time and the effort to attend the club at least 3 times a week for a moderate workout until I was fit enough to push it further. I wanted to improve my fitness level so I could get back to enjoy been active again.

The first day I had trouble with the weight machines; trying to remember how to adjust the weights and work the machines; after a couple more visits I should be ok.

The weights area had the usual muscle bound guys there lifting incredible weights and strutting around like peacocks which made me a little self conscious. Even worst; there was the odd female weight lifter doing weights that I could only image doing. These women didn’t seem to wear any under wear under their track pants; you could clearly see the out line of their pussy through the fabric. I guess what us guys call the camel toe this means that you can clearly see their outer pussy lips and the opening or slit tight up against the crotch of their track pants hmmm yum so lickable.

Some wore bras but mostly the girls with small boobies went without.

It was so hot looking at their erect nipples trying to poke through their T- shirts as they struggle with those weights. I can see why most of the guys doing weights seemed to have a semi hard cock or a thick sausage laying on its side in their pants.

They were mostly quiet friendly though; one guy could see I was having trouble working the machines out and offered to show me

This guy was broad shouldered and very muscled; he had track pants and a t-shirt on. The track pants didn’t hide much; he looked very big in the equipment area as well. I couldn’t help staring at his package it was in your face as he worked his body on the machine opposite mine.

He came over for a chat; standing over me while I was lying on my back on the bench struggling with a weight. He reached over to help me place the weight back on the support bar. This time his crotch was only inches from my face as he lent over me. I couldn’t help staring his impressive looking bulge in his pants. I don’t think I’m gay but this guy was definitely good looking if I was a woman I would be turned on by him. You hear stories about weight lifters about how some are gay or just into other men; so I guess I felt a little nervous.

I’m not sure if he was hitting on me but he was very friendly. I thanked him and headed over to the tread mill to do ten minutes of workout on that machine.

This area of the gym was where the woman did most of their workout. The smell of sweaty female bodies was a great change from the macho weight lifters and this soon had me thinking sexy thoughts.

There is something tantalising about young woman in tights grunting and groaning in front of you. I watched a few slim athletic girls run on the tread mills; some had just a sports bra or halter top on while others had t- shirts on. Oh and of course when they get down on the mats to do their stretching

I have since discovered that this fitness club is alive with sexual tension everybody seems to check each other out. I would come home from the gym tired but horny.

Over the next couple of weeks I got to know the guy that helped me with the weights quiet well.

I often arrived as he was getting changed after his workout; it was nothing for us to chat while standing there dressed only in our underpants we seemed to hit it off. Where as the women were not as friendly as the guys it was always a strain to talk to them. They seemed so focused on their workouts.

This particular evening I arrived early at the club and went through my routine. I was determined to pushed myself a lot harder and hopefully feel a lot better for it.

I had a dinner date and decided I would use the club’s showers. The male showers were really just a row of shower heads on the wall of a tiled area. I striped off and got under one of the showers. The next thing the guy I had got friendly with came in to have a shower after his work out. I watched him undress and climb under the shower closest to me.

I ran my eyes over his body he was toned; he did the same to me but his eyes were staring at my cock as he spoke. I felt a little strange but I turned to face him giving him a much better view of my dick; why I did this I don’t know. For some reason I was sexually attracted to this guy. It just felt so natural standing naked next to him. He smiled at me and complimented me on the change in my physique from when I first arrived at the gym.

I had to look away from his eyes he was staring into my eyes I could see that he fancied me by the way he was standing close to me and watching his body language. I looked down at his dick it was big; very big. It was like a long soft sausage hanging down between his legs. It wasn’t hard but it must have been 7 to 8 inches long and thick.

The guy noticed me looking at his dick and smiled. Its big isn’t it he said; you should see it when it’s hard. The next thing he said just about freaked me out. The guy asked me if I wanted to touch it. Of course I didn’t say anything I mean what could I say I was speechless. I wanted to touch it but just couldn’t bring myself to. I watched him soap it up as he washed himself. This guy’s cock started getting thick and hard as I stood there totally fascinated by it. It doubled its size and stood erect like a police baton as his cock swayed back and forth in my direction. He lent over towards me nearly poking me with it as he slid a mirror back that was hanging on the wall between our showers. He pointed towards the hole in the wall that the mirror had been covering.

I could see straight into the woman’s showers; there standing totally naked with her back to us was the gym instructor that gave me my fitness assessment. Wow she was lovely even better now that I could see her naked. The woman was truly pretty long hair and a gorgeous bum as she bent over I could see the plum lips of her vagina protrude between her legs. I had been going to the gym for weeks and nobody told me about this mirror. The guy told me to be quiet and just watch.

This twenty something woman turned her shower on and began soaping her body gently rubbing the soap over her pointy nipples; slowly she turned towards us my dick instantly went stiff as a board. The woman’s pubic hair had been shaved I could clearly see her pink slit but wow what a body it was perfectly toned and curvy. This gorgeous woman had a slim boyish figure her hips were toned and were slightly wider then her shoulders she walked like a Panther with her muscles rippling as she walked. My dick twitched and throbbed as I watched her rinse the soap off her body. I watched as she turned her shower off and sat on the bench facing us with her legs dangling on either side of the bench.

I ‘m sure she knew we were watching because she spread her legs and gave us a perfect view of her opened sex. Using her fingers she spread her cuntal lips apart while holding them wide she starting rubbing her blood engorged clit. Wow I have never seen such a beautiful pussy with plumb outer lips a very large prominent clit almost like a small penis.

This woman just sat there bringing herself to a pleasurable release; she seemed to be doing it for our amusement it was like she was showing me what I was missing out on. Of course she was right I would have crawled across broken glass to lick her yummy hole.

My cock was now rock hard suddenly I felt the guy next to me gently grab hold of it in his big rough hand; I looked up at him as he began to rub the length of my shaft while sliding his thumb up and down my sensitive knob. I was so turned on by that sexy instructor I didn’t care who touched my aching cock.

I turned my eyes back towards the gym instructor who was now rubbing her cunt in a steady motion as she started walking towards us. I was right she could see us she was staring straight at me as she licked the two fingers that were once inside of her soaking wet hole. The guy continued to pull gently on my cock bringing me very close to cumming. The woman got closer to the wall that separated the showers from each other. I couldn’t see her for a few minutes she was standing to one side of the hole in the wall but I could feel she was just there the other side of this flimsy barrier. The guy that was giving me such a wonderful hand job moved behind me he kept stroking on my dick when a panel right in front of my cock opened up.

Then a woman’s hand which must have been the female instructor; appeared through the opening and reached out to grab my cock.

The guy shoved me forward pushing my cock through the hole and into this woman’s hand. I had to put my hands against the wall to stop myself from falling forward.

My stomach was hard up against the shower wall while my cock was inside the woman’s shower room. The gym instructor had now taken over the gentle massaging of my quivering penis; she raked her long finger nails over the head of my dick sending shivers down my spine; meanwhile I could feel the guy in my shower begin to spread my bum cheeks with his fingers.

I knew he was going to fuck me; I was scared. The woman had hold of my cock with one hand while I could feel her other hand grab hold of my balls as she pulled them tightly through the hole in the wall. If I resisted her male accomplice I knew she would have no hesitation in doing me an injury; she had such a strong vice like grip on my balls she squeezed them tight to let me know that she meant to do me harm if I didn’t submit to my anal fucking. The guy whispered into my ear you have such a lovely tight bum hole I’m going to stretch it for you and fill you up with my thick shaft.

Please I said let me go I will never say anything don’t do this please.

Oh but I am going to fuck you. I have watched you staring at my cock now you are going to feel it up inside your bum with that he push a lubricate finger into my arse hole causing me to gasp as he slowly worked it in and out getting me ready. The woman kept my cock hard by stroking it back and forth in her hand. I was hoping she might suck it for me but no such luck. The guy managed to get a couple of his fingers into my tight hole.

Oh Amanda he is so tight he is going to be the best fuck I have ever had.

Go gently Johnnie we don’t want to tear him open. There are a few more guys that want a go at him after you. Ok honey I’ll go easy. I could feel the head of his cock pushing at my tiny brown opening. I tensed waiting for the pain that I was in no doubt about to happen.

Amanda felt me tense; she spat some saliva on my prick as she increased the speed of her hand. Johnnie pushed the bulbous head of his cock past my tight sphincter muscle; he waited a few minutes for my bum to stretch before pushing deeper into my bowels. God it hurt; I grunted and spread my legs wider hoping this would ease my pain but this only allowed Johnnie to push more of his baton into my hole. I could hear the woman say something to me as I let out another muffled groan from the large lump of male cock that was slowly working its way deep inside of my bowels. Come on you little faggot boy let my Johnnie make you into a sissy boy. Johnnie is going to fuck you real good.

Hey sissy boy hurt. How feel to have a real man up your arse?

The instructor started pulling on my cock like she was milking a cow. Despite the pain in my bum from Johnnie’s cock she was bring me off; any minute I was going to squirt my sperm. Johnnie started really fucking me hard; god his dick was huge; but it started to feel good; I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I was.

Of course having a sexy woman pull on your dick at the same time sure made things feel better. I came with a big rush as I squirted my sperm all over her hand; even getting some on her tummy. Amanda didn’t seem to mind me splashing her with my sperm she just kept stroking my cock until it went limp in her hand. Oh Johnnie the boy spunked on me. My body was moving back and forth as Johnnie was picking up his thrusting I could feel his cock expand in me just as he blew his load right up my back passage. Oh fuck he yell that was so good. Just then Amanda pushed her hand through the hole in front of my face; she yelled at me to lick it clean; lick up all your dirty cum off my hand she said.

Johnnies cock was getting soft as he pulled it from my bum.

I had just finished licking all my cum off Amanda’s fingers when Johnnie told me to get on my knees and clean his cock with my mouth. I heard the holes in the wall been covered over and the door of the woman’s shower closing Amanda was gone.

I pulled Johnnies foreskin back and licked all of his cock clean; he patted me on the head and said good boy; you did well; with that he got dressed and left me alone in the men’s showers. I was stunned does this make me gay; because I enjoyed been fucked by him.

I got dressed and left will I go back to the gym or am I too embarrassed to face them.

TO be Continued……..

Part 2

I got home from the gym my bum was sore from being fucked by that guy’s cock.

I’m not gay but I got hard and I did enjoy being fucked in the bum. I guess the biggest problem I face, is if I go back to the gym will all the blokes there think I am now a sissy and fair game for them, or will they think, shit he is brave showing up here after that session in the men’s showers.

I was raped and tricked into it but I didn’t really protest. Oh hell it was fun and if I go back I might get to have sex with that hot Amanda the Gym instructor from the female showers.

Stuff them I have paid my membership and I’m going back. There is a lot of hot women there and I am going to do my best to get fit and chat them up. The next day I grabbed my gear and went down to the gym Amanda the woman that organised my rape was on the counter. I thought she would stir me about getting fucked by her boy friend but she was very flirty and I got the impression that she was turned on by what happen maybe her boy friend is bisexual and she organises his lovers. I hoped I would get the chance to jump her; it might be worth doing her man again, just to get between her thighs. I headed down to the weights room. I didn’t get any strange looks from the other guys so I guess Amanda and Johnnie kept my rape a secret. After my workout I headed to the showers, of course I went into the same shower stall hoping for some action but it was quiet, I showered and played with my hard cock before heading home.

A couple of days later I got the urge to go to the gym, I was becoming accustomed to a regular workout. It was great feeling toned and I now had a spring in my step.

I put my gear in a locker and cruised around to see who was there. After been fucked by a man I needed to reassure my desire for pussy. I walked past a hot twenty year old girl running on the tread mill, she was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that were really short. They were pulled tight up into her crutch so tight that you could see the outline of her pussy through the fabric. The smell of her sweat and the bounce of her boobies had my dick twitching in my pants, she flashed a smile at me as she continued running on the machine. Now that was more like it a bit of female attention I guess I must be looking a lot better no way would I have got that reaction a few months ago.

Feeling happy with myself I head down to the weights room. There were a few guys there all the machines were busy. I sat down on a chair waiting for a machine to become available. Mean while I looked the guys using the machine I couldn’t help checking them out. There was a few good ;looking guys one guy in particular got my attention he was lay on his back on a bench lifting weights. He had track pants on when I ran my eye down his body I could see that he had a stiffy not a full on hard cock but one that was half between hard and soft.

I just stared at it for a while until we made eye contact oh bugger I have been busted he noticed me looking at his cock. I thought oh shit he is going to come over here and punch me out for perving at his cock but he just smiled and gave it a little rub with his hand.

I had to look away I was getting that feeling again. I wondered what it would be like to suck on. I couldn’t believe I was having those thoughts again, eventually he moved to another machine and I got on the bench that he was using and did some weights.

After about ten minutes he came back and introduced himself as Todd. Now Todd was a good looking guy he stood near my face while we chatted. The more we spoke the more I noticed his cock getting hard again until he said as he took hold of his bulge through his track pants. I better go take a shower to make this thing go down, before some of the women see it. I just smiled. I don’t know why I said this, but I told him that it looked good to me, nice and big, shit my thoughts just poured out of my mouth before I realised what I had said.

Todd then asked me if I wanted to go to the showers with him so I could get a better look.

I didn’t say anything I just kept going with my weights, but the silliest thing was that I just followed him when he headed to the showers. I was checking out his tight bum when we ran into Amada on the way to the showers. She chatted to him for a few seconds and gave me a knowing smile as went past her. I could hear the sound of water running as we went past the female showers. It sounded like there were some women showering. The men’s showers were deserted. I placed my gear on the bench and sat down. Todd started to undress and walked over to me with his lovely bouncing erection in front of him. He stopped right in front of me. His cock was only inches from my face. Todd began stroking it with his hand getting it nice and hard. He moved closer to me and ran the head of his cock across my mouth. I didn’t move so he slapped me around the face with it until I open my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. It tasted wonderful as it twitched and throbbed in my mouth. He grabbed my head and began thrusting his hips back and forth pushing the length of it down my throat. He was good he matched his thrusting with my breaths pulling out when I needed to take a breath and pushing back it deep down my throat afterwards. I reach around him and grabbed his bum cheeks. I spread them apart with my fingers and found his bum hole into which I pushed my index finger. As soon as I did this he shot his load into my mouth. We kissed and we swap his cum from my mouth to his, unbelievable I had never known a guy to eat his own cum, especially from another guy’s mouth. I undressed and we headed to the shower the one with removable tile that let you see into the ladies showers.

Todd grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it, I was hard as rock my balls were tight. I was hanging for a release. I soaped up Todd’s arse hole, I wanted to fuck him and fill him with my cum. He was like putty in my hands he spread his legs and lent forward so I could stick my cock up his bum. I placed the tip of my cock against his spinster muscle and began to push into him oh boy was he tight when I heard the tile slide back I looked up to Amanda smiling back at me. Hi sissy boy she said to me I see you like to give as well as receive. At that moment I guess for Amanda’s benefit I pushed my hips forward as hard as I could and rammed my cock deep into Todd’s bowels. He took it well with only a slight groan escaping from his mouth as I bottomed out in his bum.

Oh very nasty commented Amanda as she shouted her approval. Go on love fuck the bitch just like we did to you.

Her comments angered me; remembering how my bum hurt from Amanda’s boy friend fucking me here in the showers while she looked on.

I grabbed Todd’s hips and began reaming him with my pole. Amanda moved back from the hole in the wall. I could see for the first time that she was naked as she sat down on a bench facing me. Spreading her legs she began doing herself with a dildo as she watched me fuck Todd. While I watched Amanda busy plunging the dildo in and out of herself

I noticed another naked woman standing near her. It was the woman from the treadmill standing totally naked watching Amanda bring herself off. The woman had a boyish figure slim with hardly any breasts, she looked towards the hole in the wall where Amanda was staring, we made eye contact and she instantly recognised me.

I couldn’t quiet tell whether she was excited or disgusted with watching two guys going for it. Then a smile came over her face; as her hand went between her legs; she was hot and wet as she stroked her clit while I fucked Todd’s tight masculine bum.

The unthinkerable then happen the young woman walked up to the hole in the wall to get a better look at me ploughing Todd’s bum. I could now see that she was really getting off on the boy sex. Giggling she opened the bottom hole in the wall. I could see her long slim hand come through the wall and take hold of Todd’s throbbing cock. I watched her stroke his cock; any doubts I had of this woman being gross out by our unnatural coupling were quickly dispelled. The shear pleasure of be observed by this sexy woman sent my mind racing.

I drove deep and hard into Todd setting of an incredible burst of spunk which I quickly shot into him. My cock felt huge; like a fire hose spraying inside of Todd’s bum. I fell against his back panting and grunting as my spear twitched and throbbed expelling the last of my sperm into him.

The woman was totally excited by us as she giggled her approval of our frenzied mating. Todd had also shot his load into her hand. I watched as she withdrew her cum cover hand from the wall smiling us she wipe Todd’s sticky stuff all over her harden nipples before closing the bottom hole in the wall.

I could see that she was yet to get her release her fingers had moved down to her hungry sex where they began their manipulation of her sex. The next thing I heard was Amanda’s harsh firm voice commanding the women to come over so they could please each other. The two girls began kissing and licking each other. I pulled my now soft cock from Todd’s bum. We hugged like lovers before I apologised for being so rough as I didn’t want to hurt him; I had got carried away.

Todd was beaming he said that was so hot we have to do it again. We finished our shower and grabbed our gear just in time because the next thing three guys walked in to change; a couple minutes earlier and they would have busted us. Catching two guys having boy sex might have freaked them out and got us kicked out of the gym.

This time I didn’t go home with a sore bum but instead I sent Todd home with my cum running out of his rear.

This gym seems to be a hot bed of sex. The guys are willing to try bi sex and the women well what I can say are hot and horny. I guess all these great bodies huffing and puffing in the gym must release some endorphins that stimulate their sex drive. When not at the gym I am sucking Todd’s cock. We fuck each other about twice a week. I suppose you could call us lovers but mostly I think we are just fuck buddies. We are both straight looking guys but defiantly bisexual. I still love women and the same with Todd. What we have is real no fuss sex. I can ring him up anytime; no drama; we can have plain old fashion sex well boy sex without any guilt; we are good mates as well. Todd has a girl friend she will sit on the edge of the bed watching us going for it. So far she hasn’t joined in but she sits there fingering her pussy as we play. I love fucking her man as she watchers it’s so kinky and hot.