27 Mar 2020

Quick note before the story, there is 2 stories that interlink with this one “though the strangers door” & autumn swims.

Also shout out to Hannah_Michael on SH, hot couple 🔥.

After the previous night at the hotel room, Hannah had been messaging micheal telling him how much she enjoyed last night and that she wanted to meet up with him again. They set a date to meet at a local pub. It was a lovely autumn evening the sun had just disappeared over the horizon.

Kate and Naes had just made it back to their cars at for the sunset over the valley, after such an adventure into the natural wonders. They decided to head to the pub for a drink to see where things would lead them this evening.

Kate and Naes arrived at the pub after the sun had disappeared, leaving a chilly autumn evening, they made their way into the pub. Looking around room they saw the normal pub goers, but what peaked their interest was the fit brunette arm wrestling a burly man and winning. They went over to bar and ordered a drink, listening to the live guitarist play. After awhile and few drink later the guitarist comes over too them watching the this lady beating everyone in an arm wrestling, he introduces himself as Micheal and they replied “Kate & Naes. Micheal said “she is impressive isn’t she” both said “ she sure is” micheal said “come I’ll introduce you”

Heading over to were the lady was sitting, Micheal introduce Kate and Naes to Hannah.

Hannah asked Naes if he would like to give the arm wrestling a try, With the catch the loser buys the next round. Feeling confident Naes agrees, 2 seconds later Naes hand is slammed against the table. Hannah said “hopefully you last a bit longer than that in bed” this made kate smile and blush at the same time. Naes heads over to the bar and micheal joins him. As the men leave Hannah asks kate how long have they been a couple, being surprised when Kate replies “we only meet today”, Hannah replies “you two seem so comfortable around each other” must have hit it off really well! Kate smiles and explains how they met. Meanwhile at the bar micheal asked Naes “have you and your girlfriend ever been with another couple” Naes a bit confused “we’re not a couple but I wouldn’t say no to that”. Heading back to the ladies with the glasses of red and gin (neat) & a corona(-virus). The ladies were having good time, laughing and getting along like old friends. As they approach the ladies stop mid conversation, Micheal said “ so what are we taking about?” Nothing but a smile from Kate and Hannah said “nothing, ohh nothing” with a cheeky smile at Naes. Hannah asked “Naes so how did you guys meet” Naes replies “out for the morning hike, that turned into a beautiful day for a swim”

Hannah said “ was that all?” Knowing what had happened. Naes feeling slightly embarrassed because obviously Kate had filled her on the details of their adventure.

After awhile Hannah was able to coax all the details from Naes. Micheal then asked Hannah “we should do that sometime, Hannah replies “definitely will need to try it”. As the night drew later into the evening, people started to disappear into the night. Micheal asked Naes and Kate, did you want to come back to our place for a drink, we only live around the corner

Since both Kate and Naes, enjoying themselves and replied “yeah that sound like fun”. The four of them heading back to Micheals place, it had gotten rather cool and had certainly lost the heat of day. Through the front door into the living room facing the deck outside with the spa. Micheal heads straight for the cupboards grabs the wine glasses and two short glasses for the whiskey. After the drinks had been poured they went out to outside deck. Chatting away and having a few laughs, Hannah asked if anyone would like to go for a dip in spa. Kate replies “we don’t have any bathers” Hannah replies “ neither do I” smiles and walks towards the spa as she strips her clothes off, she said “well who’s coming!” Micheal without hesitation strips off & plunges into warm bubbly water. Kate and Naes feeling slightly hesitant for a second, but then also joined them in the spa. Feeling the warmth of the water, their bodies obscured by the bubbles, with occasional glimpse of the more pronounced features. They continued their discussions, Hannah meanwhile had moved her hand across discreetly and was stroking Micheals penis, not enough to make him cum, but enough to make it incredibly difficult to keep a straight face. He repaid the favour by gently rubbing Her nipples. Kate noticed micheal playing with Hannah, when the bubbles rushed around there naked bodies opening up small glimpses. Feeling turned on Kate moved her hand across to Naes leg and slowly worked her way up to his penis, finding his penis was rock solid. He took Kates boldness as a sign to do the same, moving his hand onto her vagina, rubbing her clitoris, occasionally slipping a finger into her very wet and warm vagina. Micheal had also moved away from the breast and was playing with Hannah’s vagina. It was only a matter of time before someone was going to crack. The conversation had begun to slow the pauses getting longer and more noticeable as the distractions continued. Then Naes gave a rather awkward face and a unnoticed grunt. Micheal said “well someone is enjoying themselves over there” everyone laughed. Hannah asked “how close are you Kate” she replies “not far.... just as she gives out a soft moan” Hannah wades across the spa and begins to kiss her, now playing with her breasts, as Naes massages her hot clitoris, everyone listening to her soft moans getting more intense and frequent. Micheal had stood up and positioned himself behind Hannah & slid his long hard penis deep inside her tight wet vagina, feeling how excited she was by the way she clamped upon his penis. Kate was beginning to shake as she let out her first orgasm, Naes quickly changed from the clitoris to the inside of her vagina lifting up slightly in the right spot & at a quick pace to give kate her second orgasm shortly after her first. Hannah now also moaning as she was feeling every millimeter of Micheals shaft burying it inside of her. Naes wasn’t out just yet either he’d found his second wind and was being stroked by Kate and Hannah now .

Hannah grinding away plunging her body backwards upon Micheals penis, before letting out a loud moan and collapsing forward to passionately kiss Kate. Micheal not finished yet quicken the pace, giving Hannah her second orgasm, shortly after Micheal begins to tense up, his penis buried deep inside Hannah’s tight wet vagina, he release spurt of hot semen inside of her, Hannah feeling every pulse surging inside of her. Once they had all recouped their energy, they made their way inside for drinks refills and a light snack, Micheal playing some light blues music on the stereo. They were now in the living room wearing just towels. Hannah asked “have you ever tried swapping partners?, we can start of soft and see were things go!” Kate looked a bit nervous but came around and replied “sure” seeing how much Hannah was enjoying Micheal inside her before really got her curiosity going. The moment Hannah suggested the swap Naes was excited to be with Hannah. They started off with both guys laying back on the couch, the ladies kneeling on the ground next to each other looking up at the micheal and Naes as Kate had Micheal hard penis in her mouth and Hannah upon Naes’s shaft. The ladies kissing and playing with each others breasts in between really making it a show to tease them. Micheal had now pulled Kate up on to the couch and was licking her nice shaven vagina, one leg on the top of the couch and one on the ground. Micheal head in between her legs hands running either side to her breasts as he devoured her Vagina as she moaned. Naes still getting one of the best blowjobs ever was tore between focusing on Kate and Micheal & the Hannah look up at him as she sucked on his penis engulfing the entire penis. Hannah stopped briefly and asked if “is everyone okay if we take things further? “

Everyone replied “yes” Hannah stood up and positioned her self above Naes and lowered herself onto his penis while rubbing her vagina, slowly working her way down his penis, she was wet it slid in so easily. Kate watch them as Micheal head down deep in her vagina making her very wet, her moans continued until she couldn’t hold back anymore, arching her back up as she orgasmed and then Micheal had slid his throbbing penis inside of her with quick strokes, short and deep and was able to get Kate to her second orgasm. Naes and Hannah grinding away, Hannah still on top and had now bottomed out on his penis with all of it inside her. Moaning as she was watching kate and micheal during their sex. Hannah was close to orgasming as was Naes they both managed to cum within seconds of each other. Naes shooting his load deep inside and Hannah cumming all over his penis soaking wet.

Everyone had now finished for the night. Hannah showed Naes and Kate to the spare room and Michael and Hannah to their room

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