12 Mar 2020

It’s was a warm autumn day, one of the few before descending into the grips of winter. Kate a slim gorgeous women, was out on one her hiking into nature. She had planned out the day to spend lunch next to were the track met the river. She left early it was still quite cool so she’d only packed the lunch & water for the day. She had arrived at the river around noon and the sun was now up high in sky, it had turned out to be a hot day. Kate sat down began having lunch. She had finished and was regretting not bringing her swimmers. This was the first time it had crossed her mind to try swimming naked, no one else was around and normally wasn’t on this track. She decided why not. She started to get undressed, her black top and pants came off, hung over a tree as not to get wet. Leaving her in just a bra and underwear. Her slim body and subtle curves exposed. She unclips her bra and slides her under off, revealing her modest breast and clean shaven vagina. She quickly entered the water Incase someone was too come they would see everything. After 10mins Kate became relaxed and not watching over her shoulder for someone to appear. She lay in the water floating on her back her soft white breast facing the sun, her vagina just below the water line.As she lay in the warm sunlight, she melted away into her own world, obviously to the other hiker who had arrived. He watched for awhile before, thinking it was also a nice day for a swimming, taking his clothes off, exposing the smooth chiseled body, and erect penis. He entered the water, though the ripples from the entry disturbed Kate, feeling the ripples against her body. Startled she started just wading in the deep. He apologizes for startling her, he introduces himself as.....Naes, he said “ do you often come here?” Kate replies “normally for a run only”, she was blushing and not wanting to leave the water to expose more of her body. She couldn’t help straying eyes towards his penis as he was only knee deep in the water as they spoke. Feeling more comfortable she swam closer and he move deeper into the waters. He “accidentally” brushed her leg underwater, she was aroused her nipples were very firm. She moved closer and placed and hand on his tight as he kissed her mouth those beautiful lips and gorgeous eyes. Moving his body around to embrace her body, moving his hand down to grasp her butt. Enjoying the warmth of the day and each other’s embrace. She decided it was time for more, taking Naes to the shallow waters as the kisses moved from his move down his chest, to his quite firm penis. Parting her lips on his penis as she sucked him. Holding his balls in one hand lightly massaging them. She was amazing thought Naes as her placed a hand on the back of her head as she engulfed his penis inside her mouth, where was it all going. She did seem to gag at all while devouring his shaft. He could contain himself much longer grunting with pleasure before unloading his sperm into her mouth, She swallowed it all, smiled up at him.

They knew if they didn’t leave soon the walk would be back in the dark, they left together. The rest is for another time.

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