Written by A and B

28 Jan 2014

I was by myself just driving home from an early meeting around mid morning. As I was driving I was pretty thirsty so pulled over in a coastal carpark and grabbed my drink, as I sat there I watched the waves. A couple of minutes in and I saw a guy on a bike cycle in, he came near the car almost as if having a look then cycled by. He stopped on the lookout section and gave a couple of glances my way as he did I looked back at him, he slowly cycled off whilst still looking at me which I didnt know what to make of. A minute later as I hadn't been paying attention he cycled by again and came almost to the window. He looked about 40, and as he cycled closely I could see the shape of a big hard on in his cycle shorts. He put his bike against the rails and walked onto the beach as he did I could still see what seemed to be a very big cock exposed through his shorts. My mind raced at what he could be doing down there but strangely as I thought this I felt my own cock growing in my shorts. I thought about it for another minute and left the carpark. I got home shortly after and as I started to get on with some work things my mind started to race again, I recalled what had happened and I started to feel my cock begin to get hard again. I lay back slowly stroking my cock thinking about it. I imagined that when he walked onto the beach I also walked down there, I went down onto the beach and looked towards the dunes where he was, he gave a look my way and as intrigue got the better of me I walked up there. As I got closer he pulled his cock out, he pulled down the top of his shorts and a very big cock sprung out, he started slowly pulling on his cock which seemed to swell and harden more and as he did I slowly pulled mine out. I began also wanking my cock whilst watching him do the same, my cock was pulsating in my hand and his also was rock hard and throbbing. I watched closer as with each stroke his foreskin ran up over the head of his cock then down the top of his shaft. I was going to blow but before I did he erupted, he shot a thick load out of his hard cock followed by a couple more which I then returned by blowing a huge load all over the sand. As I thought that I came myself, I looked down to my hard cock in my hand as I then blew a load. Whilst I am straight I found this fantasy a huge turn on, seems like fun to try. Please comment if you like my story and i wll endeavour to write more.