Written by SensualBBW

24 Apr 2012

Its a beautiful sunny day so I decide to go for a walk, during my walk I noticed that someone is following me.

Frightened at first I started to walk faster, the people behind me started to jog straight passed me & as they passed they turned & whistled at me..hearing this I blushed but also thought mmm how can I work this to my advantage?

Its a hot day so I walk a little further & come across a crystal clear creek to my surprise there was the group of people that jogged passed me swimming naked in the creek. They called to me to join them so I thought here is my chance to have some fun with them all.

One guy come out of the water & helped me undress, caressing & kissing me as he slipped my shirt off then moving down to remove my pants as he pulls them down he goes to his knees & gently kisses my bare pussy. I moan with pleasure as he places his finger deep inside of my wet pussy..I drop to my knees & take his hard cock into my mouth taking him down my throat moving up & down I suck him faster until he cums, wiping my mouth I notice all of the others watching us & playing with their hard cocks.

They come out of the water & one by one they all placed their hard cocks to my mouth, licking & sucking I then feel my pussy getting a good licking & I look down & to my surprise I see a woman working her tongue over me..she had been walking past & seen us all & thought she would join in.

I move closer to her & passionately we kiss & the guys sit back & watch as we each entwined our bodies & explored every centimetre of each other, we lick each others pussies until we both cum together.

As we lay there a couple of guys come over to us & bend us both over & fucked us hard & fast, another comes over & places his hard cock in my mouth..slowly I lick up & down his hard shaft, moving down to his balls I take one between my teeth & bite then kiss then bite again over & over he is moving & groaning with pleasure..again I take him in my mouth & suck him hard & fast, feeling he is about to cum I pull away & he cums all over my breasts, he then rubs his cum all over me..he moves closer & licks up some of his cum & then kisses me with his sweet tasting cum in his mouth.

As we are kissing I notice two of the guys are going down on the other woman, I go over to them & start playing with her breasts..licking over her nipple I move down to join the other two..as we are working over her super wet pussy I see another two sucking each others cocks..seeing this makes me even more wet & wanting my pussy licked & pounded by both of them together..I move over to them one lays down & I mount him whilst the other one goes in me from behind & in turn they pump me until I scream I am cumming......

After this we all go into the water & have a swim together caressing & kissing..They get out & leave..

After they all leave I get out & lay on the sand to dry off..Next you come out from the bushes & tell me you followed me & that you planned for them all to be there at the same time as I went for a walk...

Watching you undress I can no longer stop myself from taking your hard cock in my mouth...moving up to you we kiss passionately..we make wild love right there on the warm sand, as you are about to cum you move up to my mouth & blow your load into my mouth..dripping out of the corner of my mouth you kiss me.........................