Written by aussiefudd

14 Sep 2012

I still say my cock Is better then any plastic toy.

My hips can thrust harder and deeper then a toy. My tongue knows how to make a woman cum. Over and over again.

There's nothing better then licking, sucking, biting a clit while fucking a pussy with my fingers, reaching up to the upper wall and rubbing your g spot.

Oh yes, I can find it in a flash. Sucking your clit into my mouth with my tongue flicking wildly. My finger buried deep in your pussy. Rubbing, grinding, pumping in and out making you cum over and over again.

Holding your legs open wide, pushing them back toward your head, my cock will penetrate you deep. Slow rhythmic movement from my hips, grinding deeper and deeper. The pace quickens, the urgency for you to climax gets critical. Deeper, harder, faster. My cock is ramming you, I push your legs back further so my cock can go deeper. You reach down and rub your clit while my cock hammers you from above.

The wetness of your cunt causes me to get harder and harder. My balls tighten, I'm close. I'm going to shoot my hot sticky cum deep within you.

But no, I pull my cock out, straddle your chest and slip my rock hard cock between your lips. Your mouth opens and the head of my cock easily slips in. You move you head forward to take more of in. I raise myself and lay over your face so my cock is half way in your mouth. I slowly push down as your head raises up to take my cock deep into your throat. You lay your head down and dig your nails into the cheeks of my arse and pull me to you harder and harder. You control the pace of my cock fucking your mouth, with every thrust you stick my cock deeper into your hungry mouth.

You pull me out of your mouth and squeeze your breasts together. I can't hold back, the first squirt of cum hits your tits, again and again streams of cum cover your tits, as you massage my cream over you tits. You raise your finger to your mouth in a sultry manner and suck the salty remains from it. Rubbing more and more of my cream onto your breasts, you grab my head and guide my mouth to your nipples. My tongue darts out and tastes my cum. My mouth opens as I take your nipple into my mouth and suck It gently In.

Wanting more, you push me onto my back. Your hand claws it's way down my chest, leaving long deep red marks. Your hand reaches down for my cock and you slide your hand up and down my shaft, the sensation is me and my cock begins to stir back to life. Harder you grip my cock, jerking it back to life. Faster, faster you work my cock. Your free hand finds my sack and tickles my balls ever so lightly. My cock twitches at your touch. As my cock hardens to full strength, you squat over my cock and in one swift movement swallow my cock deep within you. You throw your head back as you grind down hard, filling your hungry cunt once again. You lean forward offering me your chest, I stretch my head forward to meet you in the middle and begin to suck your cum covered nipples into my mouth. I bite your nipples as you pound yourself up and down my shaft. Time and time again you ride my cock hard, controlling everything about our fuck. Your cunt sucks my cock in deeper and deeper. As you explode again with another body shuddering climax, I feel your juice run down my cock, it's to much to take. This time I cum deep inside you. You feel the jets of cum squirt inside you as you grind your cunt down one last time. You hold still enjoying the feeling of my twitching cock empty it's load inside you.

You roll off laying still and silent beside me. Not a word need be said. We embrace and kiss before we fall asleep in each other arms.