Written by warmblood61

1 Feb 2012

Amber was as bi as a bi chick can be. Always she searched for fresh pussy whilst keeping her favourites on call, so to speak. Amber also loved cock, but was particular in keeping only one to satisfy her needs. Never did she seek another. Luckily, it was my cock she had a monogamous relationship with, often sharing it with her girl friends in the throws of a threesome.

I, of course, was very appreciative of Amber's attention and her gift of including me in her sexual adventures with other ladies. Yet, strangely, I sometimes felt guilty that I was the one always being spoilt. On occassion, I had asked her if she would like to take on two guys, me included. The answer was always no without any more being said.

One night, lying on the bed in post coital bliss, Ambers new found friend, Kiera, brought up the subject in conversation. I listened intently for Amber's reply. It was almost as though Amber forgot I was there and she replied she would love to take on two guys, but only if they were bi. Then she went silent, probably remembering I was lying next to her. Kiera looked at me and asked if I would mix it with Amber and another guy, "that way". I revealed that I had had 'one or two' bi experiences and if Amber wanted me and another guy I would be more than happy to oblige. Amber flipped over and looked me in the eyes, "You're serious, aren't you?" she asked. I replied in the affirmative. The deal was sealed and Kiera just happened to have a male friend that she thought would be "most suitable" for such an experience.

A light meal, a couple of drinks, decent conversation and all in agreement, we retreated back to Amber's house for some sexual fun. There was four of us, Amber, Kiera, Rob and myself. Kiera, it was said, was along only for the show and to offer Amber "moral support".

Back at the house, us guys were told to make ourselves comfortable and the girls disappeared into the bedroom to get Amber ready. We got a drink, stripped down to our undies and flicked some porn on. In anticipation of what was to come and the porn we were watching, it wasn't long before we had hardons. Rob relieved both mine and his of their restraints. Checking each other out, we were about the same in size, Rob a tad longer and I, a tad thicker, both circumcised. We took hold of each others cocks and gently stroked as we watched the tv.

Simultaneously, we realised the girls were taking their time and our boners needed female attention too. We got up to see where they were and on opening the bedroom door, there was Kiera licking Amber's pussy greedily, Amber was cumming, so we just stood there and watched, our cocks getting harder than ever. Whilst Amber's orgasm subsided Kiera got up, grabbed our hard cocks and led us into the lounge room. She had us move aside some furniture, leaving an armchair presiding over empty floor space. She positioned us standing naked facing the chair at a distance and told us to wait.

Soon, a giggly Kiera announced Amber, led her to the armchair and had her sit. Kiera kneeled on the floor beside her. Amber, after eyeing us guys up and down, thanked us in advance for attending to her desires and informed us we were to do her bidding. She commanded us to run a hand over the others back and behind. This was followed by order to face each other and fondle each others cock and balls. Rob was told to kneel and give me oral. Amber had me stand with my feet spread, approached me whilst my cock was being sucked and kissed and caressed my torso. Her manicured fingers slid between my bum cheeks and teasingly fingered my bum hole. The eroticism was becoming overwhelming and I think Amber knew I wasn't far off blowing my load so she had us switch places. I licked and sucked Rob's smooth balls and cock before taking his manhood into my mouth. My tongued swirled around his knob and I swallowed as much as his shaft as I could handle.

Like she did with me, Amber worked her magic on Rob and I could tell he wasn't far off from losing his load. All action was stopped and Amber lay on the carpeted floor between us. With hands forbidden, we went into action using our lips and tongues on her naked figure. We kissed and licked her from head to toe, taking turns in pleasuring her pussy. At Kieras request, (whom was busy fingering herself), we then were allowed to feed both Ambers mouth and pussy with our hard cocks. Again we took turns, this time filling her offered holes. Amber orgasmed at least twice whilst doing so. Both Rob and I were being left constantly on the edge of wanting to cum, action shifting and stopping before either got to the point of no return.

I was ordered to get down on all fours, Amber rimmed my arse before taking a generous amount of her dripping pussy juices and fingered my butt hole. She then sat down and commanded Rob to "fuck him hard" . I felt Rob's knob find my back entrance and with little mercy he shoved his cock in me hard and deep. I exclaimed a small cry of pain on being penetrated, but once Rob started pumping his cock into me it felt good. I took all he could give me with enthusiasm and watched as Kiera took to licking Ambers pussy. Amber looked on with a wicked smile of pure enjoyment. All too soon for my liking, Rob blew his load deep inside me.

Kiera was told to get up on all fours and she did so without missing a lick of Amber's pussy. I then took Kiera from behind whilst Rob stood next to Amber. Like with me, Amber, using a generous amount of pussy juice on her fingers played with Robs arsehole. We then had to form a chain. Kiera stayed between Amber's legs, Rob on all fours rimmed, licked and fingered Kiera and I rammed my hard cock up Rob's arse. This human chain allowed me to look straight into Ambers eyes and her mine. As I fucked Rob, I could tell Amber was about to cum again, she was pushing Kieras head down into her pussy with one hand and gripping the armchair with the other. Almost in perfect sync we came together.

More combinations happened that night, the day after and many other nights. Amber, whilst still loving her bi girls, began favouring filling in all her holes with cock at the same time and watching guy to guy action, always with a girl pussy licker at her feet. She even got herself a little crop whip.