Written by hottimes

12 May 2015

She Probly mention how did the face feel.. But I walked up behind her and run my hands down her curve hips then back up cupping her brest as she sizzes in enjoyment tilting her head ACK onto my shoulder, exposing and offering her neck to me. Without a thrift I kissed and nibbled the lush neck before me. As I looked down at to beautiful breast before me that i being corresed and squeezed in my firm hands.

Forgetting is wasn't my wife. My hand moved down and under the longeray, touching her soft skin my hand go back up fodeling her breast and squeezing her nipples. The mones and her breathing become more intense with each squeeze of her Brest.

Up and over the garmet come off she turned around kissing me so passionatly her hand hose down and feels my package throbing in my pants. And with some hast or animal desire for me to mount her, she had my pants down with her lips surounding my hard cock she devoured it, what a pleasure her tounge her lips up and down my shaft as her hand foldled my balls full of my creamy cum fronting to explode inside of her

To be continued