Written by hottimes

1 Jun 2015

I pulled her back up then my hands slide down removing her Gstring my hand went up rubbing her wet warm pussy. She mined with excitement as my finger parted her pussy end played with her clit. She doubled over as I nibbled her nipple and flicked her clit at this sang my cock hard and throbbing panting to plunge deep inside of her.

We layed on the carpet I was on top kissing passenetly she moved her legs wide apart, my shaft could feel her welcoming pussy waiting for it. In it went her mones of pure pleasure screening out as I drove my hard cock deep inside... I could feel my cumming about to explode inside of her...

Then with out warning my phone rang.. The ring tone you are my sunshine rang out.... It's my wife I said... I had to answer it... Laying got onto of this beautiful shop girl as I exploded inside of her..

Hi sexy I said.. What am I doing... Looking of your birthday present... I'm laying on top of the shop owner... Lol she said over the phone.. Yes I've found you a gift... OK I'll ask... My wife would like you to come around tonight.. You can moddle the present for her...

The expression was shock and curiosity...

I explained to this lovely lady that I just make love too that the wife and I are swingers... And the wife would like her to join us tonight for some fun... O yes my wife is bi are you???

Well she didn't know what to say.. But then after thinking of the experience she just had she wonted more.. yes I'd love too.. But I've never been with a girl..

OK she'll take it slowly with you..

Here's the address of yes my card for the garment see you tonight then at 7....

The rest is another story