Written by BW1900

8 Nov 2017

I have been walking for hours. My car is broken down and I need a phone as mine is flat. I see a light and start walking faster to get to this light. It's a house in the middle of no where. I start to run to get to it faster. I get to the door my breathing is heavy my chest is heaving I'm covered in sweat but I still knock on your door.

You open the door and see me hot, sweaty and breathless. I can barely say that I need help with my car. You tell me to come in. I ask if you have a phone. You conveniently hide yours. You tell me no. You can fix cars and it's too dark to do it now. You tell me I can stay here till the morning.

I sit on your lounge. I'm hot, sweaty and dirty. You ask me if I want a drink. I say yes water please. You tell me no not water. How bout some wine. I tell you yes. You pour two glasses and come sit beside me. I drink the glass quickly. Your looking at me. I say sorry rough day. You laugh and pour me another glass. I've had a crap day I just don't want to think. Can we just get drunk. You laugh and say sure drink up. I finish your bottle. Your still on your first glass I'm buzzed and relaxed. We are talking and laughing. I ask why you live in the middle of no where. You say you like being alone. I'm curious. Why alone? You don't answer. I look into your eyes and move closer to you. I ask when was the last time you kissed someone. You tell me it's been too long and laugh. I look at you and grab you by your neck of your shirt and kiss your lips. It's hot and hard and when you kiss me back it gets hotter, kisses get wetter. I stop lick my lips and say damnnn that's a good kiss. Your quiet but I'm horny as hell. I kiss you again and start to move and straddle your lap. I move my hands and lift your shirt up. I pull it up and over and take it off. I move my tongue and lips down your neck slowly dragging my tongue down your chest down your stomach till I get to your pants. I info your belt and unzip them slowly looking into your eyes as your zip slowly comes undone. I get my hands and roughly pull you pants down and free the bulge in your pants. Your dock is hard and I'm impressed. I look at you again in your eyes and lick

My lips. I run my tongue around the tip. Slowly tasting you. I move my mouth over your tip and slide my mouth down your dick. Inch by inch. Till your tip touches the back of my throat. I move my mouth slowly up your dick sucking slowly before I get to the tip. Then I take it in again. Sliding and sucking your dick moving my mouth faster every time I touch your tip.

I dig my nails into your thighs to move my mouth faster. I stop and tell you I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you. I start with my mouth on your dick again and move my hands to your balls. I start to massage them slowly but gently. Moving my hand faster. I start to moan with your dick in my mouth. I want you to come. I can feel you jerking. Your close and I'm not stopping. I increase my massaging and start rubbing your balls faster. You tell me your going to cum. I can feel you throbbing. Then I feel your warm cum hit my throat. It's hot and salty and I swallow it. I keep you in my mouth and then slowly move to the tip. I lick your tip to get every last drop. I sit back on my knees and look at you and say. You taste amazing. Thank you for that. Your panting and laughing. You tell me I should be thanking you. I laugh and say you don't have to thank me your fixing my car for me. You laugh and say your car is fine. Your not going anywhere anytime soon......

Hope you like.