Written by Fantasy man

17 Sep 2020

My name is Sara and I am a horny 40 year old at the peak of my sexual energy. My Husband Colin is 55 out of shape and over worked. I however love him with all my heart but a lack of interest in sex led to an adventure that has in fact revitalised our relationship and sexual life. After another night of frustration i fronted Colin regarding my needs. We had a long discussion which among other things, reaffirmed our love for each other and confirmed my suspicion that his lack of interest was age related more than desire related.

Next day Colin told me that he would be happy for me to find a lover or two for the physical act of lovemaking as long as our relationship was not effected. While shocked and fearing that i could not do this, I also felt horny and excited by the idea of having sex with someone other than Colin. As we had met when i was 20 my sex life was limited due to a conservative upbringing and shyness. I had only ever had the odd grope in the back of a car with a guy never sex and Colin was the only man to ever see me fully naked. He and i had been to beaches and i have gone topless but that is the extent of other men seeing me, never in a sexual way.

I had only ever seen one other penis a boyfriend called Johnno who whipped it out on a date and got me to wank him and suck it a bit. Johnno had a dick around 5” the same as Colin so thats how i thought they all looked.

In the early days Colin taught me everything, good oral technique and the enjoyment of anal. In the last few years however he has refused to do more than a couple of minutes fingering then a missionary fuck once a month or so if I’m lucky. I haven’t orgasmed with him or sucked his dick in at least 6 years. Not good for someone who was taught to be kinky and who loves the feel and taste of cum.

After a week the subject of me getting satisfaction elsewhere came up again and i told him I would think about it but asked what he wanted in return. He surprised me when he told me it was always a fantasy to watch me fuck another man. If he had told me years ago I’m sure i would have gone along with it as my sexual appetite is high.

I work for a distribution company and our Annual staff meeting was coming up and i was going out of town for this in two weeks time. I would be away 3 nights. The closer i got to leaving the hornier i got. I was masturbating a couple of times a day thinking about what he proposed.

Two days prior to my departure i asked him if i met someone i fancied on the trip could i sleep with them. He answered instantly and with a level of excitement saying yes as long as i told him all the details of the encounter.

For the readers thinking I’m some sort of glamour, i have some bad news. I am a typical mom of 40, two kids means a little fat on the gut, sag on the tits and thighs that are not slim. I however am naturally red headed with bright green eyes and with makeup hiding some laugh lines and wrinkles, look pretty, or my friends and Colin tell me i am. I have nice teeth and a great smile.

If i try hard i can look good dressed up but i am average.

Off i went with some of my best clothes packed not knowing if i might dress to kill or not. Could I do it?

First night i thought WTF and dressed in my little black dress with 4” pumps and black stockings. Nice makeup with bright red lipstick that highlighted my smile. My hair is short but when i looked in the mirror in my room i thought shit i don’t scrub up bad. I fact i thought of looked rather sexy.

Down the street to a small bar i had heard of and up on a bar stool. Due to my short stature this meant a little thigh on display.

I was soon joined by Aaron a 28 year old hunk. God i couldn’t believe he wanted to buy an old mom a drink. We chatted like old friends and i soon relaxed and enjoyed his company. Aaron was 6’ tall with dark hair, dark eyes and a two day growth. His smile was intoxicating and his body looked toned. He wore a tight T-shirt and jeans with casual shoes.

After an hour he invited me to dinner and we enjoyed another hour or so chatting. He worked for the same distribution company which made me a little nervous about my growing desire to sleep with him. Silly me why would he want to sleep with an old mom.

When it was time to leave the restaurant Aaron suggested another drink. I have no idea why i said what i did but I invited him to join me in my room to share a bottle of wine i had. He eagerly agreed. I texted Colin and told him his fantasy was about to come true if he still wanted it too. He replied with have fun.

Without any guilt i knew what was about to happen.

When we got to the room i poured two glasses and sat on the couch with Aaron and soon he leant in and kissed me. I guess he also knew. Frantic and passionate the kisses led to fondling and the removal of my dress. The lighting was dim but he admired my Bra and panty covered body and told me he loved my sexy look. He said he preferred older women and that i was perfect. All the things a girl likes to hear.

As we kissed i removed his shirt. God he was buffed pecs, abs and biceps. He removed my bra and began sucking my nipples, i was turned on so much i could feel the juices flowing from my pussy. I’m sure he smelt the womanly excitement. He stood and removed his pants and underwear. Oh god there was the third penis i had ever seen and this one was as impressive as the rest of him. Around 7and a 1/2 inches long hard as a rock but also thick. At least twice as thick as my husbands.

I moved forward and took him in my mouth and began to suck his cock with abandon. I took as much as i could and all the time my green eyes looked up at him. I could taste the pre cum, sweet as i remember and he began to moan as i sucked the best i knew how. All the time he was fondling my mommy boobs as i slowly took his shaft into my throat. He pushed forward a little and i was proud that i managed to take his magnificent shaft all the way. I felt him stiffen and soon he was cumming. I pulled his cock out after two squirts and let him shoot the rest on my face.

This action seemed to excite him more. He pulled me to his feet and kissed me tasting himself as well as my mouth. He then remove my panties, lay me on the bed and began eating my snatch and arse. I cum at least three times before he surfaced and moved up my body. His cock hard as a rock again found my entrance and he pushed into me. He was not gentle but more animal and this is so different for me. He drove me hard fucking deeply into my cunt. Man this guy could stay as well fucking me hard for at least 30 minutes before withdrawing and again unloading on my face and tits. He then spent 10 minutes licking his own cum of me.

I was out of this world with lust by now and began sucking him hard again. When completely up i told him to fuck my arse. He was brutal, just as my kinky, slutty mind wanted. He pushed into my arse in one movement stretching, hurting and exciting me all at once. He banged me long and hard slapping my bum as he drove me from behind. Each thrust his balls slapped against my cunt and the effect made me orgasm one more time. This time he cum deep inside my arse and i felt every squirt. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning i sucked his magnificent weapon once more this time swallowing every yummy drop of his cum.

We didn’t meet up again and when i returned home Colin was eager for the details. After i told him we made love for the first time in months. He sucked my cunt and i blew his smaller but lovely cock. He mounted me and fucked me then withdrew and fucked my arse and like Aaron blew his cum in my arse. After this i knew this would be a part of our life. Colin wants to watch next time and would like me to consider two or more guys if we can arrange it. I’m horny thinking about it.