Written by Fun time

5 Nov 2015

Well tonight is going to be very interesting. In that case leo..

Looking over at Wendy, there boat slowed as Richard layed down with Wendy straddling his hard cock mick helping guide it into place . Them mick rolled on top of Wendy... Mmmm pussy or ass.. Well we will find out later... Slowly they went was it the waves or Wendy bouncing hard on the cocks.. Tony on our biscit said my turn as he layed his hot 25 year old body on top of me. His heap of meat rubbing my crack till his head pressed my ass. As I lifted it his cock pressed into me Mmm then Tony was mounted, the weight of two guys and the pounding waves was too much for me, I need a rest guys, so with a wave of a hand the boat slowed and come back around. Very unsteady I got into the boat.

You OK, just need a rest. Ok I'll drop you back at the camp. Thanks mate I said as we headed for the shore.

Soon I was on Terra furma , and the boat headed back out.. To join back up with the others. Collapsing into the airbed near the smoldering fire. Two of the ten remaining guys come over to chat. One was somewhat shorter then the other but made up for it in other areas... This guy needle just near my head the other near my wast. Well with two hunks near me I was at full erection and before I knew my cock was being deep throated mmm with my eyes closed for a breath. Moment but when I opened them a hard cock was near my lips, so I offered my mouth to the waiting cock, and without hesitation in it slid... In and out, his hand pressing my head in with every stock...

Then I like his shaft to his balls and back 3 -4 times stilling to suck each ball.. Then I felt a body next to mine, feeling there check agent mine, Iooked and there w d Wendy sharing the cock with me...

Hi baby I seen you had fun kit there... Yes double penetration was nice,, but needed a rest...

Now your wearing all these guys out, I'll have no fun now,,, no we can still give you lots of fun... Said the guy we were sucking I've got it up 3 time last week in one night and the rest are close behind... Well we see Wendy said. I won't all cocks tonight in my pussy ass and mouth and hands..