Written by Lostr8_mm

21 Apr 2011

What happened that night took him completely by surprise. He had come across her one evening whilst browsing the webcams in the chat room. He was immediately taken by her sultry good looks and the sensuous and seductive way she moved. He read her profile and was disappointed to see her and her partner weren’t looking for straight males. Who was he fooling though, only himself, she was too young for him, so a meet was out of the question.

Try as he might he couldn’t avoid being drawn to her cam whenever he saw it was on. Eventually he decided to talk to her, he complimented her on her appearance and she was very polite and friendly, he plucked up the courage and whispered her. He waited anxiously, nothing, after what seemed an age, beep. She had replied and he was elated! The whispers were never more than two or three when she was in the room, usually reserved for when she was on cam. She didn’t always reply immediately but she always replied. She was, as her profile had said polite and respectful and his attraction to her grew.

He had always been a confident man, able to socialise in all circles of society. For some reason which he could never really fathom, this confidence hadn’t extended to his encounters with the women he had been attracted to through his life. He thought for a brief moment about Denny, the lost love of his life and that phone call all those years ago. ‘Hello’...”Peter?”...”Yes”...”Hi its Denny how are you?”...”good thanks Denny, lovely to hear from you” and then that next question “Are you married?”...”Yes and I have two sons now”. The question startled him and he knew now she was gone forever from his life. She had wanted to meet but he knew he couldn’t, it would be too painful. Luckily he was returning to Melbourne the next day so meeting her was impossible but why had she asked that question? More to the point why had it been the very next question after the obligatory ‘Hello how are you?”.

He had a good upbringing. Strict but loving he was taught to treat others with respect especially women. You never touched a girl unless invited, good advice but baffling to a young teenage boy with hormones running rampant through his body. “A girl only kisses a boy she likes.’ These were some of the very few words of advice from his mother. So Denny must have liked him, he still remembered with fondness that ‘snogging session’ as they were called in those days. He also remembered the feelings her kisses had aroused in him and just as clearly, the fear of doing the “wrong thing”.

How did he know if she wanted him to touch her, she certainly wasn’t going to ask him, she couldn’t, their mouths were locked together. She had relaxed in his arms and pressed her body against his. She had obviously felt his erection pressed against her thigh and when he hadn’t been able to control his hand and had allowed it to softly brush across her left breast she didn’t pull away. If anything she had kissed him more enthusiastically. That was as far as he dare go but as he left and walked home, feeling as if he was floating on clouds of air, the regrets and questions started. He regretted not taking the initiative, sure he had started the kiss but it was her who had moved so that their embrace was so intimate. Should he have done more? Enough!! How many times had he gone over this in his mind over the years?

Here it was different; he was sat at a computer, the beautiful woman he was so attracted to miles away but at the same time as close as his monitor. The magic of cyberspace had brought this woman into his house. One night, she had initiated the contact she wanted his opinion on something. He gave as frank and as honest an answer he could, hoping that in doing so he did not offend her. Watching her on cam was good but the whispers just made it all the more personal and special. He certainly didn’t want these to stop. He knew in the real world he would be able to converse quite comfortably with this lady. The only difference is she would be totally unaware of the effect she had on him. Her appearances on cam seemed to change as she obviously became more comfortable with it. Her lithe body had always been clearly evident although covered with her clothing, yet another thing that marked her as different, she always looked immaculate whatever she was wearing. This was a woman who had natural sex appeal.

The evening she appeared wearing just her nightdress showed just how much more relaxed she was. Here was a woman comfortable with her own sexuality. She was sat down with her legs slightly crossed. The nightdress had slipped up her thighs, just far enough to leave that magic triangle, a hint of the treasure that lay just beyond view. The left strap had fallen down, lying provocatively across her slender arm; this in turn caused the top of the nightdress to fall slightly forward. This only served to highlight the amazing silky smoothness of her firm white breasts. Her erect nipples were clearly evident pressing through the satin or silk nightdress. The effect was devastating on him. He had never quite been this captive before, hating the flush of his cheeks, the lack of confidence and the insistent pulsing that was hardening his cock against his wishes. Her confidence seemed to rub off on him and he made his first real attempt to flirt with her, wanting to convey how he was sexually attracted to her. Her sensuous grace roused his lustful nature but he didn’t want his whispers to sound like the lewd whisperings of a dirty old man. Still wanting to keep the respect he felt for her clear his whispers were becoming ever more slightly suggestive..

He had observed during his time in the chat room that plenty of men were on cam. They were in fact the majority on cam even couples cams seemed to be men. They were either showing their faces and chatting in the room or teasing the women with their toned bodies. This only served to remind him off how he had let himself go and needed to get back into shape. There were also the men masturbating proudly showing off their cocks to all who would watch them. He had never even considered such a thing and wondered why men would want to just sit there stroking their cocks. The occasional “I am about to cum anyone want to watch’ comment flashed up in the main chat, he wondered if anybody ever did. He knew that some women were turned on by mutual masturbation so surely some must watch. This was after all just another form of that only via cyberspace.

Her poise on cam, the way she gracefully and softly trailed her hands across her body slowly and seductively sliding her clothing aside had him captivated. On occasions she would reveal her perfectly rounded breasts with erect nipples just aching to be touched and kissed. He imagined her hands were his whilst he stood behind her planting soft kisses on the nape of her neck. She moved her hands to her thighs, they looked like the smoothest of silk and he wished he could just slide his hand across her skin to feel the warmth of her body. She tantalised him and he was so taken, he was there with her, he was oblivious to where he really was, lost in the moment.

He decided to turn his cam on but as yet undecided how to set it up. It had appeared to him others had given careful attention to the positioning of their webcams. He was just sitting at a desk with his cam on top of his monitor. He decided to place it on his desk so as to avoid showing his face. He glanced up and all he saw was his shirt this was what the others would be seeing.

It was then that he noticed he had a name in his watchers list. It was her; she was looking at his cam. He froze, like a startled rabbit, caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. His heart was pounding in his chest, his pulse racing, his mind working overtime.

He typed a whisper “hi you look sexy as usual” but he couldn’t move. He was trying to buy time as he decided what to do. She had him trapped and again he became aware of his pulsating cock and that he needed to rearrange his underwear before it became pain instead of pleasure. He luckily was not showing his arms on the cam so he quickly slipped his left hand down and made himself more comfortable becoming even more aroused, unable to take his eyes from her cam. She always excited him but not like this, her hand traced across the top of her breasts revealing the lace of her blue bra. She touched something deep within him, his base instincts. It felt as if his penis was crying to be released from the confined space of his undies and trousers. He reached down undid the zip on his pants and slid his undies down instinctively gripping his cock firmly in his hand. Thoughts flashed through his mind at brake neck speed, quick, what was she looking at? My cam? What does she want to see, she had placed her little finger in the side of her mouth, those lips oh those lips. That cheeky suggestive sexy smile. He recalled the other men’s cams, he was starting to panic “ I can’t show her my stomach, my chest, I don’t have a toned body anymore to show her.

Oh how he wished he was thirty five again, still toned, so he could just rip off his shirt. Her subtle gestures, her movements became more provocative almost wanton. This was driving him wild with desire, he realised he hadn’t let go of his penis. The blood was flowing freely and he suddenly was aware of how engorged it was. It was so hard it was twitching of its own accord, she again slid her nightdress slowly up those beautiful legs. He was intoxicated by her, intoxicated with lust and desire. What is she doing, what is she thinking? but he couldn’t fight it anymore.

The temptation was too great and he stood up continuing to stroke his cock. He glanced at his monitor and realised that all she would see was his cock aimed slightly to the left and his hand stroking it. The head of his cock looked larger than normal and it even felt slightly thicker in his hand, He hadn’t had an erection and been this hard, this rock hard for years. He shifted his eyes to her cam, she was still there but was she watching him? She leant forward towards her cam, again putting her finger to her mouth he could see the tops of her breasts. Again he was there taken with the desire to touch that silky soft skin, she leaned forward the angle afforded him a glimpse of her nipples. In his mind he was licking his thumbs and forefingers and taking her nipples between them gently squeezing them. Is she watching me? Beep, that sound, a whisper, from the corner of his eye he could see the page still on her whisper tab. The tab was coloured it was her “mmmmmm’ was all he read. She was looking at his cam. His excitement grew he wanted to read if she had said anything else but his eyes were firmly fixed to her cam his eyes drinking in her beauty. The pace of his hand increased with the knowledge. He was being driven on by his lustful desires for her magnificent body. He felt the pressure build, he couldn’t stop now, and his hand seemed to be a blur as he furiously stroked his cock. He ejaculated, the cum shot from his pulsating penis with a force that stunned him, two, three four spurts of cum shot across his desk. This was the most incredible orgasm. His eyes firmly fixed on her cam all the time. The spurts of his cum had taken him by surprise, the pace of his hand slowed but it was if his cock would never stop twitching, the pleasure immense he had to place a hand on the desk to keep his feet. He was back, he looked down what a mess! What had he done. He nervously glanced back at her cam just in time to see her lean forward and blow a kiss towards her cam. And then she was gone.

As her cam went black he noticed the list of watchers, who else had been watching? He quickly reached for his mouse and turned his cam off. My god, how many had been watching him? He had turned the cam off so quickly he would never know. His thoughts returned to her. What would it be like to actually be with her if just watching was this good? Then his lack of confidences returned. “Would I be able to satisfy her, give her the pleasure she gives me?” This was a worry that had always plagued him for some reason giving pleasure to the lady he was with was more important than his own. He looked down; he looked ridiculous stood at his desk with his pants and undies around his ankles. “Oh my god! Was she watching me? What is she going to think?” He collapsed in his chair looked at his desk and his monitor, all he could see was that sentence “mmmmm was that because of me?”. He answered “Yes just you”. Relief flooded through his whole being. She knew.