Written by flyingsolo_07

6 Jun 2013

After an exchange of emails we decide that we would meet in a public place on our first meet - a mid afternoon session so the cinema is not to busy, but busy enough to make sure that we would have to be very discreet.... I have told you that i am sitting in the rear left hand corner around me is an older couple and a some teens as well as a handfull of people scattered through out.

I wearing my suit as i have left work early to meet you. You arrive and slide in next to me "Hi Adam", this is the first time that I have heard your voice and it sends my heart racing. I can smell the sweet perfume that you are wearing and a silhouette of your figure as the light flickers in the darkness of the cinema. You sit down and you can see me smiling at you as your heart starts to beat faster.

I move in close to you and start to whisper in your ear - "I'm soooo hot for you" while i kiss your neck. I move my hand to the inside of your thigh, slowly moving up and down as your dress slowly starts to creep up with every upward motion. Your legs start to part as my hand moves upward, the wetness and tension is starting to accumulate as my nails run slowly up your flesh eventually rubbing over the outside of your lips...

Your breath has deepened and your nipples have become very erect with the though of my fingering you in this public place. My head move in towards your as l lick up the side of your neck grabbing your head as i do. I slowly bring my lips to yours, they are soft and supple, i lightly bite your lip as my hand cups your breast and squeezes your nipple through your dress.

The pleasure of me squeezing your nipple brings a shudder of pleasure and pain through you making you moan more loudly than you wanted. The older couple two rows in front stirring in the moment. I pull you close to me and nibble on your ear while whispering "take your panties off NOW" and as i do your hand clutches at my hard cock that is pushed hard against my trousers.

You arch your back while lifting your cute butt and slide your panties off, dropping them in my lap smiling as you do "Happy Now" you say as i can feel the wetness on them making me even harder with the thought your ready for me. I start to unzip my trousers and reach inside my pants, your hand slides over to mine quickly stopping me as you pull mine out and put yours inside my pants. Your heart beats faster as you expose me in full view, sliding your hand up and down the shaft slowly as i squirm with pleasure and anticipation.

You move across and position yourself in front of me slowly hitching your dress you do, i can see your sexy bum as you do. I squeeze it firmly and slide my hand under you to feel your wetness, my finger glides inside you causing you to moan again, this time i cover your mouth as i push you over the chair in front and slide my second finger inside. You start to push back on my hand as your ache starts to build. My hand is now completely covered in your juices which is turning me on incredibly. I remove my fingers and use the wetness to lubricate my cock relieving some of the tension.

I then grab your hip and position you so that i can flick my hard throbbing cock up and down the full length of your pussy. You put your hand down there to feel me and add pressure when i rub over your clit. Finally i push my cock upwards to your opening and hold you firmly so that you only tale the head inside you. We both moan lightly as the sensation of that first penetration throws waves of pleasure over us. You work yourself lower taking me deeper then up again, each time that bit deeper until i am completely inside you and you can feel me grinding on your g spot.

You lean forward to the seat in front, biting down on your arm to prevent you from moaning out load. I can hear the muffled moans from you as i start to drive upwards, harder and harder your pussy is squeezing on every upward motion making it almost impossible to control myself from cuming inside you.

I reach around to your breasts and slide under your dress caressing them, you lurch back and start to cum uncontrollably the tightening of your pussy is too much i start to cum too - my hot cum pumping inside you as i cover your mouth with my hand and slide my finger inside as you suck it.

You sit there for a minute while we both catch our breath, stand up, smile and lean towards me "might see you at the hotel later"