28 May 2015

For some men, the ones we do not know so well, they may not cum inside Shona’s pussy. We ask them to shoot their spunk over or around her puffy fucked pussy so that Shona and I can both still enjoy her, well earned creampie. I love to eat the cum, whilst breathing in her fucked pussy musk and pressing my face and tongue into the soft, wet texturous folds of her pink fucked sweet pussy lips. How I do love to eat Shona’s sloppy full cunt! I eat all of the sweet musky and creamy deposited leftovers. This clean-up is so amazing. I really enjoy eating the spunk, being so intimate with Shona’s reamed worked sexuality. I want Shona to see me and feel my enjoyment for her having sex with other men and for having me eat the mess they leave behind, freshly in and on, her cunt and skin.

Heavy, creamy loads of fresh pumped cum ooze from Shona’s puffy fucked-up pussy and run down her inner thighs as she now kneels, pussy open, for me on the bed. Shona slides her hand between her legs and massages, sighing long and low when she deliciously finds the sloppy creamed mess inside and running from her precious pumped cunt.

I hear the door close behind me as the last of our guests leaves our room. I am now alone with Shona for the first time since we’d invited men back to our room to fuck her. We’d both been tipsy initially, but watching and joining the guys fucking Shona and depositing their loads onto her cunt across her pubes and pussy lips had left me sober, excited and hard as a rock.

My head was spinning and my stomach turning over, but my hard cock told the true tale. A perfect smile spread across Shona’s grinning face, she looked at me, over her shoulder, her hand continued to play with her sloppy, spunk covered cunt.

“Get over here and fuck me Ric,” she giggled so wantonly. Shona spread her swollen pussy, even more, and beckoning me to the bed with her sultry gaze. I was a little reluctant, the idea of so many sloppy seconds, but I did as she said and joined her on our bed.

My straining cock slid effortlessly into her creamy soaked hole and I was amazed at how good Shona felt as I found my cock thrusting inside her cum soaked pussy.

“The best lube in the world really is another man's cum!” I moaned.

My orgasmic excitement built very quickly and I felt my climax building, my body slapped against Shona’s perfect round arse, I thumbed Shona’s cum soaked anus as I rode her body backwards and forwards.

“Not yet Baby, don’t cum too soon! You promise me right now, she calls out, Promise me you will lick my pussy clean if you want to cum!” she teased me. Shona suddenly pushed me back from her sweating sexy body and pushed me on to my back. Shona straddled my face and lowered her soft open pussy down onto my mouth. She then rose up from my lips and allowed gravity to draw the loads of cum from inside her body and drip softly into my mouth, I diligently licked at and swallowed everything Shona fed me, before she finally jumped from my face, I was so engrossed in my enjoyment. Shona urgently impaled herself onto my swollen hard cock and rode me until, reluctantly; I shot my own excitement and creamy goodness, uncontrolled, into her willing, grinding cunt, both of us orgasming so hard....