Written by sexytwoforyou

26 Mar 2012

when i met him he was very cute but i could see once behind closed doors ill truely be amazed and that i was....

passion and lust all at once threw me onto the bed and spread my legs and me wanting to cum badly but not yet i need to feel his hard lushious cock inside me so i waited and he danced his tongue up and down my clit fingering me every now and again hmmm i moaned so much suddenly he flips me over pulling my hair and slips that hard cock i was waiting for right into my wetness and god i was wet pounding my flesh and grabbing my ass when i thought nothing would suprise me he rubbed his thumb on my asshole knowing it would drive me so insane the more he pounded harder the more the thumb went inside and the more he did it the more i just wanted to scream.... fuck me please harder faster i said then he went slow teasing me knowing that doing the opposite wasnt supposed to be in the cards yet when i was least expecting it he went so hard so fast i couldnt help it i came so hard and spun around to taste his and drink those juices that i had been waiting and wanting for.