Written by BW1900

15 Jun 2017

I pick u up for a concert date, u were dressed to impress with your short, tight halter neck dress showing off your nice tits, (about to pop free). The smell of your lip stick was driving me crazy and horny, on the way to the concert u thought it would b a good idea to give me a blowy while I was driving, I tried to stop u but the smell and your tits was anoth to change my mind, u undo my fly and lick the head of my cock, then push your lips over my head( fuck it was to die for) you push down further while licking my shaft, over and over till u end up deep throating me all the way to my balls. The smell, softness, tightness, of your lips soon had me ready to blow my load deep in your throat, I start moaning and my balls tighten in your hand, and this is wen u stop and say not yet. Zip me back up, reapply your lip stick, ( I could just kill u right now). In my mind I was trying to come up with a plan to repay u.

We finally arrive at the concert and move to the frount right up close to the stage, wen the band finally come out to do there thing the crowd pushed forwored and we were trapped, as the night went on, and u dancing and bouncing around, and bumping into to me. (That's wen it hit me). Pay back time.

I grab u by your wast and hold u tight against me, I grind my cock into your ass and feel your tits and pinch your nipples. U throw your head back (witch pushes your tits out more) . and give's me excess to your neck I lick your ear and suck on your neck. I keep grinding against you,and I can feel my cock. U r now turned on and push back against me thinking u r teasing me again. U r trapped against the rail at the frount, my cock now hard as a diamond, unknown to u I've undone my fly and the only thing separating your smooth hot pussy and my hard cock is your supper thin panties. Bye now u have realised what I'm doing and between your pussy been so wet and my precum, your panties r soaked, with one hand I squeeze your tits and the other hand I pull your panties to the side and rub my cock over your pussy. U throw your head back and beg me to fuck u with my hard cock. Your hands r on the rail infront of u and u can't do anything but push back against me. As u do I enter your hot cunt, u moan as i fuck u slowly at first and fingering your clit at the same time, slowly picking up pace and depth till my balls r bottoming out, My fingers rubbing your clit, my cock deep inside u, pinching your nipple's and wen I whisper in your ear I'm going to come in your hot pussy it pushes u over the edge and u cum all over my cock, thighs shacking, juices flowing, and your pussy contracting tight around my cock, as i slam my cock into u and come in your super tight cunt, spurt after spurt I fill your pussy and it runs down your thigh. I hold my cock in u till falls out.