Written by Playtime78cpl

7 Sep 2019

Mr crazy sex eyes....

It was a Saturday morning, as my partner and I sat down reliving our previous nights fun with a liked minded sexy couple we were all smiles thinking how hot our sex session was. As we started recounting the events we also started getting hornier and hornier... I put my hand in his shorts and grabbed his throbbing hard cock, gently stroking it, just enough to tease it into showing the first signs of glistening precum. I swiped my thumb across the head and collected the beads.... I could see the look in jacks eyes wanting to taste this...me being naughty and wanting to drive him wild, took my thumb and seductively took it I'm my mouth and licked it clean. Jack had his crazy sex eyes on and I knew what he wanted. He wanted his dick drained and for me take take it all down my throat. I however had other plans for my hot lover. I told him I had a surprise for him, something he had wanted to do for a long time. His eyes widened and a look of pure desire came over his face.... I told him to go to our bedroom and put the blind fold on, which he did in what almost seemed like lightening speed. This made me smirk as I loved seeing him turned on. After a few moments I followed after him to make sure he did as I'd asked. Of course he did, laying there blind fold on with his hand stroking his shaft. I walked over and grabbed his hand and steered it to my hot dripping pussy. I made him feel my juices then wanted him to taste them, as he licked his fingers I lent over and nibbled his ear and whispered...Your fantasy is about to be fulfilled my love, wait here and I'll be just a moment. I crept quietly to the front door to let Jim in, the male from our last night's rendezvous. We had secretly arranged for him to come back the next day to pleasure Jack. I kissed him and ushered him to follow me. When we got to the bedroom, I made my return known as to disguise the other participant that had also entered. I lay down next to him and started kissing him Passionately, all the while so turned on for what was about to happen, I kissed his body all the way down till his cock, this was Jim's cue to take over. He took jacks cock in his mouth and started licking and sucking (this was not Jim's first rodeo) it made me even wetter. I moved my mouth back up and kissed my man, I then removed his blindfold, it took him a moment to comprehend what was happening, the noises escaping his mouth were that of pure ecstasy when he took in the scene unfolding. I nodded at Jim who stopped sucking his cock and guided Jack to the edge of the bed, I quickly mounted his cock and started riding it like there was no tomorrow, my pussy was just flowing and running with pure moisture, jim slid his finger in my man's arse and jacks crazy sex eyes were widening with pure subliminal pleasure... I was on the point of cuming and I new the final surprise would have Jack cuming hot and hard. I stared into his eyes as Jim pushed his hard cock in his arse, from that moment there was a few hard deep thrusts which sent me over the edge as I was riding my man while he was living his fantasy.... Jim groaned and I new he was blowing his hot load in my man....I stared into jacks CRAZY SEX EYES as he, jack filled me with his hot full load...... I rolled off, my body still quivering. Jack was convulsing with waves of euphoria . I leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips and said ... I love you babe. Jim let himself out while we fucked several more times...just because........love you!

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