16 Aug 2019

I was in Melbourne at the Crown. My band had been booked for a Corporate function. Black tie. No expense spared. I had charged double the usual fee – cash. They had paid up front. $8,500 for 3 hours. Not bad. I had Dr Tim Nikowski on bass. Tim was a full time studio muso. He played guitar as well. Rob Mercer on drums; Masters Graduate from the Melbourne University Conservatorium. Lisa Worley on vocals. Lisa had worked all over the world. Me on keys and vocals. It was the awards dinner for the annual Surgeons Conference of Victoria. There were over 300 guests. Husbands, wives, girlfriends, mistress’. Don’t ever get the impression medical professionals are conservative. Fuck no. A classic dichotomy. During the day, they are machines. The rest of the time, sluts and alcoholics. I fitted right in!

Lisa was singing the roof off. She was dressed in a flowing evening gown, with 3 inch heels and a fur. Her hair was streaked in pastel blue, green and yellow. Lisa is very attractive and has the voice of an angel. She was standing on the dance floor with an RF remote mic. We were doing “Feel like making love” - Roberta Flack. I always encourage the boys to take the tune further. Be inventive. Lisa finished the chorus. “Mod to E natural”. The boys followed flawlessly. We transitioned to a Latin style and picked up the tempo. The dance floor started filling. Lisa went and grabbed a champagne; knowing we would solo for quite a while.

Piano solo. Bass solo. Drum solo. Then Lisa to bring it home. Huge applause. The MC approaches. “Ade. Do one more; then we are doing the awards”. The floor was still full. People were waiting. “Take a break Leese. We will do this”. “Golden Wedding, Rob”. Rob starts. This is an old Woody Herman tune, featuring drums and clarinet. Rob starts. I warm up my clarinet. More people entered the dance floor. We easily had half the guest list dancing. The sound engineer turned us up and lowered the lights. I stood up and started playing. Benny Goodman eat your heart out.

The awards were very formal. Like a Hollywood Oscar event. Eddy McGuire was driving. What a funny cunt he was. We had our main meal, during the ceremony. Roast duck with crispy skin. Beurre noir sauce. Garlic potato mash. Steamed winter vegetables in honey, nutmeg and brown sugar. Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz. McGuire couldn't help himself; inserting a classic Collingwood plug.

After the awards ceremony was concluded, we were prepping to continue our next set. A couple approached me. They were in their sixties. He was in an expensive dinner suit, with shiny collar and cuffs. His links were 24 c gold. She was in a designer gown, with a mink jacket and hat. Very sheikh. "Mr Adrian. Please allow us to introduce ourselves. "I am Professor Allan Davidson. This is my wife Lora". "We shook hands. I kissed hers in the old fashioned way". "Oh charming". "We are Jazz fans from way back. That Herman tune was first class. Do you do anymore"? "What do you have in mind"? "In the mood"? "Sure". "We are sitting over there. Come and have a glass later".

We hit the stage. I got out my Tenor Sax. This was going to be interesting without brass. Hmm. Light bulb moment. I had a trumpet and a trombone with me; but I don't play brass. I addressed the crowd: " Ladies and Gentlemen. We have been requested to play Glenn Miller's "In the mood". As many of you will know, this tune is a classic involving saxophone, trumpet and trombone. I have these with me; but no one to play them". I wait a few minutes.

A young guy approaches the stage. He was around 30. "I play. I know that tune. I'm Rory". Cool. He warms up. Not long later, another guy follows the same way. His name was Scott. We hit it. It Rocked. The dance floor was saturated. No room to move. We followed with American Patrol. Then the Sheikh of Araby, Woodcutters Ball, Begin the Beguine, Take Five, Mood Indigo; then the classic, One O'Clock Jump, by Count Basie. Another break; before our last set, to finish the night.

Rory and Scott joined us for a drink. "So, what's your story"? "I'm an Orthopedic surgeon" says Rory. "Where"? "I have my own practice. In East Melbourne". "Shit. You must be just out"? "Second year working. I started young". "Where did you study"? "Harvard Medical". "Cool. My son just graduated Princeton". "Ha ha. Bloody Princeton. They win everything, the cunts". "I know". Scott was an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Melbourne Uni. We downed another bottle of Tahbilk and hit the stage for the last set. Rory and Scott joined us again. This time we focused on Jazz-Funk.

The night was winding up. I was packing up my gear. I got a tap on the shoulder. It was the Professor. "Adrian. How about that glass"? "Sure". I left the load-out for later. I sat at their table. They poured me a glass of French Burgundy. "How long has your band been together"? "This is our 6th gig". "What! How can you be at that standard in only 6 sessions"? " We all read. We all know Jazz Chords. We all improvise. We've played 1000's of gigs each. Therefore we connect". "That's amazing. It reminds me of a surgical team". "It is probably similar. Although there's an element of gestalt involved, that can't be written down". "What do you mean"? "We have a mental and emotional link. It's a bit like hitting each other's G-Spots". She smiles. He becomes intrigued.

"What do you know about that Mr Adrian"? "Please call me Ade". He nods. "Go on". "Well. I have spent the last ten years exploring my sexuality; researching and testing. I had a bucket list. I completed it not long ago". "Really? What was the last box"? "A swingers party". He guffaws. She looks at me like I was prime beef. "Well, well, well". I wait for one of them to comment. "We, sir; are members of the most elite swingers group in Australia". "Oh. Tell me about that please". "Sorry. No can do. All we can do is show you". My curiosity is piqued. "OK. Where and when"? "We are going to one tonight. Would you like to come"? "Sure". "It is a little dearer than the average". "What do you mean"? "Single guys are $1500 cash". "That's OK. Providing I get my money's worth". "Oh no fear there, Ade"

After completing load-out, I went to my room; showered, groomed and got back into the dinner suit. Allan had arranged for his driver to pick me up at midnight. I had no idea where we were going. It was a black vintage Bentley. "Would Sir like a drink"? "Chardonnay please". He pours and hands me a chilled chardy; then starts to drive. "Would Sir like to watch a video to get into the mood"? "No thanks. Don't need it. How about some music"? "Of course. What would Sir's preference be"? "Earth, Wind and Fire".

He was heading East; out the South Eastern.

At 12.45 am, we arrived at a very plain looking resort somewhere in the Dandenongs. It was out of the way; with huge trees camouflaging the main building. No lighting at all. I couldn't see any cars anywhere. So strange. He pulled up. "Would Sir go through those doors please"? I saw no doors. He pointed. Ahh. Yes. He drove off. I pushed the door open. It revealed a corridor of black carpet with red lighting. I walked. Came to another double door which was locked. Nothing there. I called Allan. Straight to message bank. Fuck! What to do? Had I been conned? Unlikely. I hadn't paid anything yet.

It was completely silent. Eerily silent. I sat down against the wall and waited.

5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Fuck this! I stood and started walking back. "Adrian, STOP". I stopped. "Adrian, turn around". I did this. I couldn't see any speakers or video cameras anywhere. "Adrian, come back to the doors. Now remove all your clothing. All of it". I obeyed. "Adrian. Make your cock hard". I did this. The doors opened and the sound hit me. The noise of a crowd and a live band. Allan and Lora where standing there naked with champagne. They handed me a glass. "My dear boy. Forgive Frank. He insisted you be screened as you have fast tracked the application process".

There were people everywhere in various states of dress. Uniforms. Sexy underwear. Naked. Drag. All and more. A band was playing. Dancers were dancing. People were dancing. People were eating at tables on the upper deck. There was a Roman Orgy area and a huge indoor Roman bath; steaming. People were fucking everywhere. Straight, Bi, Gay, Lesbian and Trans. And combinations in groups. It was a little over-whelming at first. I drank my glass of champagne in less than a minute. A waiter handed me another.

"Don't worry about the fee. It's covered". "Thanks Allan". I knew that meant I was to put out at some stage. All good with me. After all; this is why we go to these parties; is it not? Fortunately for me, I am Bi. So, nothing I could see, disconcerted me. We sat down at a bar table. Allan signaled a waiter. "What was the red you were drinking Ade"? "Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz". A bottle of Vintage 1988 was placed next to me. It still had the dust on it from the cellar. Holy Fuck! This would have been worth thousands. For the record. Tahbilk is a very old family owned winery in Victoria, about 90 minutes north of Melbourne. They have Shiraz vines that were planted in 1860. Yes. That would be 160 years ago. The wine is aged in oak for 10 years before bottling. At this point (2019); a fresh bottle sells for well over $300 Australian.

"Oh darling. The show is starting". The stage had emptied. The lights were lowered. A spotlight hit centre stage. The MC appeared. "Ladies, Gentlemen, Darlings and Strumpets; welcome"! Applause, whoops and whistles. The MC was right out of a French Gay Nightclub. Purple suit. Yellow trim. Pink top hat. Black lip stick. Orange eyes. Awesome. Great bod. Hmmmm... "Perrrrssssssoonnnssss..... I am extreeeemlllyyy PASSIONately happy to announce --- wait for IT. ... .... .... The one ... the only .... TIFFANY and SON!!!!!" Huge applause. I wondered. Lets see.

Nothing. Empty. No sound. The room hushed... Then a tweak. Stage left; a movement; a color. Blonde head. Purrfectly blow waved hair. My cock stirred. Then the entrance. Yep. 6 4 blonde. Greek Goddess figure. D cup naturals; hiding behind a black leather war Armour top. Solid thighs. Wonder Woman on steriods. No make up to speak of. Fucking sexy as fuck. Oooohhh.... I could fuck her throat. Knee length dark green leather boots. Whip.

Tiff cracks the whip. The crowd Ooooohhhssss. I'm fucking certain people had an orgasm there and then. I notice she has a micro microphone. These guys were Pros. "Where is he"? "Where is he"? WHERE is He"? HERE IS HE"????? The crowd erupts. I notice a commotion from the top end of the room. The spotlight shifts. A huge dog was lumbering down the stairs. Bigger than a Great Dane. Oh fuck. Not this. Not here. But as the dog gets closer; I see a person on it's back. A tiny person. A dwarf; dressed in rags and covered in mud and crap. His head was shaven. He was chained. His hands were tied. Forlorn would be an understatement. The dog gets to the stage and drops. The dwarf hops off and ambles up the stair and onto the stage. He falls and is still. Silence again. A hush. The audience is entranced. The lights are lowered further. Now it is literally just the spotlight; which is on the dwarf.

Then in the periphery, Tiff enters. Whip is gone. She reaches for the Dwarf and holds him in her arms. She kisses him and fondles him to bring him back to life. She removes the ropes from his hands. She uses a key to remove his chains. She cleans the mud off him. She removes his rags. He stands naked. He reveals a horse cock!!!! OMG. I couldn't fucking believe it. 9 inches flaccid.

Tiff kneels in front of him and takes his cock into her mouth. He comes back to life and starts to harden. 10, 11,12 13 inches. That fucking cock was longer than his own arm. What the .... She takes him and works him. He stands there. I could tell they do this show often. He was hard, but not excited. She noticed. The MC noticed. I saw them panic. MC "Strummmpetttsss. We need a volunteer to give DD something to think about. Who is naughty and in the mood for some little dwarfy fun"? Hush again....

Allan and Lora look at me. FUCK! "Ade". "Yes". Pay back. Great! Oh well. I raised my hand. MC. "Strummpiees ... we have a taker ... Oh my ... it's the new boy. Well .. well .. fresh meat play, boys and girlies". I walked onto the stage; not knowing what to do, but I was ready to follow. Tiff approached and whispered into my ear: "Follow my lead. I want you later". Whatever. I followed. Tiff took my cock and played him, starting to make me hard. She put my right hand on her puss and my left hand on her boob and nipple. That worked. I got rock hard very quickly. She got DD and got him hard again; well... not really. "Lay on your back". I obey. She straddles me in cowgirl. ps. I am only 8 inches. She literally picks DD up and places him behind her back. (I think he had fallen asleep - but his horse cock was still at 10). She used him like a dildo - bang smack into her arse. All the way to the balls. I admired that, What a woman! DD was still asleep. She used him as a dildo and let me fuck her as I wanted. I WANTED. Her pussy was getting wet. I could tell she was getting turned on. ps folks. on stage, it's different. to get turned on is a major achievement. DD is forgotten; disbanded to the side of the stage., like an empty coke bottle.

"Stand up slave". I obey. Her voice had been turned up. Something told me, I was following a script that I didn't know about. Tiff gets her backside pointing towards the audience and spreads her arse cheeks. "FUCK ME IN THE ARSE, SLAVE". I think to myself. Fuck her. I would normally be gentle; use lube; go slow. Find out where she is at - all that. Please her; but at her pace. Fuck them. I'll give them a show.

I approached. Grabbed both her cheeks and spread them. Got my cock in my right hand and jammed him in. No mercy. She grunted - that was not in the script, I knew. Fuck her.

I pushed. I fucking thrust. I jammed. I started fucking her big time. The crowd went MAD, MAD, MAD; because they knew I was out of script. She whimpered.... I fucked harder. She moaned. I fucked even harder. She screamed. I was fucking her as hard as I could. We both came together and collapsed in a heap in each others arms. She looked into my eyes with that longing stare. The audience were raptured. "Can we do this again after the show"? "Show's over baby". I stood and walked off stage to a standing ovation.

"Nicely done my boy. I knew, when I first set eyes on you, you were special". "That makes us square, Allan". "Oh no. Not at all. We owe you. The rest of the night is on me". Yeah right. Pigs fly too.

Lora was staring visibly now. I downed a glass of red and let her. "I think my wife would like a serving". The great thing about swingers is the respect. If someone asks and the answer is yes, we act. I answered by acting. I stood up and approached her. She stood. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. I grabbed her arse and squeezed. She took hold of my cock, which was getting hard again. I felt hands on my own arse. Then a tongue. I reached behind me. Allan's cock was right there; waiting for my touch. I touched. Not huge; but hard. I got Lora in doggie and penetrated. I could see Allan behind me getting on a rubber. He penetrated me. Fuck! Where was the lube? It caned. I persevered. I was not enjoying it all; until I noticed Tiff. She wasn't far away; sitting on a chair, doing herself; watching me. Her magnificent chest was heaving. This got me back. I fucked Lora with renewed energy. So much so, she started coming. This bought on Allan, who filled his rubber, then withdrew. Lora also withdrew. They sat down as if nothing had happened and commenced a conversation. My arsehole was burning.

I went over to Tiff and sat next to her. "That was so hot Ade". "Not for me. My ring is on fire". She laughed. "Poor darling. Let mummy kiss it better". She got me on my back on the floor; with my legs around my head and went down; licking me everywhere. It started to feel better. She then climbed on in cowgirl again and engulfed my cock with her beautiful pussy. She got my hands onto her breasts. I pinched her nipples quite hard. She threw her head back "Yes, yes". She ground against me ; using my cock as a drill to ream her inner woman. I thrust against her, increasing the pressure, until she started having chain orgasms. Her pussy poured sex juices all over my stomach. The itch. The clamp. The burn. She knew I was close. She hopped off and knelt between my legs; taking me into her mouth and throat. I erupted into her. She gagged and swallowed all of my spunk; until I was done.

She slid next to me and wrapped her arms around me. Whispering "Do you realise you just fucked the President and his wife"? Whatever. He was an old cunt. She was nice. "Lets have a bath". She led me to the Roman bath. It was lovely and hot. Invigorating. We held each other.

--- For those readers who can't handle romance; I suggest you skip this bit. ---

We looked into each others eyes. She had that oxytocin look only a woman can get. It was like I was seeing directly into her soul. Her gaze reached deeply into my heart. I kissed her slowly, finding her tongue. This was different. It wasn't sex. Her hands found my back. Her fingers fluttered, up and down. I placed both my hands around her cheeks and kissed her more deeply; slower. "I want to make love to you". She held my hand, climbed the steps and led me to a cushioned area in the corner; away from the crowd. She lay and pulled me to her; spreading her legs to allow me passage. I got into missionary and guided my penis to her gently. This time, when I penetrated, it was with care. We stared into each others eyes as we made love. I was holding my weight up by my elbows and knees. I had my hands around her head; pulling her face to mine. I moved her legs together; still penetrating her; so the top curve of my penis would stimulate her clit. Her thighs gave me added feeling as I slowly increased the pace. Our combined orgasm was beautiful. The look in her eyes at me was pure joy. Spent; we lay in each others arms for an eternity; bathing in the glow of our love making. The rest of the room had diminished into the background. It was just her and me and the lovely smell and feel of our bodies. We got into spoon; wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep.


Some time later, I woke with a wonderful feeling against my neck. Tiff was kissing me and licking my neck. The room was almost silent. There were hundreds of people, sprawled in every conceivable position. It was not possible to discern the time. I didn't care. "Did you sleep"? "Yes darling. I loved that night". "I hope you come back". "Why wouldn't I"? "It is expensive. Full membership is $100,000 per year". Hmm. That was a bit steep. "I'll see". She hopped up. "Want some coffee"? "Fuck yes". I hopped up too and followed her.

There had been a breakfast bar set up. Everything one could possibly want. I helped myself to a quad shot espresso. I don't eat breakfast; or lunch for that matter. Tiff helped herself to a huge cooked meal of bacon, salmon, eggs flo, avo, mushys on sour dough. "Aren't you eating"? "No darling".

We sat at a table and looked into each other's eyes.

I got a slap on the shoulder. "Good morning my boy". It was Allan. Lora was nowhere to be seen. He sat with his coffee and toast. "Did you enjoy the night"? "Yes Allan. Except for people who don't believe in lube". I felt my arse. He laughed. "A little fun Mr Ade. That's all. You will recover". The old bastard. I wasn't sure how far to push him. Tiff was frowning. "Oh darling Tiffany. It was all harmless fun. You know that". She composed herself. "Of course Allan". He ignored her; focusing on me again. "Now Mr Ade". "Please Allan; just call me Ade". "Ade. The crowd liked you. You obviously like Tiffany. Trevor had a bad night". I assumed he was referring to the dwarf. "We have a proposition for you". "Really? And what would that be"? "We will offer you full membership, free of charge on one condition". "Yes. I'm listening". He paused for effect. "Providing that you attend every monthly meeting and perform with Tiffany and Trevor on stage, like you did last night". Tiffany gasped. I knew why. That offer was worth $100 g's.

I reflected. Negotiation time. My inner self wanted to do it. Fuck! I would have done it for nothing. I don't do solicitation. I made my decision. "OK Allan. But I have a condition". "Yes"? "I will do the shows; but I must pay the full membership fee, like everyone else". His eyebrows raised. It was as though he was re-appraising me. "So be it. Let's celebrate". He ordered hair of the dog with double vodka. I almost never drink during the day. But I made an exception this time. Tiff moved and sat on my knee with her arms wrapped around my neck. "I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to start writing our script". I looked at her. "Do you do the writing"? "Yes". Hmmm. "I like to write too". She laughs and hugs me. "Can you stay here today with me"? "Sure". She hugs me again, like a teenager. Allan had disappeared.

"Come. I'll show you my place". I followed her. It was a maze. Eventually we found her apartment. It was lovely. A northern view into a valley, with floor to ceiling windows and an outdoor patio area. Small, but functional kitchen. Large living area with dining to the side. Nice furnishings. Big bedroom with walk in robe and en-suite. "How long have you been here"? "All my life". What? "Please explain". "Allan and Lora are my parents". This was getting weirder by the minute. "This whole place is theirs. They own this whole mountain". Righto. I felt I was being played now. For fuck's sake. Allan had cleverly negotiated me into his world; to his daughter. Why? That was the question. My brain started sending me warning signs. He was loaded. So it wasn't money. He was happy with Lora. So it wasn't personal. Ah ha. I'm a slow cunt.

I don't like being played. Right from the start; he had singled me out for his daughter. I make my own decisions; FUCK! I was torn. I really liked her. I didn't want to disappoint her. My heart was in; definitely. I just didn't like the control factor from Allan. I decided to express. "I know what your Dad has done". "What are you talking about"? "He set us up". She cools it and thinks. "He's done that before". "Did it work"? "No". "Why"? Again, she thinks. "Because it wasn't me". I saw her truth. "How do you feel now"? "I really like you. I don't care how we met". OK.

"How do you write your scripts"? She pulled me rather hard to her study. There was a wide screen and a computer keyboard. "Here". She sits me down and fires up the screen. Multi-media. Very sophisticated. I was impressed. We started working. It was awesome. We wrote the next show in less than 30 minutes. "Oh Ade. Hold me". I obeyed. We collapsed on the couch and kissed. She was very horny. I'm always very horny. I was still cut by what Allan had done. I couldn't believe he had played me so easily. An old master, no doubt at all. I tried to get him out of my head as Tiff removed my pants and jocks. She took my boy and sucked him. He responded. I was laying back with my legs spread. She was kneeling between my legs; working my cock. "Is there anything you haven't done, that we can do now"? Hmm. What a great question. I had to think on that. With just the two of us; I couldn't think of anything. Oh, yes. "I've never had my cock eye fucked". She grins. "OK. I know what to do".

She disappeared. A few minutes later, she returned with a chopstick and lube. She covers the chopstick and drips lube on the end of my boy. She slowly inserts it into my cock eye. It didn't hurt, surprisingly. Slowly, slowly she inserted; until it would go no further. It was all the way in, down to the base of my shaft. About 9 inches. Nearly all of it. It felt amazing. There was only a little bit of the chop stick poking out. She took my cock into her mouth and started heading me. Oh my. What a feeling. I felt like doing a Toyota jump. It got me going, big time. She increased the pace. Then she grabbed the chopstick and started moving it in and out; at the same time, licking my balls and shaft. Wow! My orgasm started. She continued. This was so hot! When I ejaculated, nothing came out, initially. She slowly pulled out the chopstick. Out came the come.

"That was amazing. Thank you". "My pleasure sweetheart. I'd like to put that in the next show". "You'll have to find something longer for Trevor. You will lose the chopstick in him". That gave her food for thought! "Lets get Trevor here and practice. He should have slept enough by now". She heads off.

"Babe"? "Yep". Come in here". I went into the living room. Trevor was sitting on a lounge chair. "This is Trevor. Ade". We shook hands.

He was very attractive, now that I could see him properly. About 30 and well built. He was dressed in trackies, T-shirt and runners. "Sorry Ade. I don't remember anything about last night". "That's cool man. It went well in the end". I wanted to see his cock. All in good time, Adrian!

"I've explained to Trev about our plans for the show". He nods. "Are you bi"? "Is the pope catholic"? Good. One box ticked. We went over the show we had written earlier. He added some detail to spice it up. Very creative. I liked his thinking. "What are we gonna use for his cock"? "Not sure. Let's have a look in the kitchen". We went on a search. Ah ha. Found it. A stainless steel skewer. 18 inches long. Perfect.

"Let's rehearse". We went back to the lounge room. We got our gear off. Tiff and I got Trevor on his knees and covered him in lube. I started to work his arse with my fingers. Tiff worked his cock with her mouth. He was getting hard quickly. I rubbered my cock and entered him. Hmmm. "Nice cock Ade". Tiff got the skewer and started. She slid it in and licked his shaft and balls. "Fuck me. You two are gonna make me come". This served to increase my pace and Tiff's sucking and licking. She had the skewer all the way in. 14 inches. I could feel his sphincter contracting against me in convulsions. He was about to blow. "Aaaaahhhhhhh.... Ffffuuuccckkkkkk"!!! Tiff slides the skewer out in a shower of sperm. I pull out of him. He collapses. "Sweet Jesus. That was amazing".

A month later, it was show night. I had stayed with Tiff on the Friday night. We had become and item. Very much in love. I had warmed to Allan and forgiven him. He still called me "my boy", but it meant something now. Allan, Lora, Tiff and I were having dinner. The place was fuller than usual. "We have every member tonight. The word has got out". I was eating. I needed my energy for the show, which started at 1am. Rib eye and heaps of vegetables, with pepper sauce. I was laying off the grog. It felt awesome in their company. Quite a few times, people had approached me for favours. Every time, Tiff would shoo them away. I was her man. As 1am approached, Tiff and I went to the dressing room; joining Trevor to prepare.

- The show -

The room was buzzing with anticipation. The sound engineers had added extra lighting, smoke and sound effects. The MC entered. The lights were lowered, reduced to a single spot on the stage. The room was silent. A pin drop would have sounded like a church bell.

"Laaddiieeessss.......Ggeennttllmmeenn....Faagggootttsss.....LlllEEEssssOOOssss.....TRAnnyy boyz n gurllsss.....!!!!!! TONIGHT is The BeginninG of the next millennial chapter for our CluBBB. We have the NEW boy joining Tiffany and SON. Thunderous applause. "Without ffuurrthherr aaddooo....I Give You ..... TIFFANY, SON and SPARTACUS"!!!!!

The crowd erupted. The lighting changed the room into an electric storm. Bolts of lightning hit the stage. Rolling bass notes of thunder rocked the building. Then as quickly, silence. All one could hear was wind, droning. A window shutter clanging. The sound of a horse whinnying. Off to the side, a roller door slowly raised. The spot centred on the door opening. Two pearly white Arabs stood; harnessed to a Roman chariot. I was standing in the chariot, dressed in the war Armour of a Roman Centurion. In tow, was a caged trailer. Inside the cage were two slaves. A tall blonde girl; dressed in a single cloth robe. Her hair was dirty and unkept. Her face was dirty. She was visibly fearful. In the corner of the cage was a dwarf. He was naked and chained. He was gagged and hog tied. "Forward"! I whipped the right Arab; they moved forward; towing the chariot and cage to the front of the stage. In a clear voice "People of Rome. I am Spartacus. Centurion of Rome. In my possession are two of the lowliest criminals I have ever captured, in over 25 years of service to Rome. I have brought them here for punishment and servitude. As is customary; you the people of Rome, will decide their fate".

The crowd whispered. There was a rack constructed on the stage. I disembarked the chariot and unlocked the cage. The girl withdrew from me. No doubt she had been handled rough. I continued this handling by grabbing her arms and man-handling her to the rack. She protested; but my strength was no match for her. I went back for the dwarf. I easily picked him up like a sack of grain and racked him. "People of Rome. I would like a retinue to judge these villains. 5 volunteers please". I got them easily. Chairs were placed. The stage was lit to enable proper viewing. "Senator number one. What is your decree"? "Strip them naked". I did that. "Senator number 2"? "What is their crime"? Good question. "Murder, rape and pillage of villages in Gaul". The Senator contemplated. "They will suffer their own punishment. Rape them". "As you wish".

I removed my tunic; standing naked from the waste down for all to see. Firstly, I approached the woman. She was trembling in fear. I bent her over and with no mercy, thrust my cock into her. She immediately started crying, begging me to stop. I went harder. She started to get wet and went silent. Then she began moaning. I pulled out and hit her arse. She moaned louder. I fucked harder. "That is not rape". Senator 2 had his say. I stopped and went to the dwarf. He was looking at me with a triumphant stare. Hmmm. I'll give him something to be happy about. I removed an 18 inch skewer from my jacket. He looked at it as though it was a sword. It may as well have been. He had no idea what I was going to do with it. Neither did the crowd. I masqueraded it for effect. "Senator 3. What will I do with this skewer"? "Stab him in the cock". The crowd gasped. I took his cock and drove the skewer into the eye. All the way. He screamed in pain. I pushed it in to the point where there was only a little bit left. I untied the girl and bent her in front of the dwarf. "Suck his cock". She obeyed. I took her in doggie and started fucking her pussy, then her arse, simultaneously.

"Senator 4. What is your decree"? "You will give them both 50 lashes". What? This wasn't in the script. I sent the Producer a quick glance. I got a nod. OK. I tied them back to the rack and retrieved my whip. Even in role, I don't like to hurt people; especially friends and loved ones. I improvised to get close to Neville (Producer), "Is this OK"? "Yes. Trust me". Righto. I followed and started whipping. One to her; then one to him. They both screamed in pain. Red welts appeared. Then blood. Then raw flesh. By the time I got to fifty, they were both unconscious. I was speechless. Neville was smiling. The crowd were silent; uncomprehending. Allan was furious. Lora was crying.

MC. "Ladies and Gents. The show is over". The stage lights went dark. The curtains dropped. The rest of the room returned to normal. The crowd slowly re-socialised; no doubt in deep discussion about what they had just seen. I was devastated. I ran over to Tiff. She was laughing. So was Trevor. What the fuck! "Aren't you injured"? "No Ade. We had protection. The whip made no mark". I sank to my knees. I started crying. She pulled me into her arms. "Oh Ade. It was the only way we could get the effect we wanted. You wouldn't have done it otherwise".