Written by Morongo299

4 Nov 2012

As the blistering hot sun beats down upon the parched desert valley below, a young drifter strolls onto a long stretch of desolate highway to hitch a ride. Isolated and alone, the ambitious young man seeks to find his dreams of fame and fortune in the “Promised Land”. Wearing dark Wayfarer sunglasses and clenching his trusty old Samsonite suitcase in his hand, the handsome and virile young man is faced with a formidable landscape of endless sagebrush and scorched earth. With the menacing sound of rattlesnakes in the distance and large buzzards flying overhead, the young drifter wipes his sweaty brow and slowly struts in the direction of his imaginary destination. As the temperature steadily soars past forty degrees Celsius, he looks towards the clear blue skies above and solemnly prays that someone will arrive soon to save him from this fiery and forsaken hellhole. Suddenly, upon the distant horizon, his salvation comes quickly in the form of an exotic, mature-aged blonde speeding down the highway a vintage 1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible.

As the Chevy convertible speeds rapidly towards him, the young man sticks out his thumb and flashes a large, friendly grin at the attractive woman behind the wheel. The seductive blonde acknowledges the handsome drifter by smiling back at him with a resounding look of approval. She then presses firmly on the accelerator petal and floors her vintage automobile past him, leaving the young man in a billowing cloud of dust. His pleasant smile immediately fades from view as his guiding salvation accelerates past him into oblivion. When the thick cloud of dust subsides, the young man hears the loud shrieking halt of the car’s disc brakes and observes the pristine Chevy convertible skidding towards the side of the road some distance away from him. Inquisitive and wary, he is unsure of what to make of the bizarre and irrational actions of the woman behind the wheel. Nevertheless, the young drifter makes a mad dash towards the convertible as the perplexing older woman is his only way out of this treacherous desert wasteland.

Glistening under the hot desert sun, the young drifter admires the candy apple red duco and reflective chrome of the vintage convertible. As he moves past the driver's side of the car, he also notices the car's spotless white vinyl interior and the name "Annalise" inscribed upon the rear number plate of the chrome bumper. Even more beautiful than the vintage convertible is the captivating blonde now sitting in the front passenger seat with her luscious legs propped up firmly against the metal dashboard.

Underneath the wide-brimmed, black leather cowboy hat she is wearing lies her finely chiselled face with prominent cheekbones and sensuous full lips painted in the same deep shade of red as the car. Her platinum mane of long and straight hair is neatly pulled back into a manicured ponytail and dark, Balorama-style sunglasses conceal her enchanting green eyes. As the handsome young drifter moves his piercing dark eyes up and down the length of the shapely vixen's body, he is immediately drawn to her revealing and seductive outfit. Dressed in a white cotton halter top, blue denim cut-off jeans, and patent leather cowboy boots, her revealing, Western attire perfectly compliment her buxom and curvaceous figure. The attractive older woman keenly eyes him with interest and when their eyes finally meet, the young drifter cordially introduces himself to her.

In a rich baritone voice with clear diction, the young man says to her, "Hello, my name is Germaine and you must be Annalise. Can I catch a ride with you? I'm heading to the ‘Promised Land’ to seek my fame and fortune." With a Strawberry flavoured Tootsie Pop lodged between her parted lips, Annalise pauses and sizes him up once more with her captivating eyes. She then throws her car keys at him and cordially replies to him in her charming Southern drawl, "Sure, cowboy, hop in! But just remember this stranger. It’s Gas, Grass, or Ass because no one rides for free!”

With a beautiful woman by his side and behind the wheel of an immaculate vintage automobile, Germaine feels completely ecstatic as he leans tired bones into the driver's seat. Germaine looks at Annalise with doting eyes as he turns the key in the ignition and peels rubber onto the highway. With the top down and the fiery sun shining directly overhead, the powerful V-8 engine of the Chevy convertible speeds the pair down the long desolate highway. Germaine and Annalise begin to engage in some small conversation and realise that they have much in common. They discover that they are both perpetual dreamers with countless dreams unfulfilled. Feeling more at ease with Annalise, Germaine breaks the proverbial ice by extending his right arm along the wide bench seat of the open convertible to caress her. Annalise responds by tossing her wide-brimmed cowboy hat into the back seat of the convertible and leans softly against his broad chest. As she gently strokes his firm shoulder with her gentle touch, Annalise whispers softly in his ear. "I was hoping you were going to do that cowboy. It is now time for you to earn your ride.”

As the thermometer rises, so does their passion and the two travelling companions start to kiss one another with wild abandonment. Germaine firmly clenches the steering wheel tightly as Annalise guides her sumptuous lips down the length of his neck and unbuttons his rayon shirt to reveal his broad chest. She then gently rests her head upon Germaine’s chest and begins to lovingly suckle and bite upon his bare nipples. Germaine becomes instantly aroused as a prominent bulge fills the crotch of his tight chinos. Annalise notices the bulge growing inside his pants and caresses it with her soft and gentle touch. She then loosens his belt buckle and unzips his fly to expose his throbbing manhood. Looking amorously into Germaine’s mysterious dark eyes, Annalise says to him, "Nice cock, baby! But I prefer a clean shaven man."

Annalise releases herself from Germaine’s embrace and leans back into the passenger seat of the car. Sitting upright, Annalise strips for Germaine by lifting her white halter top over her head to expose her gigantic breasts nestled tightly in a white lace bra. As she pulls her denim shorts past her shapely thighs and down to her ankles, Germaine notices that Annalise is not wearing panties. Finding it impossible to concentrate on the road, Germaine says to Annalise in an excitable tone, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on! Let me pull over and take you right now, sweetheart!" Germaine leans over in a futile attempt to grope Annalise but is abruptly halted by the curvaceous bombshell. Shaking her index finger sternly at him, Annalise says to Germaine in a firm tone, "Not so fast, cowboy! Shave first, sex later!" Annalise then leans down past the glove box to retrieve something from her second-hand leopard skin handbag situated on the floorboard of the convertible.

From the deep confines of her handbag, Annalise finds what she is looking for and retrieves a can of shaving cream and a straight edge razor. Peering at Germaine through her dark sunglasses, Annalise leans over and says to him, "Keep your eyes on the road and just drive." She then leans forward to bite him upon the neck while grabbing a hold of his quivering cock with her right hand. Annalise then pulls Germaine’s manhood back to apply cold shaving cream to his pubic region. She releases his cock from her tight grasp and kneels over him to shave him bare.

With candid interest and fascination, Annalise applies the sharp razor to Germaine’s pubic area. Like the powerful V-8 engine revving underneath the bonnet, Germaine’s heart begins to race wildly as the straight-edged razor cuts into his tender skin. He then timidly says to Annalise, “Please be gentle and kind. I want you to shave me as smooth and bald as possible down there." The in trepidation in Germaine’s voice makes Annalise instantly aroused and without further ado, she proceeds to shave him bare around the base of his cock with the skill and agility of a fine surgeon. She then pulls back his manhood towards his stomach and lathers his tight balls with a liberal amount of cold shaving cream.

Annalise meticulously shaves his tight balls silky smooth with the flick of her sharp razor. Now with the task in hand completed, Annalise lowers her pretty little head down to his crotch and inserts Germaine’s swollen manhood deep inside her gaping mouth. The pulsating head of his cock begins to ooze uncontrollably as her tender mouth slides up and down the length of his throbbing shaft. Germaine moans loudly as he grabs hold of Annalise’s long ponytail and forcibly thrusts her head down to swallow his large cock whole. His domineering control over her excites her immensely and Annalise begins to play intimately with her moist sweetness. While rubbing herself with her nimble fingertips, Annalise realises that Germaine is about to cum as his manhood jerks unsteadily inside her mouth. She bites down firmly on the base of his shaft and Germaine feels himself over the edge. He releases a loud grunt of exhilaration as he climaxes uncontrollably deep inside her gaping mouth. Annalise withdraws herself from his manhood and leans her soft and curvaceous body into his.

The two lovers feverishly kiss one another as the pair relish the distinct taste of their passionate lovemaking. With their lips fully engaged, Annalise moves her delicate hand across Germaine’s broad chest and further tantalises him by firmly pinching his nipples tightly. She then releases herself from his zealous hold on her and amorously stares back at him through her dark sunglasses. "Do you like the taste of yourself, darling?" Annalise queries him. "Yes I do. It is very nice when I kiss you, Annalise." Germaine replies. Enamoured by the sincerity of his response, Annalise loosens her ponytail and proceeds to remove her white lace bra to expose her magnificent large breasts to Germaine. With her long, platinum blonde hair let down and reclining naked against the white vinyl bench seat, Annalise cuddles up to Germaine once more as the two lovers speed aimlessly down the highway. Up ahead, the lovers spot a dilapidated and abandoned gas station on the side of the highway. Germaine and Annalise contently smile at one another as they have found the perfect oasis to continue their erotic interlude together.

With rapid speed and acceleration, Germaine floors the gas petal as he races the big V-8 convertible towards the deserted gas station. He then brakes hard and kills the engine as the convertible comes to a screeching halt underneath the shelter of the gas station’s rusted, corrugated steel canopy. As quick as his speedy arrival into the deserted gas station, Germaine hastily removes all of his clothing and tosses these items randomly into the large back seat of the Chevy convertible. Germaine closes in on his prey like a rabid dog and plants his ravenous lips upon her hard and erect nipples. He lovingly licks and suckles upon her huge nipples while firmly pressing Annalise’s magnificent breasts together with his agile hands. Moved by his doting affection for her, Annalise runs her fingers through Germaine’s short cropped hair and softly says to him, "You sure know how to please a woman. I want you to eat me good before you take me with that big hard cock of yours!" Germaine pauses and sweetly replies, "With pleasure and delight, Mademoiselle!"

Annalise repositions herself in the car seat with her beautiful buxom figure bent over the passenger car door. With her shapely round ass just inches away from Germaine’s handsome face, he proceeds to spread her round cheeks apart and places his entire mouth over her dripping sweetness. He affectionately licks the full length of her swollen vagina while affectionately rubbing her hard clitoris with his nimble digits. With the tip of his chiselled nose pressed firmly against her anal opening, Annalise starts to purr ecstatically as her divine nectar oozes liberally onto her lover’s tongue and deep inside his mouth. Germaine then slowly inserts his digits into her moist sweetness and fingers her deeply.

At the height of their unbridled foreplay, Germaine notices a long black sex toy neatly hidden underneath the wide bench seat of the Chevy convertible. He abruptly pauses and leans forward to retrieve the item. Oblivious to Germaine’s discovery underneath the car seat, Annalise exclaims, "What are you doing down there? Please don't stop baby!" Germaine replies “I think I found something very interesting here, Annalise!” “Are you going to fuck me or what?" Annalise says to him in a stern rebuke. He then cheekily replies to her, “Yes, I intend to Annalise. I want to fuck you in more ways than one, my darling muse. Stay right where you are and don’t look back!” With that said Germaine parts Annalise’s ample ass cheeks and spits directly into her anal opening. He then proceeds to vigorously lick her anus in order to make her moist and wet for toy insertion.

Germaine uses his nimble digits to spread her anal opening apart while gradually inserting the entire length of the black dildo deep inside of her. Annalise screams and convulses in agonising ecstasy since she has never taken anything that large up the ass before. Painful yet pleasurable, Annalise tries to hold back her tears of joy when Germaine firmly spanks her ass and says to her, “Do you like that, you dirty girl! Would you like me to mount you now, my darling muse?” Annalise lovingly glances back at her lover and timidly responds, “Yes, please. Do whatever you want to me!” Germaine then directs her to the back seat of the convertible and tells her reposition herself on her back and facing him. With the sex toy still lodged in place, Annalise pulls the split bench seat forward and positions herself accordingly for her lover.

Germaine sizes up the scene and notices there is plenty of room in the spacious vinyl backseat of the vintage convertible to mount his lover comfortably. He quietly thinks to himself, “It’s quite a shame they don’t make beautiful cars like this for lovemaking anymore!” He then redirects his attention to the shapely vixen reclining in front of him and positions his lean and muscular body on top of hers. Clenching her supple hips with his sturdy hands, Germaine gently glides his throbbing manhood into her wet vagina. As he thrusts himself deep inside of her, Annalise belts out an excitable moan of pleasure as the long shaft of his large cock presses firmly against her swollen clitoris. The intense pleasure of both her lover and the sex toy inside of her becomes too overwhelming for Annalise. Suddenly, Annalise belts out a primordial scream as her pelvic muscles contract violently from a powerful squirting orgasm. The sight of his beautiful buxom lover climaxing and convulsing proves too much for Germaine. With wild abandonment, he climaxes deep inside Annalise while panting heavily.

Physically drained by the blistering heat of the hot desert sun and the intensity of their passionate interlude, Germaine collapses into Annalise’s tender and loving arms. The two lovers kiss each other passionately until they fall asleep in a passionate embrace. While their final destination is uncertain, the intense attraction between them is undeniably clear. -The End