Written by 69exylady

10 May 2011

My first attempt - I have enjoyed many of the stories fact and fiction on here just wanted to give something back.

She had taken extra effort tonight, spending a little extra time in the bathroom, applying lotion pretending it was someone else’s hands smoothing over her body and treating herself to her naughty secret, a new black Basque complete with stockings and suspenders, underneath her black and white dress which hung nicely just above her knees. She knew she was still a size 16 and very curvy, but these extra touches made her feel special and her confidence needed building up. Married for many years, of late her husband had been less attentive, she was certain he wasn’t playing away but she just wished he was more into her and sex. The glass of champagne she had, had in the bath still gave her a little buzz and so she smiled, shook hands and greeted all of her friends and their partners, who all gave her a polite smile. John her best friends husband patted the empty seat beside him and smiled “come sit here and keep me company. If only he knew the fantasies she played out in her mind about him.

A little while later midway through the meal she felt a hand on her knee, she knew it wasn’t her husbands as he was across the table, she looked up under her lashes at John and he winked whilst carrying on his conversation - she was shocked at him and herself - she could feel she was a little turned on! What should she do, she had no experience at all with this, she looked around her - did anyone know? Everyone else was deep in their conversation. The good girl in her wanted to say stop, no but damn it felt so good. His fingers were making little circles on her thigh slowly moving upwards - he was going to find her naughty secret if he kept moving upwards! John had featured in some of her most erotic fantasies - whilst masturbating alone but he wasn’t to know that - ever. She had often sat with gritted teeth whilst his wife talked about their sex life as if it was another chore. In her dreams she offered to take this “job” off her hands .

She rises and looks to her left to ask where the bathroom is but her friend is deep in conversation , John notices her discomfort and points them out with a grin. She puts her best wiggle on and walks through the restaurant. She is surprised when on opening the door she sees John leaning against the door as if waiting for someone. He quickly and quietly catches her arm, and pulls her into him, “where do you think you are going?” he whispers. Surprise registers on her face and he smiles at her as he slides his hand up her skirt and finds her sexy secret and lightly snaps it against her thigh - she feels both embarrassment and a little sharp pang of heat zinging in her pussy. “I knew you were a hot little thing but only in my dreams do you wear suspenders for me” John whispered. The champagne must have gone to her head now as she whispered back “ and in your dreams do I wear panties?” With a low growl his hand quickly moves round to her clean waxed pussy and finding her bare of material and hair pulls her into him and thoroughly kisses her, the heat and passion are immense and he leaves her head spinning as he pulls away from her before looking round and grabbing her hand he tugs her into the next room quickly locking the door behind him. She is a little shocked with herself now but she is standing in the middle of an office. “whose room is this?” she asks then shakes her head as that’s not really the question she wanted to ask him. He smiles moving towards her as she looks him over her eyes can’t stop but focus on his groin area - anyone, everyone would, its huge and so very hard as she can see the material either side of John shorts pulled tightly. “You’ve done that to me” he says “oh and this is the Membership office - I am sure no one wants to renew memberships tonight - so we won’t be disturbed” A red hot flush stains her cheeks now from embarrassment and desire, John watched her eyes which are a beautiful blue darken and he takes a step towards her, she can’t resist it she strokes his hard on and hears a hissing sounds as John sucks in a deep breath. He pulls her closer into him, she is pushed up against a magnificent old oak desk and feels the edge of it biting into her bare bottom, John has pulled her dress up again and this time he lifts her onto the desk spreading her thighs wide as first he stands in between them kissing her neck and the tops of her breasts. He goes to kneel in front of her and she hears a mewling sound she looks around and realises that was her! John is now stroking her waxed pussy and sending shock waves up her spine! She is so turned on and he has barely touched her , suddenly she feels a moist tongue flick over her pussy lips and almost jerks off the desk in surprise and delight. What has she been missing out on, she strangles a cry as she feels his tongue lick over her clit so lightly she almost spasms there and then on the desk, “so responsive” John murmurs. He pushes first one finger, then two into her tight wet pussy whilst still licking her clit and it pushes her over the edge, bringing her to a shuddering climax. John slowly strokes her clit whilst she comes down and smiles at her, kissing her nose and lips gently. “You are an amazing women” Slowly she comes down from the high and smiles back slowly but firmly stroking the hard on which is beating a drum against his thick shorts, “I assure you, you are the amazing one John - but what are we going to do about this?” she asks him as she unzips his shorts “you can’t take this back to the table with you”. She dropped to her knees and slowly at first licked him from base to the tip swirling her tongue around the tip, “mmm, I am getting desert after all” she hummed against his dick as she took the precum. She heard the intake of breath as he wrapped his hands in her hair, she inhaled his huge length feeling the tip at the back of her throat and sucked hard - “Jane - I won’t take much of this tonight - you already got me so close just walking away from the table, I could well blow down your throat” She hummed her pleasure as she felt his words zing that point in her clit again. She sucked for all she was worth, damn he had made her feel good and she was going to give as good as she got - if this was her one night of guilty, dirty pleasure he was going to have a good time too. She took one hand and lightly squeezed his balls she could feel them tightening he was close, then she thought of another of her own guilty pleasures, dare she? She wasn’t certain she dare but she looked up at him and his eyes were glazed over in pleasure she reached under him with both hands sucking the tip hard before grabbing his ass, pounding his dick to the back of her throat and dipping her finger in his anus. His eyes were wide with shock and pleasure as he came full force down her throat with a growl. She licked him clean before straighten both their clothes and then looked in the mirror behind the desk “shit, I can’t go back to the table like this I look terrible!” He grinned at her and again lightly kissed her “you just look well fucked; a very sexy look on you.” She hurriedly pulled out her make up and fluffed up her hair. He took her by the and led her out by a back door she hadn’t even noticed. They walked out by the pool where she felt the cool night air against her cheeks and prayed it reduced the flushed appearance. They walked into the dining room, just before they reached their table John whispered “are you okay” she nodded not willing to trust her voice. Everyone had finished their deserts and coffees and had moved onto liquors. “next time it will that hot pussy I fuck not your mouth, so keep it waxed for me” John whispered in her ear, then announced cheerfully “look who I found wandering the pool and gardens” “it was such a beautiful night out she obviously couldn’t resist” She inwardly grimaced thinking if only they knew what she couldn’t resist!